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Personal and Professional Development

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Complete Report of Personal and Professional Development

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Personal and professional development is necessary for an individual to sustain in such a competitive environment (Benefield and Joseph, 2010). In the first part report will focus on several approaches to self managed learning and benefits of self managed learning for an individual. Along with this, report will focus on own developmental needs and the activities required to achieve them effectively and efficiently.

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TASK 1: Self managed Learning can Enhance Lifelong Learning

1.1 Self Managed Learning

Self managed learning refers to a method through which an individual can improve its own skills with or without the help of others (Cottrell, 2010). This method will allow me as a marketing manager in retail industry to learn about thoughts and insights of myself and with the help of self managed learning I can review my past performance and on that basis can take charge on my future learning. There are several approaches using which I can improve self managed learning that are as follows:

Seminars and Conferences – Attending seminars and conferences always help an individual because it allows me to increase my knowledge by listening to several other people. Apart from that, it gives me confidence to express my views in front of large number of people and develops presentation skills which are valuable while working in a retail organization.

Engaging in learning process – As a marketing manager I always try to learn something new which assists me to share innovative views in working. I can also influence my colleagues to learn new things so that they can perform effectively and efficiently.

Internet – Internet is the hub of information and as a marketing manager I can learn several things from it through reading leadership and marketing management articles which are written by different authors. This could be then implemented at my workplace in order to achieve desired results.

Being ready to learn – In order to become successful there are certain set of skills and attributes are required. However, in order to develop skills it essential for me being a marketing manager at Tesco I should always be ready to learn new things.

Evaluating learning – At present, there is a tough competition in the market and people are making valiant efforts in developing different set of skills and knowledge in order to enhance its own performance. In regards to this, being a manager I should always focus on engaging in self-reflection and self-evaluation of learning goals and progress in a unit of study.

1.2 Life long learning

Life long learning is all about keeping on acquiring knowledge, skills and abilities (Johnson and Scholes, 2002). In context of professionalism it could have positive impact on my work operation in marketing. As a manager I focus on various methods through which I can learn things which will give me benefits lifelong such as doing research, mentoring my subordinates, attending seminars, usinginternet, social networks and interacting with bunch of people.

Whenever I come across new things related to my work I always try to do research about that so that I can learn various facts andinformation about the topic which will assist me to adapt easily to different situations and help in achieving desired outcomes. One of the major tasks of marketing manager is to mentor their subordinates, which allows me to share my knowledge about work or tasks to employees in order to improve their knowledge as well as acquiring new information by listening to their views so that change can be made and things can get better in a correct way.

Furthermore, I focus on interacting with knowledgeable and skillful people because they are the best source of learning. Sharing their view and experiences will always help me in making efficient decisions for my future, personally as well as professionally.

Nowadays social networking sites are playing major role in increasing knowledge of an individual. Through Facebook, Twitter and Skype etc. people are interacting with each other and more often sharing valuable information which could be fruitful for an individual to learn (Nutley, 2008).

1.3 Positive Impacts of Self Managed learning

Self managed learning is all about people taking initiatives in managing their learning. There are positive impacts of self managed learning to the individual as well as organization (Skiff, 2009). As a manager it assists me to make short term targets in order to achieve overall organizational goals and objectives. Personal orientation can be done through self managed learning as it influences attaining training and coaching sessions which will improve my efficiency in performing task or duty. Along with that, self evaluation is a process through which I can determine my level of efficiency. Furthermore, as a manager it assist me in improving my performance by self appraisal.

It includes skill audit, evaluating self management, leadership skills and interpersonal skills etc. Performing tasks effectively and efficiently with my skills and ability will enhance personal grooming as well as accuracy of business operations. Attending seminars and conferences will improve my presentation skills and communication skills. These skills as a manager will assist me in interacting with employees or making them understand about their tasks.

There are several advantages of self managed learning to organization because if every individual is motivated towards self managed learning than it will assist them in making decisions, working ethically, and solving problems of business operations (Rose, 2008). Firstly, self managed learning helps staff members in acquiring decision making skills on the basis of their past experiences which they gain through education or workplace experiences. Secondly, self managed learning will allow employees to work ethically by making honest judgments from past experiences which could be a positive aspect for a business enterprise in a proficient manner. Thirdly, problem solving skills can be achieved through self managed learning which he or she acquires while working, studying or having interest in solving problems practically. This can enhance the skills of an individual which will be fruitful for the firm (Johnson and Scholes, 2002).

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TASK 2: Ability to take Responsibility For your Own Personal and Professional Development

2.1 Retail Industry

Retail industry is one of the largest sectors around globe; companies working in this industry are very competitive and making valiant efforts to sustain in the market (Eisele and 2013). Being a marketing manager of a firm in retail industry allows me various opportunities to improve my skills and abilities in order to lead my staff members to perform well in achieving organizational goals and objectives. For an individual to become successful manager there is a need to identify opportunities and grab them with both hands in order to enhance skills and abilities in performing my tasks and duties effectively and efficiently. Firm’s objectives can enhance my personal grooming because objectives can be short term or long term; I have to mould myself in that manner and have to perform accordingly. As a marketing manger I have to develop skills such as critical thinking, project management, analytical skills and technical skills.

Critical thinking – As a marketing manager I should have critical thinking towards my job, market and employees. This will allow me to think creatively in improving mine as well as other staff members’ efficiency in performing operations. Broad thinking will assist in understanding targeted market needs and wants so that products can be produced and offered according to consumers taste and preferences.

