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NURS 438 Integrated Nursing Care of the Adult Patient

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Question :

This assessment will cover the following questions:

  • The role and responsibilities of Community Health Nurses in educating the public about vaccination issues.
  • What are the strategies in order to address vaccination problems.
  • How community health nursing focuses on strategies regarding the prevention, promotion as well as the health maintenance in order to ensure the well-being of the entire community.
Answer :


Integrated care of nurse give appropriate and specific guidance to individual patient by which they can involve in their own health and improves the quality of life. Integrated care of the patient having UTI infection seeks to improve the health condition and full fill the needs of patient. Onyeka patient (change name) has type 1 diabetes which is well controlled  with insulin. For providing better care support integrated care is provided to the patient which can helps them  to reduce their stress give right medication and medical treatment.  As patient has not got the antibiotics which results in increasing the abdominal pain and they get hospitalized (Schwartz, 2018). Nurse helps them in treating her with effective medication and monitor them  which can reduce the stress and anxiety of patient.



Nurse should have to use effective communication which can helps in making strong relation and interaction with the patient. Nurses uses the different strategies and models which include transmission, interaction and transaction model which can helps in making effective relationship with patient  which can improves the quality of life and patient can aware about their  health condition. By making effective communication relationship with patient nurses adopted different strategies which incudes non verbal communication and verbal communication in which nurses treated patient with eye contact, facial expression and simple language  and with polite voice by which patient can interact more easily and share their needs and requirements with nurse. Applying effective communication strategies helps in analysing the patient satisfaction and involve patient to make right decision in their own treatment  (Grech, Depares and Scerri,  2018).

Nurses and patient relationship is more essential in healthcare because it reduce the stress of patient and they can prevent them from illness. Nurse  should have to  pay more attention  to understand the issues and concern of patient and  nurses should have to show kindness and empathy towards the patient concern. There are many communication barriers which make obstruction between patient and nurse and does not deliver the right information with nurses and patient (Younas and Sundus, 2018). Communication barriers between nurses and patient are languages in which patient and nurse unable to understand each other. There are some factor which influences the patient confidence and beliefs such patient having more anxiety  and fear towards their health condition and they are unable to share their feelings with nurse. Healthcare environment is also the communication barrier which causes the misunderstanding between nurse and patient. Nurses should have to treat patient and their relatives with respect and dignity by which patient and other family members  aware and easily share their concern and issues during treatment. Environment of hospital organisation give positive energy to the patient which can reduce the patient stress and they feel more comfort and energetic by environment. Effective communication skills and strategies are beneficial for nurses  because it makes easily to analyse the needs and requirements of patient (Schmidt and et. al.,  2020).Using open communication strategies helps to encourage patient about their health condition and aware them to take right decision. Respectful communication between nurses and patient can reduce uncertainty, enhance patient engagement in decision making towards their own treatment and improves patient adherence to medication. Different strategies and communication models  are helpful for nurses in supporting patient by emotional, social and increase the patient satisfaction.Need Dissertation help? Take expert help!

Psychological Response

The psychological response is basically a mental response to an injury. As different variables may influences the things such as injury duration as well as recovery. For instance anger, depression, motivation as well as frustration. In case of Onyeka, she feel frustrated as well as depressed due to financial instability. In order to cope from her psychological problem she should have to socialise with her friends or family (Nascimento and et. al., 2019). She need to share her feeling or emotion to her friends or family. As due to so much responsibility burden such as child, mother's health as well as studying can build a stress. As she always work hard and sleep late night, not able to share her problem. These causes her to stressed more. Because of multiple work she forget to drink water for a whole day which causes her to get a UTI infections.

The coping strategies is basically the behaviours, thoughts as well as the emotion which can be use to adjust the changes which may occur in an individuals life. As Onyeka is having an anxiety problem.

As per author Lyn chan, it is the most common emotion to burst out while dealing with daily stress or problem which Onyeka feel now. But when these emotion start remaining persistent, excessive or irrational then it can affect the person's ability to function and it become a disorder. So it is recommended to a person to stay calm, implement regular exercise, relaxation techniques as these strategies can be effective in reducing anxiety or emotional well-being.Want essay help? Take expert help!

The other psychological problem a Onyeka is experience is depression.  

As per author Lynn chan, it is a habit of low mood which last for long period of time and affecting Onyeka everyday life. It is mainly triggered by a mixture of genetic, psychological as well as environmental factors (Kaasa and Loge, 2018). There is study which notice that the risk of becoming depressed can be huge due to life events such as poverty, death of loved one, physical illness as well as abuse. In case of Onyeka, she feel depressed due to financial instability. The symptoms may include loss of interest in activities, loss of appetite, becoming easily agitated as well as feelings worthlessness all the time. Some coping strategies were recommended to deal with depression such as recommended to take talk therapy with a trained counsellor and psychotherapist, implement regular exercise, sometimes an antidepressants drugs are prescribed but it is not recommended for the use of treating children. So in case of Onyeka an antidepressant drugs is not prescribed to be used because she had a 2 year old child. Some talk therapy or regular exercise were recommended for Onyeka depression treatment.

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The Holistic Role of the Nurse

The evidence based practice which can helps in maintaining the  psychological response of patient having anxiety , stress due to their health condition. Patient facing many difficulties because they have UTI infection due to which they feel more stress and anxiety. Progressive muscle relaxation (PMR) is a technique  for reducing the stress and anxiety by alternately and relaxing the muscle. Holistic nurses plays and essential role in managing the psychological response which is stress and anxiety  by active listening and developing effective communication with patient which can reduce their stress (Puchalski and et. al.,  2020). For managing the psychological response of patient nurses give effective medication to the patient  so that patient feel comfort and less distress. Nurses apply various interventions and strategies which can helps in bringing changes in patient behaviour and action. Holistic nurses adopted various strategies which can improves the behaviour and emotions of the patient and it can improves and maintain their psychological skills.

According to the policies and NICE guidelines holistic nurses play and essential role in treating and managing psychological response of patient  by developing effective interaction and give right medication to the patient by which they can cope up with their diseases. According to the research paper helps nursing staff by which nurses adopted various strategies which can prevent patient from anxiety and stress. According to the NICE guidelines different protocols and strategies helps nurses to give right medication treatment to the patient. These protocols and  interventions reduce the negative impact psychological response within the patient. Holistic nurses provide the provision care to patient which include the mutual understanding between nurses and patient about emotional, physical and psychological(Maffoni and et. al., 2019). Holistic nurses focus on healthcare of patient and involved patient in their own  treatment. Looking for assignment help? Take experts help!


From the above discussion, it is concluded that nurses plays an essential role in promoting well-being among the patient having depression, and stress due to health issues and concerns. Nurses  make an effective relationship and interaction with patient which can helps nurses to analyse the patient health condition and their satisfaction towards treatment. Nurses encourage patient to get aware about their own health and make right decision to reduce their stress and anxiety. There are various communication barriers which occurs between nurses and patient due to language barrier by which right information unable to deliver and creates misunderstanding.  Appropriate communication strategies improves the patient health outcomes and increases the patient satisfaction. Effective communication is beneficial for patient because it can helps patient to cope up with their diseases and make right decision. Nurses aware patient and provide them social and emotional support which can reduce their stress and make them more comfortable.


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