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BMP6003 Menu Planning Level 7


One will undoubtedly will get gain from being a menu planner. By means of certain processes one can develop an effective menu which will lead to attract several customers in this market which will lead their new product design to create an immense impact on the customers who want a new taste and some different concept to try. Building up a menu requires certain steps which should fulfil certain criteria like methods for new product, expectation of customers, religious factors and menu development and policy(Abbey, Wright and Capra, 2015).


AC1.1 principles and factors of recipe development

There are various principle regarding development of recipe which are followed by every restaurant. Those principles are discussed as below:

Method for Food Product

It is considered as one of the issues which are very sensitive which can tremendously have an effect on development of recipe. There are numerous method for food production which includes their particular structure and procedure, which are actually different(Betz and et.al., 2015). For an example there is a method which is known as Cook-Freze method in which food is made to freeze for more than 90 minutes under the temperature 20 degree and then it may be stored for long duration with the maintenance of quality(Silvennoinen and et.al., 2015).

Consumer Expectation

Expectation of consumer is very crucial for development of a new recipe as customer is the potential consumer of new offerings while customer does not have an easy acceptance for new products which can lead to a failure. Therefore customer expectation should be given priority a it is an important factor that influences the development of a new recipe.

Religious factor

Religious factor is another dimension which needs consideration because there are some food items which are prohibited from the perspective of religious view .Therefore it is made to be in consideration before including any food item in the recipe.

Menu Development and policy

It is also regarded as one of the principle which is very effective and must be counted in the process of recipe development as it depicts the material and marketing and also evens all composition of new recipe(Brown, 2018).

Ethnic and Social Response

There should be maintenance of ethical value of the restaurant as providing food which can be dangerous for the health of others, which is considered as an unethical practice. Consumer's health is the first priority of every chef. Every new recipe is examined properly by laboratory and credit is passed after all inspection.

AC1.2 factors that influence menu-planning decisions

Factors which influences the menu-planning decisions are discussed below:

Cost Orientation

In which it is considered that what will be the range of prices of food in restaurant's menu. That range should include with the variation in pricing which is affordable by every one and also for those who can pay more but prefer to have luxurious delicacies also.

Target Customer

Menu should be planned while taking in consideration of the customers which are targeted. It should be kept in mind that what are their preferences, beliefs, economic status and taste which has a great influence on their behaviour, also whether there are more vegetarians or non vegetarians(Cullen and et.al., 2015.).

Availability of food items

It is also an influential factor as recipes are dependent on the availability of food items. Their availability decides the type of recipes that can be included in the menu as those items which are not available locally are imported and there are certain factors which affects this process which results in the problem of acquiring those food materials.

AC1.3 factors that influence service methods

Factors that influences the service method are as follows:

Target customer

Service method is mainly dependent on what type of consumer comes for dining, like a family will prefer to have a host service whereas bachelors or teenager can be fine with self service also. Some might prefer take away also. Therefore it totally depends upon the majority of the preferences of consumers which are targeted.


It also influences the service methods ,as a restaurant which is situated at the highway will provide take away or pick up services whereas one which is situated in the city van provide whole ambience for dining with a host or assisted services(Dixon and et. al., 2014.).

Theme Based

Some restaurant are theme based where they follow a particular type of service method which is not dependent on the preferences of customer. They either can have self service theme where one has to perform themselves from ordering to picking up the meal or other types of services.

AC1.4 the stages of menu product development planning

Stages of Menu product development are as follows:

Idea generation

It includes SWOT analysis of the product which defines its strength, weakness, opportunities and threats; what are the market and consumer trends ; focus groups ; what is the pattern and habits of users and also brainstorming the new menu which is generated(Priefer, Jörissen and Bräutigam,2016.).

Idea screening and concept testing

It includes deducting those ideas which are likely to be unsound concepts; having a check on factors such as developing, marketing along with feasibility study.

Analysis of production issues

This stage has a focus on estimation of selling prices, volume of sales, profitability, what break even point one has,testing of market, technical implementation, and various strategies for promotion(Introduction to Menu planning and Product Development,2018).

Pricing of New Product

It includes impact which is created by new product, value analysis which includes internal and external analysis, differentiation in value segments, cost of production which includes variable and fixed cost, forecasting of unit volumes is also done , where revenue and profit is also analysed(Knai and et.al., 2015).

AC1.5 the influences of different factors on the development process

There are certain internal and external factors that influences the development process of the establishment.

Internal Factor

It includes cost related to materials and resource acquirement. Also, factors like employees are crucial one which influence the new product development, as the cost will rise it will result in reducing expenses which are related to the activities involved in the process of development. Other factors like sufficiency of human resource , finance, time and required resources facilitate for product development successfully(Wood, 2018).

