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Resource and Talent Planning

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Resource and talent planning are the tools which enhance the management of an organisation as it increase the productivity of the organisation . The talent which are abundance in the market are now given chance to show their potential and also contribute in the organization's growth. In this report there will be a brief information about the resource and talent planning of British telecom. British telecom is one of the largest telecom company in the world having its sales of around 23,740 billion euros. The company was established in 1980 and also focused on providing communication services through fixed lines all over and broadband, cellphone services. British telecom also has some subsidiary companies which is also handled by it. The report will have brief information on how employees' performance is being evaluated with the human resource life cycle and their stages as it is very essential for the organization to analyze their employees from employee turnover and also make them more effective and efficient so that they are retained in the organisation and also ave better position and knowledge as an individual. The report has also focused on the importance of recruitment and selection in the organization as they are very important to select a right person in the organization. An organisation is only successful when it has potential employees appointed in it.

P 1 Labour Market Trends

It is very essential to analyze the labor market trend as any organization will gain much information to formulate the strategies and policies for the workforce in the organisation. It will also let the Hr manager analyze what are the strategies of competitors and will also improve their policies to compete in the market and also lower the cost.(Sparrow, Hird, and Cooper, 2015) According to the 2019 report, the emplacement rate was increased as compared to the previous year which will also increase the productivity of the country. There are still a higher rates of unemployment in the UK the economists analyzed some key factors which will increase the growth of employment in UK. UK is lacking the skilled labor so the employment rates and the productivity of the country is not growing in positive rate. UK has to increase the employment opportunities as more employment more skilled the people will become and employment will also increase the disposable income of the people and that will increase the sales of the companies as the increase in the demand of products and services and this will positively impact the GDP growth. The industries are facing issues in the country as there is downfall in skilled labor as many people are offered better pay outside UK so they travel to another country for their work. This also impacts the cost efficiency of the companies in UK as there is less skilled man force available so the company has to pay more to make their work done. Another factor which also impacted the growth of the companies of UK was that they were unable to be competent in their current market as the lack of efficient workforce which will help in analyzing the market and also innovating the product to get more profits. There is a strong need to adopt the technological advancements and equipment and also increase the knowledge of the current employees to make the organization more productive. Some industries are labor intensive so they have to learn new methods which will enable them to replace the human workforce with the machines which are more effective and accurate in their work or the companies can also give training and development to the unskilled workforce and make them more productive. If the companies are becoming more productive in UK by upgrading their workforce and by replacing them by machines in future this will also create new job opportunities for more candidates and this will also grow the GDP of UK.

P 2 legal Aspects of British Telecom

UK is very concerned in providing safety and security to the people of the country. There many acts and laws which safeguard the rights and also provide the guidelines to the companies to achieve their goals lawfully. British telecom has faced many legal reforms in the life span of the business.

Equality Act 2010

This act was formulated on 1st October 2010 which complied all the equality laws together as on and this law gives a legal outline about the right of the citizen of the country and this law portrays that every individual is equal irrespective if their caste, color, creed , gender and if any person is discriminated against any of these then he will be sued in the court. This act had an impact on British telecom are given below.

  • The company has to change its remuneration policies as equal pay act has said to pay every employee equally and not deduct any salary without any solid reason which also affected the company's financial position.
  • Sex discrimination was also the criteria which penalized the company and as the employees have a tendency to dominate the female employees or discriminatethem on the basis of their gender.
  • The Hr department of the company has to change all the strategies and policies of the company as the equality act stated that no employee should be discriminated on the basis of their age(Sohel-Uz-Zaman., 2018).

Data Protection Act

This act is formulated by the UK government in providing safety to the personal data of a person , this personal data should not be used in any benefits of any person, group of person or any businesses. This act states if any business uses this data for their business then he is liable to register their organisation under this act with the description of the use. As the personal data of any person should be used legally with a true reason, and the data must not be used very frequently, the data m, and no data should be used across the country's boarders without proper safety of the data. So the company had the act regulation by.

