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Nursing process related to Mr Taylor and Falls

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This sample will answer the following question:

  • Introduction to Nursing Process
  • Important concepts of nursing
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Introduction to Nursing Process

Nursing can be defined as profession within the health care sector that emphasis on the care of person, family units and communities so they can keep, achieve and regain optimum health and quality of life. It is important aspect that helps in encouraging sound health, safeguard of illness and the care for sick, physically challenged and dying individuals. From the provided case scenario, it has been identified that Mr Taylor is 97 years old individual having multiple inherent health conditions. The individual is suffering from diabetes, hypertension,angina, myocardial infarction, osteoarthritis. In addition to this, due to improper care and negligence Mr Taylor has fallen in it home, yard resulting into many injuries, bruises etc. With the effective nursing, proper care can be provided to Mr Taylor which will help them in coping with illness. In this report, clear understanding will be shown regarding the nursing process for Mr Taylor.

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Task 1

It is important concept that help in defining the perception of care workers and organization about the nature of the nursing activities and thus provide grounds for various actions.

Person Centred Care

It can defined as method of perceiving and performing things that sees the individual using services of health and care as equivalent partners in developing and observing care to ensure it match their expectations and requirement. The main benefit of person centred care is that it help in empowering the individual facing health issues.

Holistic Care

It can be refereed as nursing practice that has objective of healing the whole person as its objective and not just diagnosing their body and particular physical symptoms.

Nursing Process of Care

It is objective care directed method of caring that renders a framework to nursing care. It further includes assessment, diagnosing, outcome identification and planning, implementation and evaluation.

Task 2

Person centred care

It is important concept that will help in putting Mr Taylor and its families at the centre of decision making process by viewing them as professed,working alongside experts to get the best results. It will help in providing proper care to MR Taylor so as to maintain their dignity, independence and choice. Since, MR Taylor wants to stay receive services at his home, person centred care will help in ensuring it well-being and respect the decision of patient.

Holistic care

It is a broad concept that relates to all-inclusive and total care of the patient in various areas, like, physical, emotional, social, mentally and psychologically. It is important concept that will help in improving the recovering capacity of Mr Taylor. Since, MR Taylor may be depressed about the loss of its wife and absence of closed one , the holistic care will help in improving its psychological status which is also beneficial for its overall health.

Nursing process

It will help in providing systematic care to Mr Taylor that will help in recovering from various disease. By assessment process, proper information about health conditions of Mr Taylor can be obtained. The diagnosis will help in ascertaining the issues faced by him along with diseases such as anxiety, poor nutrition etc. The planning step will help in setting health objectives for Mr Taylor such as use of wheelchair to facilitate movement and prevent fall. Thereafter, implementation step will help in providing care as per the plan.

Task 3

According to the given scenario, Mr Taylor is considered a higher risk for falls because he is not well and suffering from several health issues. However, he is living apart from family so he can get good quality of care services for recovering his health. Though, he is having his wife but she is also suffering from health issues owing to this, Mr. Taylor cannot stay at home. By assessing the history of William Taylor, it has been found that he injured from February fall and got his left shoulder tears. Similarly, February fall injury consists of bruising left elbow, knee as well skin torn from left leg. On the other hand, because of 6 stairs in house he fall many times during rainy season. Owing to this, Taylor can get appropriate services in term of community nurse. At this juncture, community nurse can be appointed for care of Taylor so she will help him to move from home and return to the same.

At the same time, assistive technology can be used in care home through which clear communication will be ensured among patient. Here, Mr. Taylor can get to know about the care to be taken while passing from stairs and doing any other work. Moreover, nursing staff can ensure best care by granting proper support for patient like Mr. Taylor. However, he is in need of socialization because all of his family members return back to home and he is living alone. Therefore, only remedy to assess Mr. Taylor at home is to appointment of nurse. Here, care plan can be made for him and accordingly daily activities can be completed. The important thing is that nurse will help him to move from one to another room as well as to outside of the home. It aids to ensure safety of patient and in the same manner, he can be assessed in an effectual manner.

Task 4

The care plan of Mr Taylor can be prepared by focusing upon health history and its potential impact on falls risk. According to the given scenario, Mr. Taylor is at great risk of falls and he is injured many time. However, he is suffering from Type 2 Diabetes which was diagnosed in the age of 63 years and hypertension as well as other related diseases are also added in the list. As per the given history it can be stated that due to having issue of diabetes, problem of healing is faced. Here, it is very important to follow the care plan of Taylor effectively so fall risk can be prevented. This will be effective to provide appropriate support and diseases can be tackled. However, community nurse is appointed for patient so that risk of falls will be reduced to a significant level. Moreover, by taking into account history of patient palliative care approach is applied for providing protection to Mr. Taylor and his family from the life threatening illness. Here, specially trained team consisting doctors, nurses and social workers are included in order to ensure protection as well as safety of both Elizabeth and Mr. Taylor. This will be effective to reduce the falls risk otherwise health history reflects that it will have direct impact on falls risk.

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Task 5

The nursing intervention can be undertaken by SN through which falls risk can be prevented to a great extent. Here, cardiovascular illness can be identified and treated effectively in order to resolve issue of falls to some level. This will be effective for patient to take care while moving from one to another room. Furthermore, osteoporosis can be detected and treated with inclusion of appropriate doctor or therapists. It proves to be effective for nursing staff to ensure good health of patient and accordingly provide them right kind of treatment. In addition to this, any kind of eyesight issue occurring with Mr. Taylor can be identified so that appropriate remedy like providing right glasses can be ensured. Not only this, other kind of intervention such as offering safer footwear and access to walking aids can be ensured. Similarly, light exercise can be suggested by SN so to make Mr. Taylor healthy and active which in turn further fall will be presented to a great extent. SN can also discuss the other health professionals who are expert in the same field. It will be effective to understand specific practices which in turn patient can be safer and active. However, other family members can be included in the care plan so they will assist Mr. Taylor to move out of house or for other activities. Therefore, it will be made possible through inclusion of skilled and knowledgeable team of health professionals. Moreover, it important to inform Mr. Taylor about their care plan so he can be comfortable to follow the communicate rules.

Task 6

There are various ways which can be used in order to evaluate the key interventions which has been identified in the above mentioned report. It can be stated that the process of evaluation is considered as the last and final stage of the entire nursing process. Further, it supports in determining the fact that whether strategies and interventions developed has been able to provide accurate outcomes or not. The process of evaluation consists of three major areas which are identifying criteria and standards, collecting evaluation data and interpreting the findings. Apart from this, feedback will be taken for the same by nursing department and possible improvement will be recorded. Accordingly, appropriate changes will be made to the existing plan which prevent from falls.


From the above report, it can be concluded that nursing is profession for providing care to the Mr Taylor. It will help in safe guarding him from various falls and thus promote its health, prevent disease and thus provide effective care. The term holistic care will have objective of healing the whole person. The nursing process will focus on organized process that can be adopted to render best care to Mr Taylor. and if you are facing any issue with your assignment help London task then take our nursing assignment help service at affordable prices.


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