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To analyze the impact of effective recruitment and selection of part time worker on the business growth

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Recruitment and selection strategies framed by organization highly affect the growth of business in the digital world. In order to better understand this concept, case study of Tesco, which is a larger retailer of UK, was taken. In the recent years, HR department of company provides equal work opportunity to their part time employees to enhance the growth and consumer base. The UK base firm has a long-term strategy for growth and it highly depends upon the expansion of business, new retailing services and recruiting and selecting talented employees.  As per the report of EMCC case studies (2007), Tesco has 260,000 employees worldwide. In addition, it is also a member of the Employers’ Forum on Disability and it provides employment to disabled people by providing training (EMCC case studies , 2007).

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Organization also provides part-time job facility to students and different age group people throughout the world in order to better execute their operations and attains business growth effectively. Besides that, flexible working hours especially in the busy hours and festive seasons kinds of facilities are provided by company helps it to effective utilization of workers successfully in needs and create relax working environment.  The present study deals with recruitment and selection policies framed by Tesco regarding the part-time employee recruitment and retentions of employees. In addition, present research provides detail about the relationship between recruitment and selection policies followed by company and employees contribution in growth of UK base retail giant.

Rationale /significance of study:

The main purpose of the study is to explore the contribution of part-time workers in the growth of company.  In order to provide customers excellent service and better compete with its competitors, HR department of company has been focusing on hiring more part time employees so that better services can be delivered to their customers within stipulated time. However, firm is still struggling in recruitment and selection of skillful part-time employees to enhance its business outcome. Presently, organization is facing tougher competition from peer groups and retention of part-time employees for long term perspective kinds of issues in its business. In addition, report also emphasizes on co-relation between the recruitment of part time worker and its impact on business outcome in the digital economy.

Research aim:

To analyze the impact of effective recruitment and selection of part time worker on the business growth of Tesco


  • To investigate the current recruitment and selection policies which are followed in Tesco
  • To determine the relationship between recruitment and selection of part time worker on the business growth of Tesco
  • To identify different ways through which enterprise can overcome issues come in recruitment and selection of part-time worker in UK
  • Research questions
  • What are the current recruitment and selection policies followed by Tesco for recruitment of part time worker?
  • What is the relationship between recruitment and selection of part time worker on the business growth of Tesco?
  • How enterprise can overcome issues come in recruitment and selection of part-time worker?


As per the UNI Global Union Country Report (2009), it is found Tesco is the most ambitious international enterprise and it follows high standards of employment in recruitment and selection of employees.  Labour laws are weak in the USA so that employees high rely on union-employer agreement. The major findings of report shows that relatively low pay, health insurance scheme and trades union membership kinds of challenges associated with the successful implementation of recruitment and selection policies of Tesco (UNI Global Union Country Report , 2009).

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Type of investigation: Exploratory design will be used to identify the relationship between recruitment and selection of part time worker on the business growth of Tesco in a significant manner.

Data collection method: As per the present case study, secondary data analysis technique has been used because it helps researcher to better insight into facts and figures which are provided by different researcher related to similar topic (Sullivan, 2011).

Accessibility issue: While collecting data from secondary sources, prior permission, copyright and permission kinds of issues can be occurred that can affect performance of the entire research.

Ethical issues: In order to deal with this kind of issues, it is necessary for researcher to collect data from authentic sources and takes prior permission before conducting data.

Data analysis plan: Thematic analysis technique will be applied to analyze the qualitative nature data (Merriam, 2009).

Research limitations: Time, cost and availability of data related field kinds of limitations associated with the present research.


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  • UNI Global Union Country Report, 2009. [Pdf]. Available through :< >. [Accessed on: 7th December 2015].
  • Sullivan, P., 2011. Qualitative Data Analysis Using a Dialogical Approach. SAGE.
  • Merriam, B.S., 2009. Qualitative Research: A Guide to Design and Implementation. 3rd ed. John Wiley & Sons.
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