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Strategic Workforce Planning

University: Australian Institute of Business

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Question :

This sample will let you know about:

  • Discuss about the strategic workforce planning.
  • Discuss about the SWOT analysis.
Answer :
Organization Selected : Qantas


Strategic workforce planning is known as getting the right people with right skills who can work within the company for accomplishing it's mission and vision. An organisation is able to overcome various business challenges like preparing for retirements, minimising the voluntary turnover, meeting diversity and closing the skill gaps. The following report includes the introduction of the company naming Qantas. This is the flag carrier of Australia and this is one of the largest airline by fleet size, international destinations and international flights. This is the third oldest airline in the world (AlDurgam, 2019). This airlines was founded in the year 1920. This report includes strategic workforce planning of this organisation.

Company overview

Qantas Airways Limited is an Airlines of Australia. This is one of the largest airline of Australia and this works upon international destinations and international flights (.Brown, D., Hirsh, and Reilly, 2019). This Airlines became international in the year 1935.

Strategic workforce planning

The strategic workforce planning is defined as the process for determining future labour demand and labour supply in a manageable manner both qualitative and quantitative by the human resource department of the company (Greene, 2020). The workforce planning is important for ensuring the aims and objectives of the company by utilising human resources effectively. The various factors which are used for examining complexity of workforce planning are type, size, product, type, future trends, number of employees, future trends, etc. a successful workforce planning aims to close the gaps between creation of plans and realisation of results. The workforce planning gaps depends upon three crucial factors naming people, process and technology (Wollmann, and Steiner, 2017). People are defined as employees whoa re working in the company and these are the most essential factor of the strategic workforce planning (Jaillet, Loke, and Sim, 2019). The strategic workforce planning for Qantas is described below-

Setting strategic planning – This step is involved in gathering all relevant information for the workforce planning. The executive team of Qantas has to provide annual and business plan. This includes demonstration of projected needs for attaining organisational goals.

Analysing the current workplace profile – All the employees and staff members are analysed on the basis of their skills and abilities. It is understood that setting out for identifying where frequent understaffing can occur within the company.

Develop an action plan - Company identifies strategies that can help in closing any gaps determined in the above step i.e. unskilled staff. Thus, Qantas airways has decided to invest in real time reporting software for helping in tracking employee productivity accurately (Ma, and Peverelli, 2019). This company is focusing on additional recruitment, in depth training and technological investments.

Implement the action plan – There is good collaboration between executive teams, It staff and middle management of Qantas for effective functioning of the company.

Monitor, evaluate and revise the plan – It is very important to monitor and evaluate the effectiveness of the plan, if there is any weakness in strategic planning then new plans are developed.

When the human resource planning is developed then there is need for considering three concepts people, technology and process (Page, and Gerstberger, 2019). The human resource planning process includes environmental scan, labour demand forecast, labour supply analysis, balancing demand and supply and drafting the plan. Need Assignment Samples?Talk to our Experts!

Environmental Scan

This is an essential step of HRP process. This includes identification of different factors which affects competitiveness of companies within the internal as well as external labour markets. The internal and external factors consists of demographic, legislative, economic, technology and social factors.

SWOT analysis This emphasises on analysing strength and weakness of the company within market.



  • The reputation of Qantas airlines within the world is very high as this airlines has sustained within market since 1920.
  • This Airlines is known for it's good quality service.
  • This is a profitable organisation.
  • This airlines organisation is facing problem due to unionisation.
  • This Airline is facing severe pressure to operating international flights.



  • There is lot of scope with Qantas airlines as the number of passengers in both business as well as economy class have increased (Neumann, and Vogt, 2018).
  • There are lowered depreciation costs and carbon tax and this has created opportunities for Qantas airline.

There is high competition in Airlines industry from different brands like Air France, British Airways, American Airlines, etc.


PEST analysis – This analysis is useful for the company to know what are the political factors that may cause hindrance in the functioning of an organisation. Other aspect include social factor i.e. consumer perception, demands and needs (Pepler, and Martell, 2019). Technological advancement are also an essential factor that contribute in smooth operating of an organisation. PEST analysis of Qantas is given below -



  • This company is known for it's healthy and good relation with foreign countries including China.
  • This company takes support from government in the cyclical airline industry.
  • The increase in oil price has affected growth of the company.
  • The hindrance in growth of Airlines industry is liberal aviation policy.



