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5 Steps to Narrative Essay Writing

Here's How to Draft an Impressive Narrative Essay in Simple Steps!

25 May 2022


Hello Students,

So, you are writing a narrative essay;

Great! This will be one great experience for you!

When students are assigned to draft a narrative essay in an academic year, they face a lot of trouble but gain good learning. If you are new to narrative essay writing, then this blog by Instant Assignment Help can help you!

An Overview of Narrative Essay [From the Experts]

A narrative essay is a type of writing where the writer narrates a scene or situation to the reader through his write-up. Here the situation can be something he made up or an experience he had in the past.

This is similar to the narrative form of writing or storytelling except for the document's change in format and length. Now when writing a narrative essay, one thing you should focus on is the audience.

The best thing or the most crucial element of narrative writing is to focus on giving the reader a realistic experience. In simple words, when reading your work, the reader should experience the emotions in the story.

Wondering how to write such an interesting essay with the right amount of emotions and perfect writing style? Then, read the below section to get a step-by-step guide process on narrative essay writing.

Step-by-Step Process of Narrative Essay Writing

So when students ask, “How to do my essay in Narrative style?” we give simple step-by-step guide for beginners. Follow this to ensure a perfect document is drafted right on time.

Pick a Topic

The first step is to pick a topic. When you are choosing a topic for your essay, you should make sure that it can help you convey your emotions to the reader easily. Furthermore, since narrative essay writing aims to narrate something, the topic should be flexible to support that type of writing.

Do Research

Unlike other essays, narrative essay writing is inclined towards emotions and experiences. But this doesn't take away the reason to research. Yes, you have to do in-depth research on the topic to understand that better and bring out a new perspective of that topic.

Prepare Outline

The next step of this process is preparing an outline. As we all know, every essay has a simple introduction, body, and conclusion; you would wonder why to outline. But this crucial step helps organize ideas in a proper structure so that you know where to include what when writing.

Make a Draft

No matter how clear and careful we are, we might miss out on something or the other at one point. At times, a new idea strikes after writing the document or realizing we missed a rule from guidelines. So, preparing an initial draft before the final one helps in avoiding such issues.

Edit & Proofread

The most important step of this process is editing and proofreading. Yes, no matter how careful you were, there is a possibility that you make mistakes as simple as grammatical errors, spelling mistakes, typos, etc., or as complex as plagiarism. And this step helps in resolving them before final submission.

These are the five most important steps that every beginner should follow for drafting an impressive narrative essay. But if you are still stuck or need more assistance, then the below section is right for you; go for it!

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