External Factor

There are certain external factors which has a major influence in the process of development which includes political factors such as pressure from political parties; economical factors such as activities related to economy;social factors such as societies , their culture and beliefs influences such processes; technological factors includes activities related to technology; legal factors and other natural environmental factors also(Payne-Palacio, 2016).


AC2.1 Justification for a menu design to reflect the menu compilation and recipe development

Menu development process plays a crucial role in making delivering process of food services effective and also efficient to customers. One should have a thinking from view point that how guest will perceive the menu and then further decides for ordering food items. There is no doubt to say that menu and contents present in it has an important role for the process of sales which is followed by development of recipe which is involved critically in the sales of food offered by restaurant. There is one common thing which is kept in mind which is no matter what kind of design is selected , it should match the line with the goals of an organisation which attracts customer also. There are many kind of designs which play a role magnetizing customers , some of the designs are paper based menu,menu board, outdoors, digital displays , online menu etc.; in which digital displays are most commonly preferred. These menus offer food products and includes many elements and also provides the option for further addition of the items.

AC2.2 Justification of the development of the food service environment to support the menu, recipe and service style

Food service environment is define as a system which involves monitoring, maintaining and regulating process from the production of food till delivery to consumers. A good service environment not only provides a hygienic food delivery but also attracts a lot of customers which enables them to stand above competitors. It has been observed that a restaurant with a good food service environment has a better performance which leads to its sustainability. It is crucial as it provides support to menus and development of recipe. For ensuring the delivery of effective services to customers , management make sure that its food service environment should attract and deliver proper services to them.

Negligence of these factors can affect their operations in any market and create obstacles in the accomplishment of organisational goals and objectives affecting its performance which can result in difficult survival of the firm. Some of the reasons for failure can be that management are not able to maintain or reach that particular position with which can actually can develop all such aspects like a proper menu , recipes and different methods of delivery. If one wants to retain their customers for long then they have to work on making food service environment effective.

AC2.3 findings of research into customer requirements for new food concept

The concept of food have been changed with a great aspect as compared to their previous occurrence with many factors. It is important to constantly develop and modify their concepts and approaches related to development of food due to having an immense impact on performance and existence. As customers are becoming more demanding and wanted to have different taste as compared to regular one with the availability in cheapest price. Prime reason behind coming to restaurant is to have a new and unique kind of food. People are preferring those restaurants which provides them a different kind of cuisine to eat. Customers are demanding such products because these products which are made in styles are famous and a hit among them and wanted to have them. This is the reason why firms are developing those kind of systems with which they can prepare those kind of food in styles.

AC2.4 choice of new food concept

As the customers requirements are changed inconsiderably which has lead to the evolution of thinking behind the concept of new product. As the customer wanted to have a different experience with the type of food they opt for eating therefore food product should provide justice to their desire and some new experimentation with taste can fulfil this criteria that as lead to complete satisfaction of a consumer. As due to busy life they are not able to travel around the world so they want to taste their cuisine preferably nearby, this is the main basis which motivates every chef to bring different cuisine beneath the same roof which will facilitate those consumers to save their time and can satisfy their desire simultaneously.

AC2.5 Recommendations on launch/implementation of new food concept

Before launching any new food concept it is advised that one must study the market to know the new customer as well as market trends that will affect their new product a lot. Proper study of latest trends can help to take better decisions regarding new food concept. Also, one must know the needs, wants and desire of their potential customers. Main aim of launching any new product is the complete satisfaction of the consumers and potential customers. Value analysis should be done properly which includes the observance of all internal and external factors which affects the production of product in the market. After value analysis one should also perform internal analysis to know their strengths, weakness, opportunities and threats. Pricing strategy should be decided in such a way that whether they wants a market penetration strategy or wanted to use skimming strategies.

AC2.6 Review performance in relation to developing and implementing new food concepts

It has been analysed that various concepts which are related with menu planning and development of product. For the better understanding of menu planning and its related development of product in the form of strategic process, for this extensive secondary research has been done . For the survival of long in the business, the approach of market oriented to new food service concept has to be summed up which seeks in the identification of market sections, which includes some alike inclination. Also well designed foods has depicted a smart way to business for expansion and maintenance of premiums. There should be feasibility study of the product to decide whether its performance in the market will be good or a failure and also identification of reasons which will restrict the growth and their elimination plays an important role for the development of new food concepts. For the development in the deprived performance among market related to fresh and well designed food where a stress has been laid on the direction of high stages for customer association and it also incorporates by the means of new food service processes which are necessary. For sustaining long , optimising research should be adopted which can further be utilised to produce some food designs which are precious .This would help to maintain the technological and R&D purpose with proper promotional strategies .


With the help of report it has been concluded that for deciding a recipe , menu planning and methods for services is immensely affected by various internal and external factors. For the development of product, numerous stages are conducted which includes monitoring and feedbacks.


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