  • This company has very effective customer base as this is an old reputed organisation there are lot of potential customers of this company whose demands and needs are met.
  • There is presence of domestic partnerships in Australia for boosting Qantas customer base.
  • This airlines provide free WI Fi service to customers in Qantas and this increases customer satisfaction level.

Qantas airlines has minimal competition regarding the conducting of environmental scan because of the existing process, technology advancements and dedicated work. In this company, environmental scan is developed by HR planning team. Order assignment help from our experts!

Labour Demand Forecast

This is a way for estimating labour demand of future and this can be performed by using qualitative or quantitative methods. The qualitative method includes mathematically based statistical data. Quantitative method means expertise evaluation and judgement. The labour demanding forecasting is an ongoing cycle used for delivering feedback and enabling forecasts like labour supply analysis. Labour demand is a prediction and not a calculated fact as it is not possible to get 100% accurate prediction for future.




This means estimation of employee requirements that is dependent on results needed by company versus the number of employees required for attaining this.

Trend analysis

This is based on growth and decline of human resource. This is analysed by labour waste method.

Simulation/Scenario planning

This is a computerised technological based method that is included for creating complicated scenarios of future of human resource. Qantas airlines uses this in order to make recommendations for downturns, downsizing, external environmental changes & contracting.

The qualitative method for Qantas is described below -





Delphi Technique

According to this, there is requirement of solving problems in an effective manner and consulting experts for completing work. In this process, analysis of data is needed for identifying groups in effective manner. In this process, interview and survey are conducted for analysing issues perfectly.


Managerial Judgement

Some leaders and managers makes judgements in order to assess requirements and needs of labour. This is done by analysing old employee turnover and retention in the company.


Nominal group technique

This type of method is used for comparing predictions for analysing skills and abilities of employees.

Labour turnover percentage

Number of employees leaving X 100

Average number of employees

Because of the size of Qantas, advance computer based scenarios planning, trend analysis and multiple other techniques are relied upon for executing different calculations and predictions that are based on trends.

Labour Supply Analysis

Labour supply analysis within an organisation occurs when there is completion of labour demand forecast. This analysis uses both internal as well as external employees and these are recruited in the company for fulfilling vacant positions of the company. Qantas organisation analyses present employees of the company, their skills and abilities are identified so that managers know what is the exact need of labour skill within organisation. In context of Qantas, the employee turnover is suitable for transition of approaching new employees.

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Balancing supply and demand

The main aim of workforce planning is to hire the right kind of employees at right time. This process is involved in looking how employees with requisite qualifications are successfully attracted towards working in the company. Within Qantas, managers ad executives at top level are highly skilled and also the pilots hired by this airlines have to be well qualified. There are some challenges in labour demand forecasting and labour supply analysis of Qantas. In context of people, technology and process when a new scenarios is implemented in the human resource plan there are technological predictions and individual recommendations that arise in plan. This company is facing problem of decline in employees as well as unskilled labour which has resulted in decline of sales. There is need for Qantas to hire new employees who are skilled enough to work in this competitive market. Don't worry get assignment help london from UK's leading assignment helpers.

The main problem faced by manufacturers around all industry is difficulty of balancing demand with supply. The manufacturers are facing the challenge of determining what has to be made and how it has to be made. When any company is unable meet this challenge then there are a lot of consequence. The airlines organisation Qantas is reputed and well known organisation of Australia which is providing services to customers since many years. The main problem with this company is that it is not having skilled labour and staff that can attain organisational goals within given time frame. Thus, it is analysed that this airlines must work upon managing the hiring and recruiting process so that more number of employees come together for achieving targets. The supply of talented and skilled labour is less but demand is maximum in airlines industry. There must be proper management of all employees and staff and the existing staff must be provided training so that they can do work in proper manner.


From the above discussion, it is analysed that strategic workforce planning within an organisation is important as it helps to hire talented employees. The airline organisation is facing both internal as well as external challenges within the human resources. All organisations have human resource planning which enables in identifying future labour requirements. The HRP includes analysis of environmental scan such as SWOT and PESTEL, labour demand forecast (trend analysis) and Labour supply analysis (replacement chart). People, process & technology are the three factors implemented within organisations for ensuring that there is minimal planning gaps, developing planning process systematic and streamline, organised by leaders & managers as well as employees, utilising technology analytics for success of company.

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