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Nursing Essay

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This sample report will guide you through:

  • Introduction to Health promotion
  • Elaborating about Housing
  • Elaborating about Education, Income and employment
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Introduction to Health promotion

Health promotion is basically referred as the process of instigating and convincing people to choose a healthy lifestyle and manage their health on their own. In order to achieve this, various strategies need to be made and followed and the concerned bodies need to focus on providing proper education to the patients through counseling and other methods. The nursing practice has the main objective to focus on the promotion of health. The nurses have the recognition that the promotion of healthy lifestyles is the most effective way of achieving the elimination of diseases. There are people who are poor and cannot afford the medications. They can stay away from the diseases with the help of these promotions. The heath care units need to take care of the health promotions as these organizations can do the job the best. This will help in improving the overall health status of the society. The nurses need to identify their potential in this context and the educational programs need to be designed in accordance with that. It is very important to carry out the proper assessment of the health background of an individual so that the individual can be suggested the most appropriate lifestyle to stay healthy. Health education deals with the understanding of physical, mental as well as the emotional health of the individuals. Proper health education is capable of providing a correct direction to the life of the people as a healthy person is able to enjoy life to the fullest and therefore is able to live his life in a better manner. The young individuals having a positive mind frame are far lesser like to get involved in the unhealthy habits like smoking and drinking.

Adequate Health promotion and health education help the people to be able to choose the optimum lifestyle where they are indulged in healthy practices. The research and the proper information of the health of the public have a great impact on the health promotion provided to the indigenous families by the nurses. This is effective in achieving the better results in the context of the health of the people.


As per the research conducted, it was found that the health of the indigenous people of Australia is poor in comparison to the health of the other people of the country. It is observed that the lifespan of these residents is short and they likely to die at an age which is younger that the average age of death. The number of the people who are physically challenged is very high in this community and the percentage of the same is about 6% (NPHCP. 2017). In addition to this the, due to poor health conditions, the people who are in their 60s, do face problems in carrying out their daily activities and therefore require the assistance for the same. After having analyzed the health behaviors of the people, it was established that they were highly engaged in the unhealthy practices which have been the reason for the deteriorated level of their health. Speaking of the smoking habits of the people, every two out of 5 individuals, was prone to the smoking habits. The age of these people was found to be 15 and more with the people of the age range of 25 to 34 were the people with the highest rate of smoking habits. It was also found that the level of alcohol consumption was very high in the indigenous people and this was another factor which had an adverse effect on their health. Other that this, the people also suffer from problems like obesity. The nutritional information of the people was also evaluated and it was established that they do consume the adequate amount of fruits and vegetables which was a positive sign regarding their health (HealthInfoNet. 2017). It can be drawn that the overall health condition of these people can be rated on the negative side and thus proper measures need to be taken in order to improve the health conditions of these people. This can be done by educating them that they need to stay healthy and therefore need to change their daily habits accordingly.

Critique and discussion

The health of the people depends on several factors which do have a great impact on their daily life and living habits. These factors also have a deep impact on the behavior of the people and the decisions made by them. The specific factors involved in this case are discussed hereby:


The majority of the people stay in the rented houses in the areas which are overcrowded. As per Stewart & Wild (2014), these types of places have a negative effect on the health of the children. Such places are expected to be very noisy and the noise may disturb the rest of the children. The children who do not get the appropriate amount of rest are liable to inculcate negative behaviors due to the unsound and disturbed mental environment. This often affects their behavior. Moreover, the people residing in these places are also vulnerable to various diseases as hygiene is rarely maintained in these places (Boulware et al. 2016). Also, the lack of privacy in the overcrowded housing environment leads to an increase in the stress level in the residents which ultimately affects their health. If you want to ace your Rationalism assignment help then without a second thought, seek our services.


The level of education is fairly low in the people of this community. According to Dimaggio (2013), they do not have the adequate level of education and therefore are unaware of several facts regarding the health. If the people are properly educated, they would be able to distinguish the healthy habits from the unhealthy ones. It may be the case that the people are completely ignorant of the negative effects of smoking and drinking which may the reason that they are highly indulged in these habits (Bowes & Grace, 2014) They need to be properly educated about the health and hygiene requirements so that they can lead a healthy life by making simple changes in the style of living.

Income and employment:

The individuals belonging to the indigenous community are found to have a very low income. The employment rate for these people is also very low. In the words of Tones, Robinson & Tilford (2013), this is the driver to many factors affecting the health. The people with a low income are unable to afford proper housing and therefore are compelled to live in rented houses in unsuitable places. This brings long all the risks associated with such living places. Further, the low income is also a barrier to the education as the people are unable to get the education which has a very high cost. This is the cause of the number of uneducated people in the community. As said by Harris (2013), the provision of proper employment and the optimum level of income will be beneficial in mitigating a number of health issues in these people.

These are some of the issues which have an adverse effect on the well-being of the people and the solutions to these problems must be determined as soon as possible in order to enhance the overall quality of life.


The health professionals need to establish proper communication with the people in order to achieve the successful goals in terms of the promotion of health. They should make the indigenous people understand the needs to maintain a proper health and also make them aware of the consequences of the unhealthy habits. This can be achieved with the help of Health Care partnership model. This is designed by the health organization and is generally called as the NPHCP. The main objective of this model is to provide the proper mechanisms for the reformation and the improvement of the health care provided to the people. This model must also provide the proper advice regarding the issues related to health. It should also create a forum where the health related issues can be discussed and the solutions can be found for the same. This should also help in forming the strategies for providing proper health education to the people. The model focuses on enhancing the sector involved healthcare by focusing on the needs of the customer and providing them with the services accordingly. The care providers should be provided proper training for achieving the purpose. A point of contact is available which can be approached for getting any kind of information.


It is concluded that it is very important to provide the people with the proper education on the health and the need to stay healthy. Avail of the best online assignment help UK and providing nursing assignment help to the UK students. They need to be influenced to adopt the healthy habits in their daily life. It has been found that the health conditions of the indigenous families are not up to the mark. There are several reasons for this. These issues have been identified and the proper strategies need to be designed for the effective promotion of the healthy habits. One such step has been taken by the government of Australia by the means of NPHCP. This is a model which is highly helpful in achieving this objective. It provides a platform for the discussion of these issues and all the people can avail the information regarding these issues by getting associated with this model. Hence, it is also concluded that the nursing training to the doctors and nurses who are involved in the health care practices needs to be provided.

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