  • The company has to change its policies and strategies to ensure the safety of the personal data of employees and customers of company.
  • Theyalso has to check the validity of the data weather the data is true in nature or not from the time it was taken and if not then the company has to update the data.
  • British telecom also had a goodwill of using its customer data very wisely and keeping it safe. As if the data is leaked the company may also have to incur lossesby paying the penalties.
  • Company also has to train their staff to handle the data carefully with full responsibility must be updated regularly, the data should be out of reach and should be protected from others, and no data should be used across the country's boarders without proper safety of the data. So the company had the act regulation by.
  • The company has to change its policies and strategies to ensure the safety of the personal data of employees and customers of company.
  • Theyalso has to check the validity of the data weather the data is true in nature or not from the time it was taken and if not then the company has to update the data.
  • British telecom also had a goodwill of using its customer data very wisely and keeping it safe. As if the data is leaked the company may also have to incur lossesby paying the penalties.
  • Company also has to train their staff to handle the data carefully with full responsibility.

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P 3 Skills Required By the employees according to the law

British telecom adopted some new policies and strategies in recruitment and selection of their employees in the organisation to be competent and follow the laws of the government too. The skills which an idol employee should have to deal with all the issues due to laws of the government are as follows.

  • The employees of the company should have knowledge to deal with the skill shortage in the company, and they should also train themselves to be efficient and also adopt tothe changes of the company.
  • The employees should also be knowledgable to analyse the needs and weaknesses of the company and also makes the strategy to make the company more productive and also actively participate in the activities of the company.
  • HR manager should also have a proper knowledge about the government laws and policies and also should know in depth about the company so that they can do effective planning according to the possible threats which can be anticipated(Rashidiand et.al., 2017).
  • Employees who have the skill to bind the organisation as a one and who have the skill to manage the employees and who influence the other employees to work more efficiently.
  • The employees of the company must also have a good knowledge about the technological changes which are being adopted by the company and also to establish expertise in that technology. The employee must also feel responsible to train their subordinate in a rightful manner.
  • After the amendment of new law the marketing manager should know how to innovate their products and services in the legal framework, to increase the productivity and grow the company more.
  • The company should also have some of their employees as job shadower who can see the process of the company with another vision and help the management to improve their policies and methods to increase their profits and also attain core competency(Rana,2017).

Innovation,Designs, and Contracts with BIM impact

P 4 Job description of HR manager of British Telecom

In the below form of a candidate who wants to join British Telecom as a hr manager. The below mentioned are the requirements of the company on which the recruiter will analyze the candidate and they will also examine the skills and values possessive by the candidate so that they can know about his ideology which can also Benefits the company. Hr manager is very essential person of an organization and he need to fulfill many tasks to make it an effective and efficient management organization. The HR manager has to evaluate the competitor's strategies and policies that will also help the HR manager to set a standard and improve the organization's performance.


British Telecom


HR manager



Report to





· To create healthy work environment

· To train the employees according to the rules of the company.

· To develop motivation among the employees of the company.

· To solve the legal problems of the company.

· To have a reward management for the employees.

· To increase the knowledge of all the employees of the company.

Title of the job

HR manager

Date: 24, July 2019


Qualification required




MBA in HR .



Need of Experience


Experience in HR in previous organisation



Personal characteristics & conduct



integrate the team

motivate other employees

support innovative ideas

believe in quality









Roles and Responsibilities

Recruiting and selecting right person

training and development

promote employees relationships

policy formulation

management analyst








P 5 Methods of Effective Recruitment and Selection of British telecom

As one of the leading telecom company it is very essential for them to maintain their position in the market and they have to also increase the efficiency to compete with the market with the help of Recruitment and selection of right human resource. By doing accurate recruitment and selection the organization will be benefited in increasing the quality of the services, also lower the cost for training and development as the selected candidates are already knowledgeable to perform the tasks efficiently, this will also the organisation to focus on other different aspects to increase the productivity. British Telecom has established some effective methods for recruiting and selecting the right candidates which will help them increase the efficiency of the origination (Noe and et.al., 2017).


It is a professional process of inviting the candidates to find that which candidate is right for the job profile. This analyze the potential in the candidates which is needed in the organization.

