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Analysis of Market Strategy of Apple

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Market Strategy used by Apple for their business

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Branding of Apple Methodology

As per the nature of the current study, both the positivism and interpretive is used as it is bringing insight knowledge to the researcher about all the factors associated with the branding of Apple. Not only knowledge but it is beneficial for the development of the new facts that have been hidden regarding the same subject.

Analysis of Market Strategy of Apple

Construction of method

Sample As per the above case of the apple marketing strategy and the aspects associated with the secondary research, the following assessment criteria have been made for developing a conclusion of the current topic. The table given below is as per the assessment criteria:-

  1. Determining the major issue related to the topic?
  2. Determining if there are possibilities of the hypothesis?
  3. Determining the variables associated with the study?
  4. Determine the samples that have been taken for the completion of the study are appropriate or not?
  5. Describe the major limitations of the research?
  6. The use of the references for the study?
  7. The claims that have been made by the author?

As per as the major issue of the study is concern, it is related to the successful utilization of the marketing strategy by apple for the building the brand in the market.
According to the formulation of the hypothesis is concern, the study is based on the secondary research. So the formulation of the hypothesis can be as per based on the issue that the whether the apple is able to use its marketing strategy for the improving the brand of the firm.

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In case of the variables that are associated with the issue are the factors that are responsible for the success and the failure of the Apple in the market.

Sampling is the most important part of the research. As per the need of the current research, the respondent is chosen randomly who have been involved in analyzing the current marketing assignment strategies adopted by apple for branding themselves. Depending on the responses, the research has proceeded.

For the current files, the data are collected in secondary manner. The data are collected both from the articles, journals and previous research (Adamson, 2008). The reason behind choosing this method is that it is available at the most possible manner as required for the research to proceed. It become easy to access those information related to the branding strategies of the apple as many of the researcher have proceeded their research towards the same issue. Along with this the research questions are clarified in correct manner due to the use of secondary method. As per as the issue of the determining the exact strategies that apple is using for the branding its product in the market is difficult through primary method as the information that is required is confidential to some extent and cannot be gathered by discussing with the professionals who are employed in apple company. So it is beneficial for to process the research with the use of the secondary information only. The cost aspects for collecting information is also very low as compared to primary method as for collecting information regarding the strategies, the researcher need to travel a lot. At the same time the time allotted for the completion of the research is also limited. So it is beneficial to use the secondary information for the research.

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The collected data are analyzed on the basis of the secondary method in the following case. In this the qualitative analysis is done and accordingly the themes designed are compared and evaluated to define whether the findings are same or not (Young, 2001). For the exact result some of the variables have been defined on the basis of the themes prepared. In case of the qualitative analysis, themes have been created for the development of the final conclusion whereas in case of the quantitative regression and correlation is used for comparing the variables. Then the findings of the both the analysis is compared to reach to the final conclusion.


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