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 English Literature

5 Rewarding Benefits of Pursuing an English Literature Degree

22 Jun 2018

5 minutes


Benefits of English Literature Degree

English is the study of literature, including poetry, drama, fiction, non-fiction, novel, prose, etc., that are written in the English language. It bears great importance as it is the official language used in 88 countries. If you love reading books and are always eager to learn about the forms, history, and functions of literature, then English is the perfect major for you. It is also best suited for those who are interested in language, writing, questions that have always fascinated and challenged humankind, and interaction of history, religion, philosophy, art, psychology, and other major disciplines.

Pursuing a higher degree in this course, opens doors to various opportunities and prepares prospective students for careers in different sectors, including, business, public service, education, law, journalism, marketing, publishing, and many others. Besides this, a degree in English can give you a number of benefits that go beyond the classroom. Here, take a read of a few:

1. Enhances reading, writing and editing skills

An English degree gives you endless opportunities to explore authors like Shakespeare, Virginia Woolf, Emily Dickinson, Toni Morrison, Kathleen Norris, Willa Cather, Louise Erdrich, and many others. Perusing masterpieces of these notable writers will undoubtedly improve your reading skills. Besides that, an English course involves a lot of writing and editing work that make you competent enough to work anywhere in the world.

2. Imparts great knowledge of literature

The work of literature helps us find some of the most powerful representations of reality our culture has to offer. It serves as a gateway to learning of the past and expands your knowledge and understanding of the world. Since a degree in English makes you a voracious reader, you acquire extensive knowledge of literature that is important to realize the world outside.

3. Improves soft skills

Employers, these days, look for candidates who possess a set of soft skills (such as communication, critical thinking, imagination, creativity, and many others) apart from their technical abilities and specialist knowledge. A degree in English literature equips you with these soft skills that can put you in a position to thrive in this complex, multinational, and transcultural world.

4. Improves brain functions and mental health

Reading is known to improve your brain function on a variety of levels. Neuroscientists found that being engrossed in books enhances connectivity in the brain and improves mental health. Furthermore, they suggest that excellent reading abilities of a person can put him in another person’s shoes and flex the imagination in a way that is similar to the visualization of muscle memory in sports.

5. Provides vast range of career options

With comprehensive written and spoken communication skills that you gain while pursuing an English degree, you can find career opportunities in almost every industry, filling a variety of roles - from writer to university tutor, and from legal advisor to marketing manager. More career possibilities include banking, freelance writing, lexicography, interpretation/translation, therapy & psychology, and many others.

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