External recruitment

External recruitment is the type of recruitment process which help the organization to find the right candidate outside the coverage of the British telecom. External recruitment is done through following process with the help of different tools and techniques.

  • Direct recruitment- In this process British telecom invites their potential candidates to fill the vacancy in the organization, they recruit the candidates directly for the recruitment process in the organization with their documents. This will be more effective for the organizationas they will have the option to choose whom to call and whom not to, they can analyze the candidates potential before recruiting them directly.
  • Calls- in this method the organization go through the applications of the candidate who have not been selected as an employee earlier, but the organizationcan view their information and call them according to the candidate's knowledge and job profile in which the candidate will be best suited.
  • Advertising- This is a very broad approach for recruiting the candidate as in this the organizationannounces its job profile opening in the public with the help of newspapers , radio etc, it will invite the indicates automatically to the organization. This process is very costly but there is a large coverage area for finding the right candidates who can increase the efficiency of the organization.

Internal recruitment

British telecom has also used these techniques for finding the right talent and this is done inside the origination as they don't have to look outside and it will also lower the cost of recruiting and training the new employee as they will find a candidate within the organization who is right for the job. The organization have also used some methods to identify the candidate's..(Mayfield , Mayfield and Wheeler, 2016)

  • Promotion- British Telecom has found the way in which they check the current employee'sefficiency so that the company can promote them to a new post and give them the new authorities which will help the organization to fulfill its effective requirements.
  • Organization have also recruited some retired employees who have much experience and are right for the job, these employees are only appointed in the origination for a limited time.


Selection is a process make the effective planning to increase the efficiency of the organization.

  • Interview- This the basic method of analyzing the candidate and the interviewer is also responsible to understand the candidate's potential while communicating to him according to the strategies adopted by the organization.

Selection test- This test is conducted in order to test of opting the best alternative which have applied for the job profile. The selection is done with the help of different methods, it also helps the organization to analyze the human resource and make the effective planning to increase the efficiency of the organization.

  • Interview- This is the basic method of analyzing the candidate and the interviewer is also responsible to understand the candidate's potential while communicating to him according to the strategies adopted by the organization.
  • Selection This test is conducted in order to avoid biased selection of the process, the test ask the candidates about technical questions which a candidate's should know this will also give a reference to British Telecom that the candidate is knowledgeable or not. The test can also be taken on the personal development and moral values of the candidates. Which will also show that how the candidate will contribute in the coordination in the organization.

P 6 Life Cycle Stages of Human Resource

HR life cycle is the stage in which an employee has improved itself comparing their current work with their previous work. The comparison of lie cycle of an employees Is analyzed through the life of the employee in their organisation. This will give an evaluation on how the employee had performed in the past. British telecom need to analyze this stages to understand where the employees lack in efficiency and should give the training to them according to the defects in the efficiency. British telecom has used these stages to study the performance of an employee to improve the strategies and also change the policies if required.

The human resource life cycle is very essential to estimate that which employee needs training which employee is becoming inefficient and will have to terminate and also if there is any recruitment requirement in the organization. As the organization is growing and has many operations so the need of human resource in the organization is important.


This is the first stage of the life cycle in which the organization have to analyze the need of recruiting the new employees and the journey of the employees is started like the infant is born in a family, the management gas to take care of the employees like an infant and have to provide proper training in developing the employee's knowledge. The organization need to understand the importance of placing the right employee at right job so that it will grow the efficiency of the organization with the help of new strategies and policies. The organization must also determine the factors which lowers the efficiency and in which the employee does not feel to leave the organization and become loyal to the organization. The management of British telecom have come up with the new recruitment process which help the management to understand the employee and also let them analyze the new techniques which can be changed, the employees may also be assessed on written tests, practical tests in which the practical knowledge of the employees will be tested so that in any condition when there are very urgent cases how the employee will handle it. (Latukha, 2016)


This is the second stage of the employee life cycle and in this stage the management is responsible to guide the employee about the organization's mission and vision which will help the employee to understand his duties and responsibilities thoroughly. The management will also analyze the employee's work and will make sure that he is doing good or not. The management of the organizational will make sure that the new employee does not have any bad influence and works in a healthy environment. An old employee is also appointed to the new employee to guide him with his work and all the rules and regulation of the organization. He will also introduce the other employees to the new employees.


