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Book Review

University: Swansea University

  • Unit No: 12
  • Level: High school
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The present report is based on social domestic violence. A book has written by a mother, what was the painful journey behind the present success. In this report it has critically explained her experience, why she wrote this book and the consequences of this shared experience. Definition of family violence, public attitude towards this and legal norms which has been made by law all these are covering in the given discussion.


By reading the 'A Mother's Story', it can be assessed that Rosie Batty's experience was very painful. As she belonged to that family with no mother and a distant father, though he loved his children but never tried to expressed his feelings. Her painful story began with her connection Greg (her husband). Earlier she was not familiar with alcoholic people, but after her marriage she had to live with such kind of people. They had one younger son of eleven years. Her husband was habitual of alcohol. Whenever he drank after that started beating his wife and bad behave with his son. It was become daily routine. And she felt very bad for her son that in the early stage he has to face this type of exploitation.

This book reveals that up to what extent the worst condition a women had gone through. Batty had written this book because she had lost her loving son due to his husband. And it might be possible that other women can get inspired and those who are facing or tolerating similar kind of issues of family violence can come out from their worst condition and empower themselves.

Being a reviewer, it has been analysed that the lady Rosie Batty had shared her story with the world. Because it might happen that she wanted to empower all the women and make understood the world that even after the traumatic situation happened, the woman has that much courage to overcome from it. And it also can be possible that she wanted to get learn all the men that there is nothing in the world which cannot be handle by the women.

The key themes can be assessed from the book that women are very sensitive in nature but can fight with any type of situation in her life. As they always love their family, so in return it becomes the duty of family members to give equal respect and love to them. The another key point can be made that most of the time the reason behind domestic violence is alcohol or drug users. Because after getting into this they just behave very rude to their family.

People say about the issue of domestic violence in Australia is that it negatively affects the children and upcoming generation. The children has more tortured by the issue related to family violence. As far as Batty's story is concern it is more or less the same kind of issue. Though that was their personal matter but still it is a social issue. Because in Australia the alcohol and drugs are to common issue with most of the families.

Family or domestic violences can be defined as the rude, abusive or dominated behavior, maintain control and power in any relationship which is used by one person on another person. This may be include emotional, physical, sexual, or psychological actions or any kind of threats which influence other person.

Not every time the victim get support from the general public. As it depends on the view point of the people that whether they are helpful or not. Because every person has different point of view to analyse the situation. There are certain laws have been made for family violence. Also there are various social norms and attitudes towards that. The victims can avail the rights which have mentioned in the domestic violence laws and appeal for the same (A Mother's Story Rosie Batty, 2015). But the societal support really helps the victims to get justice. The legal authorities are also very supportive to the victims for the social family issues. But very less number of victims come forward and take action against culprit. And also the survivors of family violence can encourage the victim to get justice.

When it comes to the responses from certain services like legal system, police force, support service and individuals the attitude of these not all the time same. But they are supportive if they really thinks that the issue is not personal but the social one. If the similar kind of problem is facing by many of the families that it becomes the social issue. And the supportive services collectively try to resolve the society related issues.

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So many times the discussions and debates take place on addressing the issue of family violence. Because different people have different way of thinking regarding the domestic issues. And they want to put their views in the front of other people. So that a common conclusion can be made. And due to discussion on any related topic the various thoughts are come forward and can change the mindset of others.

The responsibility of everyone is to support the victim as well as survivors of family violence so that no one can threatens and dominates any other person in the family. As it has discussed earlier that most of the time women become the prone of family violence because all thought that these are the weakest one. But no one can judge the actual power of woman. And if they come on that position on which they can fight any type of situation then no one can stop them. In the similar way Rosie Batty has faced the criticism from society and achieved the success even after a critical and painful journey of life.


It has been concluded from the above discussion that a strong willpower of woman can reach her at the highest point and make her so successful. Thought the reason behind that is anyone. Any worst situation can lead a lady to the top. And the issue of family violence then it should be effectively handle by the women only if she believes in herself.


A Mother's Story Rosie Batty.2015. Online. Available through: <https://sample-006f511906aa7063b7e7b0a756ffda7c.read.overdrive.com/?p=mother-s-story>. [Accessed on 11thMarch 2017].

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