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HLSU195 Integrated Nursing Care of the Adult Patient

University: The London College

  • Unit No: 22
  • Level: High school
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  • Paper Type: Dissertation
  • Course Code: HLSU195
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Question :

This assessment will cover the following questions:

  • What are the key importance of care at professional and personal level.
  • State the communication skills which is used by the nursing staff with the patients and generate the complete schedule of the patient and its relativity with the developing health issue.
  • Provide knowledge about how an infectious disease can impact psychological health of an individual and what measures can be taken to manage the psychological response caused due to disease.
Answer :


This assignment is about practices performed and care provided by nursing staff to the Adult patient suffering from UTI due to dehydration as well the patient is running on Insulin as she has diabetic problem too. The essay is about a scenario of a adult Nigerian patient  aged 27 years who is been admitted to a medical ward due to sepsis in urinary pathway. She is a student and studying physiotherapy and also a mother of a 2 year old child. Due to busy schedule she does not seems to take care of herself and now suffering from infection (Baxter and et. al., 2018). Now it is the duty of nursing staff to provide her effective treatment and care as well support her emotionally and physically. Major concept in the essay is the importance of care at professional and personal level. Inability to take care of self can lead to mental stress and physical problems which can interfere with routine practices as in case of Onyeka in given case study. NMC code of ethics instruct strictly to not breach the privacy and confidentiality of the patient in any case exceptional when family demands that too only with the concern of that specific individual or in the case of an medical or legal emergency. Hence the given case study is a fictional one which does not provide reference to any reality-based incidence. I have given the complete and clear introduction on the basis of asked scenario (Jones and et. al., 2019).



Communication skills used by nursing staff in this case includes; Verbal communication, Active listening, Presentation skills, Written communication, Making Personal Connections and Trust. It can help nurse to openly communicate with the patient and know about the problem and complete schedule of the patient and its relativity with the developing health issue. Along with verbal and non-verbal communication; it is important to have advanced communication skills in nurses within their profession for which it is important to have the quality of self-awareness, insight to understand the needs and responses of other people, willingness to listen and ability to think logically. Relevant barriers possible to exist between nurses and patient are; lack of privacy, competing demands and background noise. Communication ability of patients may  also impacted by their medication, condition, pain and anxiety (Krocová, Prokešová and Horová, 2019). Another barriers are perceptual language, gender, cultural, interpersonal barrier, etc. Different beliefs and cultural values of the patient and nurses can lead to misunderstanding and misinterpretation of shared information. Patients who does not like to share their problems with anyone openly may get hesitated with the lack of privacy or presence of people which can results in sharing incomplete or inappropriate information. It is important to acknowledge pain, discomfort and stress of the patient because pain can reduce concentration. This is why it is important to practice effective communication strategies that can help the healthcare professional to address emotional and clinical needs of the patients. Nurse-patient communication is secured by strong interpersonal relationships. But it might be a challenging task for the nurses to build interpersonal relationship with every patient due to heavy workload. But it has been indicated in many researches that small changes can help to manage existing workflows.

The nurses must ensure that patient must understand and engage in their care plans. This may be included in Health literacy in which nurses ensure that patent understand the concept or set of instructions and can take care of themselves in absence of nurse effectively (Li,  Sun, and Tang, 2021). Strategy helps to improve the communication and patient outcome by reduce the chances of any misunderstanding between the professional and the patient. It allows patient to openly discuss the problems and causes with the nurse without any hesitation and fear of infringement of privacy and confidentiality. In this case study; interpersonal relationship and verbal communication is definitely a effective strategy as Onyeka can openly discuss her problem with lady nurse without any hesitation. Proper interaction helps the patient to reduce the mental stress by sharing all the burden of family and professional life with nurse. Nurse can help Onyeka by giving her antibiotics and advice her proper schedule of drug administration. Nurse can advice her to drink water and mark reminders to do it on regular interval of time. Advantages of advanced communication is that it will allow the patient to feel comfortable with nurse which can be helpful in providing proper care and treatment to the patient. Limitation of the communication skills are majorly the barriers of communication like dissatisfaction with one's services, lack of transparency and trust, differences in culture and language, inability to listen each other, etc.

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Sudden changes in behaviour, mood and increase in symptoms may indicate psychological response of the infection (Park and et. al., 2020). An individual can be observed to be affected with sleeping issues, confusion, depression, irritation, anxiety, restlessness and agitation. In given case study; Onyeka have a stressful life due to difficulty in managing between studies, job, baby care, diabetes and financial burden. Stress can make an individual vulnerable to infections and other illness as stress can harm immune system. It can trigger urinary tract symptoms. Recurrent urinary tract infection can affect quality of life of the patient which can even lead to cause depression and anxiety. During UTI; a person can feel urge to urinate continuously with sense of pain and burning while try to urinate. This can cause irritation to the individual and low down their mood. The continual inflammation from the infection leads in shrunken the bladder that increase the  frequency of urination and pain which can even interfere with sexual activity and may lead to depression. Coping strategy are the thoughts, behaviours and emotions used by someone to manage the changes in a positive manner takes place in life. Strategy that can be adopted in response to psychological problem includes the practice of pelvic floor exercise. The abdominal muscles which provide support to bladder, pelvis and urethra are referred to pelvic floor muscles. This exercise can help restrengthen these muscles and improve the symptoms of urinary incontinence. Yoga and physical exercise helps to deal with mental stress and anxiety (Sakurai and et. al., 2019). Some other coping strategies or tips can be adopted by an individual along with medications includes; consumption of plenty of water in order to remove bacteria, increase intake of Vitamin C and prefer to use heating pads. These coping strategies can proved to be effective for the patient discussed in literature because she has a busy life schedule; so yoga and exercise can help her to release tension and stress. Consumption of water is important for the patient as due to busy and tight schedule she does not remember to drink water.

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Interventions to manage psychological response includes; encourage patient to drink as much fluids as she can, encourage patient to get involved in physical exercise and yoga. It is important to advice patient to manage personal and professional life which might help her to reduce stress and anxiety. Pelvic floor exercise can help to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles as well can help to prevent urine from leaking. In UTI; regular urge to urinate can cause confusion due to which leaking of urine is a common thing to observe. It can also lead to prevent the accidental gas or stool and even help to improve sense of orgasm. Psychological interventions can be effective as they improve the quality of life which can contribute to improve overall outcome of health in case of UTI. Psychological intervention strategies can broadly be classified into cognitive, humanistic, motivational, behavioural, psychodynamic, systemic, social and environmental (Song and Tang, 2019). Psychological intervention is defined as the relationship which aims to adapt a better adaptation of the individual to a given situation and hence optimise personal resources relevant to self-knowledge, autonomy and self-help (van Belle and et. al., 2020).


From above discussion it has been concluded that in the given case study; patient suffering from UTI has a busy and tight schedule in routine life. Lack of drinking water in her body leads to cause dehydration. Dehydration make her suffer with urinary tract infection. From this article; we have gained knowledge about how an infectious disease can impact psychological health of an individual and what measures can be taken to manage the psychological response caused due to disease. The article helps to gain understanding about role of nurses in providing care to the patient. Types of communication and effective strategies can be adopted to make communication effective between nurse and the patient.Looking for essay help?Talk to our experts!


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