Project management – Assignment can be simple or complex, short termed or long termed, but marketing trends keep on changing and accordingly manager has to develop his skills in order to include them in their operations. Nowadays, social media and customer engagement have helped companies in retail sector to improve their financial position. As a marketing manager I have to improve my project management skills in order to competently lead my team and achieve desired goals and objectives.

Analytical skills – For becoming successful marketing manager I have to make my mind to think analytically. Having analytical information will assist in acquiring vast amount of data relating to marketing trends. Furthermore, analytical skills will help me in extracting important data relating to consumer behavior and efficacy of various marketing approaches etc. Through this information I can select best suitable approach for my company and fulfill customer’s needs and wants.
Technical skills – Changes in technology will influence how marketing can be accomplished. It is very important for me to be updated with technical aspect. Through technology I can engage more customers for my company by delivering services online. Working in retail industry allows me to offer wide range of products and services to targeted customers.

TASK 3: Implement and continually review own personal and professional development plan

In order to implement above stated development plan several ways can be included which will assist me as a marketing manager to improve my current skills and make them my strengths for future functioning.

Attending meeting and group discussions – Interacting with top level management of Tesco or attending meeting regarding future strategies will assist me to improve my communicational skills. By attending meetings, I will learn several new things about my department or it can be said that review my department. Communication plays a major role for marketing manager, as my work is to understand and evaluate market needs and wants which can be done only by better communicational skills and interacting with colleagues and subordinates through group discussions will assist me to improve my interacting skills. Along with that, interacting with subordinates and senior mangers within organization so that better communication skills can be developed and I can easily and effectively work with my team members in order to generate best possible outcomes.

Initiative – Taking initiatives regarding performing tasks will improve my leadership skills. Setting targets doesn’t mean that I am performing my duty well. Every individual in Tesco is doing his work but as a marketing manager I have to take initiatives in understanding needs and want of market so that I can influence other employees to work harder and achieve their desired goals and objectives effectively and efficiently. This will directly have positive impact on my leadership skills. Furthermore, it will give me confidence in leading people appropriately as well as encouraging and motivating them in regards to attain cited firm's corporate aims and objectives.

Formal relation – By making formal relations with other employees I can mange conflicts in Tesco. As a manager I aim at having effective working environment and it can be achieved only if there is less conflict between employees. Formal relations will make my views important for them which they will undertake in order to work efficiently. Being working in such a large business corporation it is essential for me develop formal relationship with my colleagues so that conflicts can be managed and controlled in effective manner. Along with that, having formal relation will help in developing better coordination with other employees so that all the risks and uncertainties can be minimized.

Broad minded – Being broad minded I can simplify problems and solve them easily. In other words, treating problem neutrally will assist me as marketing manger to solve critical problems with ease. Furthermore I will be able to understand needs and wants of targeted consumers and accordingly provide them products and services. Moreover, the main aim of developing such skills will allow me to deliver best possible decisions in such complicated situation. In addition to it, I can easily minimize the risks associated with future projects that Tesco is planning to invest in.

3.2 Activities of Marketing Manager

As a marketing manager there are several activities that I need to prioritize in order to get success in my professional life. First and foremost to become better marketing manager, I should have better communicational skills and for improving that I should give priorities to individual interaction, group discussions and meetings with other employees and colleagues. By the means of attending meeting I learned about various essential aspects of communication which will help in different situations. Through this I will get confidence to speak in front of large number of people and express my views. Along with this, I was able to create informal and formal relation with my fellow colleagues and subordinates and now I can work more effectively and efficiently in order to attain desired goals and objectives.

Secondly, important aspects of marketing manager is leadership skills, in order to enhance and become better leader I have to focus on taking initiative regarding those activities which are my responsibilities. Furthermore, with help of taking initiatives I developed various new skills and abilities regarding facing different and adverse situations. Most importantly, now I can lead people and make them work according to the need so that best possible outcomes can be achieved. Taking initiative will allow me to influence several other employees which will work effectively and efficiently in order to attain targeted goals. Thirdly, for understanding market needs and wants I have to be clear in my mindset that which tools and techniques will be feasible for Tesco to achieve valuable information.

3.3 Leadership Skills and Aim

Critically reflecting on my own learning against the original aim that I aspired and objectives were set in the development plan. Firstly, it was necessary to have efficient communication skills for that several measures were taken by me so that I can gain confidence by having better interacting skills with my superiors or clients. According to plan, I focused on attending meetings and conferences that have the benefits of assisting me in communicating with my employees. Along with this sharing of innovative ideas has improved my functioning effectively.

But it is still questionable, because through these measures I overcame my short term dilemmas; however I still have to consider communication as my lifelong learning which will be improved along with the time. Secondly, after working on my communicational skills, as a marketing manager I focused on my leadership skills because they are also one of the major aspects of my job or task that I have to perform. Leadership skills could be challenged on the basis that I was unable to lead my team towards goals and objectives.

I was lacking vision which affected my performance in doing business operations. Through taking initiatives I overcame the hindrance of leading large troops. Somewhat my aim of helding meetings and conferences regarding marketing projects has been achieved.

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From the above report it is concluded that self managed learning assists a lot in improving personality (Brine and feather, 2003). Various approaches are used in improving the self managed learning so that as a marketing manager I can achieve my goals and objectives effectively and efficiently. Furthermore, this research enhanced my overall performance in understanding and managing my task proficiently. A plan was developed and critically evaluated in order to improve my skills regarding communication and leadership.


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