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Chronicity and Palliative Care Nursing

University: Albion College – London

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  • Level: Ph.D./Doctorate
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Question :

This assessment will cover the following questions:

  • Introduction of Palliative Approach.
  • Discusses the importance of providing nursing care reflecting a palliative approach.
  • Compare and contrast the challenges and benefits of Community and Acute hospitals.
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Palliative approach is very significant in health and social care setting as it enable to improve the living standard of patients who are suffering from such severe diseases and illnesses. Here the health and social care settings try to identify the disease of patients at early stage and suggest cure to prevent the disease to become dangerous situation. Here in this report the effect of adopting the palliative approach has been shown in very significant manner (Secker, 2005). Different aspects of palliative treatment has been taken into special considerations and it just allow to understand the concepts in detailed manner.

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Discusses the importance of providing nursing care reflecting a palliative approach for a person and their family in different settings in Australia.

Nursing care is something which is very significant with a view of registering the responses related to health, social and emotional aspects of the patients and provides the important outcomes about the progress of patients health. Nurses feel the problems or health improvement of patients very closely and they got associated with different aspects of their health very closely. Nurses give priority to the fact that the situation of patients could be affected through various factors may be their beliefs, values, culture, emotional level surroundings or nearby environment etc. All the aspects are required to be analyzed properly so that the main aim of palliative care could be achieved.

Health is something which provides huge level of confidence to any person. The mental, physical or emotional health could be highly beneficial to avail the real comfort of life. Nurses actually helps in variety of aspects. Under the concept of palliative approach the role of communication is very huge. As mentioned above that the role of nurses is not only restricted towards talking care of patients only they have to understand their emotions and behavioral aspects as well. It might help on the ground of providing the confidence to the patients. The proper interaction helps with a view of eradicating the sense of fear and allow patients to share their experience. It is essential to understand that sense of fear could be easily eliminated if the nurses are able to deal with anxious thought process of patients. They can deal with their depression and negative thoughts by keeping them confident and emotionally strong. Ahead it is also clear that the patients get into the communication process and they can share their experiences with nurses (Martin, 2010). The main aim of palliative approach is to remove the negative thoughts so that the recovery could be better and treatment could be delivered in proper manner. For the same purpose the nursing care can play a crucial role in interacting with patients.

In palliative care the communication can help immensely in changing the attitude level of nurses. It gives different kind of responsibility to the nursing staff and they need to justify with their roles and responsibilities. It is something that can help in attaining the main aims and objectives of the palliative care. Further it shows its impact in improving the quality of life of patients. It is to acknowledge that the major importance of nursing care is related to provide comfortable and ease living at the last stage of their life. It is something that might definitely put its impact at the essential behaviors of the nurse wile palliative care. The major factor is that there is requirement of ensuring the convenience in every activity. Further the irritated and frustrated behavior of the patients must be handled by the nurses in proper and effective manner. The patients could remain angry and depressed due to their physical and mental health disturbance. It might affect the positive thought process and foster the bright side of life. Thus these behavioral aspects must be inherited into the nurse. The trust factor could be developed if these aspects are available within the personality trait of nurses. The patients put their trust on nursing staff and the level of care also increased immensely (Millar, 2012). Ahead it is to acknowledge that the trust and interaction level both has positive connections with each another. Once nursing staff is able to understand the emotional aspects of patients then they can definitely deal with the need and requirements of patients. The priorities could be set for the patients by nurses, another main aim of palliative nursing care.  It has been noticed that the role of nurses is very huge in handling the patients as their skill set allow them to minimize the pain and suffering of patients. They stay with patients till the end of life, under the palliative care approach, so it just maximize the level of peace for patients. Good nursing is not restricted towards handling the patients but also it involves delivering the love and affection till the end along with ensuring the proper medication and treatment facilities. Thus these are some of the major factors that could be treated as importance of providing the nursing care against the palliative care (Eby, 2000).

Compare and contrast the challenges and benefits of Community and Acute hospitals when providing nursing care reflecting a palliative approach for a person and their family receiving palliation.

The major challenges that could be experienced in the palliative care nursing that it is more tough with the perspective of handling the patients. In such kind of situations the mood swings and emotional turbulence could be noticed at very large scale. It is to acknowledge that it might enable people to get support from nursing staff. But for the same purpose the nursing staff has to give their contribution up to the highest extent. The challenges could be faced with respect to the improper communication also. New nursing staff can face some troubles in dealing with the communication barriers. It is never easy to understand the emotional and behavioral aspects of patients who are suffering from such kind of diseases and illnesses (Edwards and  Holt, 2008). The nursing staff is supposed to be patient so that the accurate results could be provided in front of society. While dealing with patients there is requirement of handling the variety of people who are associated with the patients. The family need more moral support as they must be put into the relaxed and confident environment. The nursing staff has to take the responsibility up to the highest extent. It is something that could be treated as major challenge in palliative care nursing. In palliative care nursing the community centers can also provide their services so that the benefits to the needy patients could be provided. It is to acknowledge that there could be various set ups for the purpose of disseminating the palliative nursing care. Most importantly there is huge requirement of understanding that every set up or health care unit might work in different manner but their ultimate goal is thinking for the benefits of patients. Another challenge is that the nurses might not be influenced by some sort of disbelief (Fisher, 2005). If it is possible so then it can definitely create problems with respect to managing with the patients. It is never easy to deliver the better services along with the some discriminatory attitude and beliefs. The nurses has to work for the benefits of employees by eliminating the thought process of any issue or problem. It is something that might create troubles on the ground of gaining the trust level of employees. In order to manage with trust factor it is essential to focus upon the improvement in communication. Again the element of communication gain huge priority. It might include sharing of experiences, inter personal communication, freedom to express, eradicating the sense of fear and most importantly understanding the emotions and gestures (Ford, 2010). The gestures are very significant as it helps with the perspective of fulfilling the needs and requirements of the customers. It is essential to explain that without getting the access to the gestures and emotional aspects it could be troubling in maintaining the healthy relationship till the end. Thus these are certain possible challenges of palliation care nursing and these aspects are required to be eradicated with immediate effect.

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Palliative care has been recognized as a  specialized health care field  by Australian health-care authorities. It is all about improving the  quality of life of patients and families who are suffering from  life-threatening illness. The study concludes that in order to align with the palliative care approach there is need of ensuring the ethical values and approaches within the behavioral aspects as it can help in building the healthy patient-nurse relationship (Phillips and Morgan, 2014). While palliative approach there is huge requirement of focusing upon the care of patient. The feedback or the responses of nurses could be treated as highly important as it helps in providing the fair treatment to the patients. For the same purpose the health and social care setting need to take some actions so that the challenges could be handled properly. It could be done through providing high level of education to the nursing staff (Burau and Blank, 2006). Ahead the training sessions could also provided to the staff with regard to handle the people suffering from critical diseases.

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