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Simple Guide to Writing an Essay Conclusion | Instant Assignment Help

Know How to Write the Perfect Conclusion for an Essay

01 Dec 2023


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Writing essays is a complex task. But somehow, you have managed to craft a beautiful introduction and an informative body. You have provided ample evidence and justified the thesis, yet one thing remains the conclusion. It is considered one of the most challenging parts of an essay, as it brings out numerous challenges. But do not worry, as experts in instant assignment help are here to assist you. Yes, these professionals will teach you how to start a conclusion in an essay and write an effective final ending. So, what are we waiting for? Let us dive ahead and start learning!

What Is a Conclusion for an Essay?

The conclusion is the ending of the essay and usually includes bits of the entire document. It is the last thing your audience reads, and thus, it should combine all the key takeaways mentioned above. The purpose of the conclusion is to provide a quick summary of the entire story. It highlights the thesis statement, primary facts, and evidence and resolves all possible doubts of the readers. Not only this, but it persuades them by providing a strong view on the subject.

This paragraph is the final impression of the entire document. It should be convincing and must include all the essential information. Now that we know what is a conclusion in an essay, let us move ahead and learn how to write one.

How to Write a Conclusion?

In this section, students will learn how to write the final paragraph for their documents. So, learn from the pointers given below, and before starting, read an example of a conclusion in an essay.

1. Restating the Topic

Are you wondering how to start a conclusion in an essay? Well, the first thing you need to do is re-introduce the topic to the readers. Defining the idea and the thesis statement is essential before providing the summary. So, remind the readers about the central topic and justify why it is vital to address this particular issue.

2. Reiteration of Story

The next step to writing a conclusion in an essay is to summarize the entire story. Leave a clean trail for the audience so that it refreshes their mind. Apart from this, you should also highlight the primary evidence, such as the facts, findings, and theories that justify the argument.

3. Defining the Perspective

Now, after the reiteration, you need to add perspective to your story. In conclusion, you can add a quote from a famous author that will assist in justifying your points. This can provide a professional perspective on the content. If you have any doubts, you can seek help from an essay writing service UK for more clarification.

4. Highlighting the Relevance

You must showcase its relevance to your readers. It will assist in enhancing both the information's accuracy and the writer's credibility. So, start by describing why this issue is vital to address. Also, describe the future contexts of your study in various fields.

5. Underlining the Applications

While writing an essay conclusion, defining the application of the information is a vital element. An author should state how the given data is helpful for their audience. So, study and analyze the content of the essay and write all its possible applications.

6. Writing the Closing Sentence

You know how to start a conclusion in an essay, but have you ever wondered how to end one? Well, the simple answer to this question is to include a strong, catchy, and crisp closing sentence. This statement should put an end to the reader's thoughts and ideas. It should also put a halt to their doubts and queries.

To write an essay conclusion, students should start by defining the thesis statement and providing a quick summary to the audience. After this, the final paragraph should also include elements like adding perspective, defining relevance, and highlighting the applications. So, now that you know the process of writing a conclusion, let us move ahead and learn its do's and don'ts.

Do's and Don'ts of Writing a Conclusion

Until now, you have learned the effective way of writing a conclusion in an essay. But, to make the final paragraph perfect, you should learn some do's and don'ts of drafting. So, without further ado, dive into the next section and keep learning from our academic professionals.

Do's of Conclusion Writing:

Let's have a look at the dos and don'ts of conclusion writing. Make sure that you fulfil all these pointers in your final paragraph.

  • The conclusion of an essay should be proportional to the length of the entire content. It should comprise 10-15% of the entire word count and should not exceed the word limit.
  • The final paragraph must be outlined and written as per the professor's instructions and requirements. So, read these guidelines thoroughly before you begin.
  • In this section, you should sum up the primary points of the main body. In addition to this, you need to provide a final reflection on the topic.
  • The last sentence of the conclusion should be memorable, and it should act as a closure to the entire essay. Make sure it's catchy and short.
  • You should lead your conclusion naturally. For this, you need to add good connecting statements after the main body and start with a smooth flow.

If you face any difficulties in writing the conclusion, then you can seek assistance from a professional essay typer. Now, after understanding the do's of conclusion writing, it is time to move ahead and learn the don'ts. So, move on and take a quick peek at the next section.

Don'ts of Conclusion Writing:

The don'ts of conclusion are the things that you should never include while writing. So, make sure to read carefully and avoid these pointers when drafting.

  • In conclusion, you should not provide any new ideas to the readers, as it will create confusion.
  • You should not include any negative perspective in your conclusion. In fact, in the final paragraph, provide a summary and end it on a positive note.
  • Never end the conclusion with a vague quote that is not easily understandable by the readers. A quote should be short and easily relatable to the thesis statement without any explanation.
  • Many students use overused conclusion starters such as "So, in conclusion" in the beginning. Do not use such phrases and look for better alternatives.
  • Students either repeat their sentences in the final paragraph or provide a long elaboration. You should provide the summary in a new way without over-repeating the same statements.

If you keep in mind the pointers given above, surely you will write the perfect conclusion for your essay. But if you face any difficulties, do not worry! It is because Instant Assignment Help is here to assist. Need more details about our experts and their assistance? Check out the next section!

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