This is the third stage of the organisation of human life cycle and this will also increase the efficiency of the employee as the management will provide motivation to the employee in various ways so that the employee does not leave the organization in very short time as British telecom has analyzed the employees who have joined the organization tend to leave the organization within 3 months, this is a challenge to British telecom and they have to decrease the employee turnover by evaluating the factors and improving it effectively. This will also increase the attention of the new employee and they will do their work with more dedication. Management are also responsible to appreciate the work done by the new employee which will also motivate them (Friday and Sunday, 2019)


This is the fourth stage of employee life cycle in the organization and by this stage the employee is fully trained and is now on his own for taking his decision. The management of the organization will analyze the performance of the new employee as soon as he is out of the probation period. After the probation period the company will decide for which job he is skilled and will place him over there to attain an effective workforce of the organization. The employees will be given challenging task so that they can see whether the new employee can handle the workload which is allotted to him with effectiveness or not.


This is the last stage of employee life cycle in an organization in this stage the employee will have an opportunity to appreciate the employees and the management of the assignation to make his stabilize. The management will also organize the recreational activities to motivate the employees and also prove them gifts to appreciate them.(Festing and et.al., 2017.)

P 7 Evaluation of Employee life Cycle of British Telecom

Employee life cycle is a very essential process to evaluate the performance of the employee in an organization. As British telecom is a large organization and have the important role to understand the performance of their employees so that they can the organisation is undergoing with the right strategies to achieve its objectives. As every year the organisation set its objectives better than its previous one, in order to achieve the new and higher objectives the organisation needs to increase the training and development of their employees. This is why there is an essential need of mapping of human resource strategies. The employee's life cycle planning will only be done when there is proper information available to the management about the employees' behaviour, their performance and many factors which decide the employees' efficiency in the organisation. After the accumulation of the data the management will compare their previous performance with the current performance to evaluate the strategy to make their employees more efficient and more effective in the organisation. There are also some methods to analyse the creation of human cycle strategy. The employees are negatively briefed for a task so that the impact of problem will be increased this will help the employees to generate new procedures and process to complete the task and manager will also help the employee's to increase their efficiency in that strategy of doing their task.

  • The first stage is also very essential as it helps the organisation to evaluate the seriousness of the employee and also let the management decide whetherthe employee is capable of fulfilling the expectation of the organisation's objectives.
  • Second stage helped the organisation to increase itspotential which will help the managerial employee to formulate the human resource planning.
  • Third stage is when the organisation provide different HRM motivation so that they can also analyse the behavioural pattern of the employees which will help the HRM decide the effective strategy so that the employees are always motivated in doing their work efficiently.(Carbery and Cross , 2015)
  • The fourth stage in employee life cycle was all about the evaluation of their performance in doing their task and also achieving their objectives in the given time, the employees in this stage is also settled and now feel comfortable to appreciate all his subordinates and also provide him gifts and incentives which will motivate their subordinates. This stages helps the HRM to evaluate the social and cultural and moral values of the new employees which will also help the HRM to strategic in the organisation.
  • Employees in this are now settled and HRM will also evaluate how to retain in the employee of the organisation. Which will also increase the organisational efficiency.

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This report has discussed about various impacts which British telecom have faced in different scenarios. The company has to change its policies and strategies due to change in laws of the government and they have to take care about the employee welfare according to the new laws of the government of UK. Analysts of the company had also examined the labor market trends which also impacted the nature of the business, the company has to face a downfall as there were new modern techniques used in the rivalry company so the employees of British telecom moved out of the company in order to get more pay. Companies in UK faced a lack of skilled labor as the people who was trained by the company were offered more salary outside UK which lowered the cost efficiency of the companies in UK so that impacted UK's GDP adversely. The company also felt the need to appoint a right HR so that they can analyze all the threats of the market and improve the productivity and maximize its profits.


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