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Importance Of Communication Skills

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The following report is prepared in order to understand the importance of communication skills in any organisation. It is important to understand what communication is and what their advantages in any business are. For this, the skills required to make an effective communication need to be understood in detail which can be learned from the report further.

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A reputable assignment writing service


Task 1

Critically discuss the importance of communication skills in the workplace.

Communication is the process through which information is transferred from one person to another. In order to establish the communication, it is necessary to have at least two parties. The person who is sending the message is termed as the sender and the other who is receiving the message is known as the receiver of the message.

There are different types of communication and as per the need of the situation, the type is selected and then with the use of that sources, communication between two people take place. Different types of communication are:

Verbal communication- it is that form of communication in which words are spoken to communicate. It can be done face to face, telephonic, through other media etc. It can be heard by other person as they interact with one another through words.

Non-verbal- It is that form of communication in which words are not used. Both the receiver and the sender use their body language to communicate with one another. They show only gestures to give their response like nodding etc. 

Written communication- In this form of communication, the message is exchanged in the written form. Letters, mails magazines etc. are examples of this type of communication.

Visualization- This is the fourth form of communication. People see and get the message. Examples of these are maps, logos etc.

Communication skills at work place is important in order to carry out the activities smoothly which help in attaining goals of the organisation. The importance of communication at work place can be understood better when studied in detail (Bradshaw2011):

1.Worker productivity- It is observed that in order to attain the maximum profit, it is important that the company’s employees should be well communicated about the goals and objectives of the company. For this, the management need to communicate with their employees.

2.Job satisfaction- Communication at work place also contributes towards increasing the job satisfaction of employees. The employees feel recognized if they are allowed to communicate freely with the top management. The employees communicate with their heads and they are given feedbacks through the top management. This help in gaining satisfaction.

Not only the upward, but downward communication also help in clearing vision of the employees that what are their duties and what is all expected out of them so that they can work with a clear goal to be achieved.

Reduces turnover- The employees feel good when their doubts are cleared, their problems are acknowledged and their suggestions are welcomed in the organisation. When communication is effectively followed in the organisation they get the advantage of all the above requirements which gives them job satisfaction and therefore also reduces their absenteeism and turnovers (Bradshaw, 2011). This help the business to save the recruitment and the training cost of employees supported with protection from loss of skilled labour.

Helps in socializing- Communication help the employee to socialize. It is observed that an individual is not able to survive at the work place if he is alone or if he has no one to communicate with.

Effective control- Through the process of communication, effective control can be implemented in the organisation as reports will be taken on regular basis about the work progress. The work can be evaluated on daily basis and corrective actions can be taken at the same time.

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Helps in management process- The main advantage of communication skill is that it helps the management in performing the various functions. Planning, organising, staffing, controlling and coordinating are the main functions performed by the managers in any organisations. It becomes easy to perform these if it is supported by good communication. If these functions are performed with the help of effective communication, it would help the management in taking more effective decision.

In order to have effective communication skills it is important to have the following characteristics-

1. Listening- It is important that in communication, people who are communicating should be good listener also. They should be ready to listen to the other person also than should wait for their chance to speak.

2. Confidence- The person who is communicating should be confident and should have trust in what he is communicating with the other person. Only if the communicator shows confidence in himself he will be noticed by others that what he actually wants to say.

3. Clarity- It is one of the most important skills for making the communication effective. The message should be very clear so that it does not misguide the receiver and he gets the right interpretations from the message conveyed to him.

4. Friendliness- For making the communication an effective one, it is advisable to have a friendly communication. This helps in establishing a good communication as both the parties can take their suggestions. This will further help in developing a good environment in the organization. On the other hand, due to friendly communication, the grievance and the issue arising in the firm can be resolved.


From the above report it can be concluded that communication is an important part for any organisation as it helps management to carry out the overall development. For this, it is necessary to have effective communication skills more only than a person can communicate effectively. If in any organisation, communication is not followed properly than it may lead to loss of information and will affect the performance of the company.

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