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Social work and It's Impact

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How Social Work Helps to Improve Society ?

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Social work is regarded as meaningful contribution that is being done for the betterment of the society. Further it has motive towards enhancing the lives of the individuals in an effective manner. Social work is being conducted by the trained personnel who possess the aim of alleviating the condition of the people within the community who are suffering from social deprivation (Reamer, 2013). Social work can be carried out at macro scale this implies that it can help underdeveloped nations. However it can be conducted at micro level which includes private practice offering counseling top individuals. The concept of social work is referred to as academic as well as professional discipline that seeks towards assisting the welfare of the society, individuals, groups and families (Miller, 2016). The social work is guided by certain values. This includes social justice, respect, culture, empathy as well as confidentiality. The present report aims at showcasing the most important value of the social work. In this regard the most important social work chosen is social justice.

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Social work is considered to be practical profession where main aim is on helping others and solving queries of others (Saleebey, 2012). One of the most important principle is social justice. It is armed with the long term goals which is linked with empowering clients and knowledge associated with existing legal principles are being employed with the motive to protect clients. Social worker generally introduces the concept of social justice into the wider social arena. It states that any kind of unfair means is not considered and all the individuals are treated fairly by the social workers. Their acts are generally fair and are being carried out for the welfare of society (Netting, Kettner, McMurtry and Thomas, 2016). Social justice is all about enhancing social relations between different kind of individuals and improving overall relationships. Apart from this, the entire concept relies on people who lose out as they are in need of financial support. Social workers always try to intervene in social relations. Generally social justice is considered to be ideal condition where all the members of the society are imparted some basic rights along with opportunities and protection. Further, in every society all the individuals have to be delivered equal rights and no form of discrimination is being present which has adverse impact on individual living in the society (Miley, O'Melia and DuBois, 2016). Social workers have to ensure that justice is being present within the society in terms of high quality education, quality healthcare, safety need and support for family etc. Apart from this, it also covers some other areas such as protection of civil rights, personal privacy, strong federal government role etc. Main responsibility of social worker is to resolve the issues being present in the social group and actions have to be taken in case if any injustice is being done to any individual in the society.

Social justice is considered as the most important key value of the social work. There is presence of several social workers who enter the profession as a reason of recognizing the need towards helping underprivileged, vulnerable population that is comprised of homeless and one who are struggling from substance abuse issues or victims of domestic violence. In order to become social worker there needs to be inherent desire towards improving the lives of the individuals who are less fortunate or are not able to advocate themselves. The major focus of the social work is towards unemployment, poverty, discrimination as well as other form of social injustice (Twenge, Campbell, Hoffman and Lance, 2010). Reduction in such can result in bringing upliftment of not just the people but the entire society, economy and nation on whole. The social workers are engaged in promoting social justice with and on the behalf of clients. Social work is being carried out with the aim to pursue social change, specifically on the behalf vulnerable as well as oppressed person and groups of individuals. There efforts are majorly focused on the problems related with poverty (Cennamo and Gardner, 2008). Discrimination, unemployment and other. These activities seeks at promoting the sensitivity to as well as knowledge regarding the oppression as well as cultural and ethical diversity. Social workers strives towards making sure the access to the required information, services as well as resources. It is also comprised of equality of opportunity and valuable participation in the decision making of all the individuals.

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It can be concluded from the essay that social work has grew humanitarian as well as democratic ideals. Further its values are being based on the respect for equality, worth as well as dignity of all the people.


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