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B94044 A Patchwork Assignment on Communication Skills in Nursing

University: The London Institute of Banking & Finance

  • Unit No: 8
  • Level: High school
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  • Paper Type: Dissertation
  • Course Code: B94044 
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Question :

 This assessment will cover the following questions:

  • State the impact and effectiveness of Non-verbal communication including eye contact and touch.
  • What are the needs of active listening skills in nursing which includes being attentive and paraphrasing?
  • Generate the use of interpreters which can be helpful to provide better communication between patient and nursing staff.
Answer :


To deliver better and effective healthcare services,there in need to use good communication within healthcare. Nursing staff should use effective communication as a communication skill that can help them to interact with patient and understand patient's concern and their opinion. Thiscan be effective to deliver appropriate health care services for their improved health. In healthcare services,there is need to ensure that patient should receivethe quality of care services for their improved health. There is needto learn about effective communication. In thisreport, thereis discussion about non-verbal communication which include eyecontact and touch(Claytonet. al., (2019)). There is also discussion about active listening skills which includes paraphrasing and being attentive. This report also includes communicating with someone with English as an additional language which includes cultural consideration and use of interpreters.

Non-verbal communication including eye contact and touch

Non-verbal communication in nursing can be effective which may include facial expression, silence, close physical proximity and touch. This is the one that can include better interaction with patient without facilitating listening. This can be helpful to develop intuition, empathy and presence between patient and nurse. Non-verbal communication can be effective for nursing staff to communicate with patient and established communication without use of verbal communication. This can be effective and allow nursing care professionals to deliver better understanding and delivery of effective care services for their improve health (Leighet. al., (2020)).

Eye contact is a very important component of the body language and is also an important aspect of developing understanding with the other person. Visual communication has the ability to convey even those messages that cannot be delivered through verbal communication. When talking specifically of interaction between a patient and a nursethrougheye contact can plays an important role to develop trust on the health care provider.Maintaining eyecontactwith the patient helps nurses to build a friendly relationship with the patient which is very important for efficient health care service delivery. It also gives an impression to the patient that the nurses are taking care of their health related issues. This can also enable them to feel included in delivery of their healthcare treatment and services. Through eye contact nurses can building trust in the patients. Eye contact can even be used to express emotions of empathy, interest and hostility towards the patient(Marufuet. al., (2021)).

Eyecontactis also necessary to maintain the flow of conversation with the patient which is important for understanding all the aspects of patient illness and providing most relevant care. Focusing on the patient and maintaining eyecontactcan even help the health care provider to read patient's facial expression and to analyse them to interpret it.Certain patients are made conscious with the eye contact or they get uncomfortable with someone looking at them. So this is the responsibility of the health professional to analyse the body language of the patient and act accordingly. Therefore, nurses need to maintain positive and humble eyecontactwith the patients.Need assignment help?Dont worry! Talk to our experts.

Non-verbal communication is a way of communication includes facial expressions, posture, body language, appearance, gestures and eye contact. Non-verbal communication can be sometimes more powerful than words(Afriyie, (2020)). In the nursing field it is a better way to communicate with patients and reinforce spoken words.Touch is often the quickest way to communicate, especially when expressing feelings and emotions. Touch is an instinctive form of communication through which one can deliver information instantly. In practice of nursing, there are many activities involved regarding human physical contact like bathing, changing clothes, provide support during lifting and walking, feeding, washing and dressing etc. Whennursing stafftouches a patient to prevent them from endangering themselves is referred as protective touch. The conceptual structure of physical touch in nursing activities intentionally reflects caring. Some studies have shown that touch have a calming and relaxing response for patients both pre and post operative. It reduces anxiety, aids in pain relief, provide moral support and physical support, promotes sleep and reduces swelling. Touch can be categorized into three main areas like expressive, instrumental and protective. Nursing health professionals must maintain appropriate touch boundaries with patients. A type of touch known as expressive touch includes holding hand of dying patient or placing hand on someone's shoulder to give a feeling of assurance and enthusiasm. This is probably the most important form of touch to develop a therapeutic relationship with the patient(Kinget. al., (2021)).

Active listening skills which include paraphrasing and being attentive

Active listening is highly effective within the delivery of health care services. For proper communication with someone there is need to keep focus on other words and sentences which are known as message (Geraghtyet. al., (2021)). There is need for proper communication between patient and nursing staff. To establish proper communication with patient,there is need to ensure that nursing staff should learn about the active listening. This can help them to pay attention towards the patient about what they are saying. This can be effective and can allow interpretingpatient shared informationmore effectively. Nursing staff should use their active listening skill to interpret patient shared information about their health-related issues. This can help nursing staffto focus on the patient and their shared information that can be helpful to deliver quality and effective health care services(Colemanet. al., (2019)). Active listening may include paraphrasing which is an effective way to ensure that the interpretation of patient information has been accurate or not. This can help nursing staff to ensure that information which has provided by the patient has been interpreted in the correct way. Thiscan be effective and can help them to provide healthcare services accordingly for improving patient health.

In nursing,paraphrasing can play an important role in effective communication. Here, nursing staff should ensure about the information which has been said by the patient. This can be helpful and useful to understanding what has said by the patientthat can be used to delivery quality of care services and treatment accordingly. There is need to repeat the information in different word that can help to avoid confusion and ensure that delivered information has been interpreted correctly(Curret. al., (2022)). This can be helpful for patient to get better and quality care services from the nursing staff. Paraphrasing can play an important role and can be used as a technique which can help to clarify clients messages. This can use by the nursing staff to refresh patients comment or question which can help to ensure that nurses has understood and heard correctly about the patient message. This can be helpful for health care professionals to provide better and effective services to their patient for their improved health.

Active listening includes being attentive where nurse should include and learn this skill. This can be highly helpful and effective during deliveryof healthcare services topatient. This can enable them to obtain important medical information(Burns, (2021)). Active listening and being attentive towards patient message can allow to interpret the health care condition and ensure that they should deliver quality of care services for patient improved health. In this,being attentive can be helpful and allowed to understand health-related issue to the patient through which they are suffering. This can also enable healthcare nursing staff to understand the health care issue and related reason. Thiscan allow nursing staffto identify proper care and treatment for patient improved health(Stonehouse, (2021)). Worried for dissertation help?Talk to our experts!

Communicating with someone who have English as second language which includes use of interpreters and cultural consideration

While delivering proper health care service to the patient, there is need to communicate with patient effectively which may have different backgrounds. Here, the patient may face difficulty in communicating with a patient who may have different main language (Mitchellet. al., (2021)). In such type of situation when a patient have English as an additional language then there is need to ensure proper interaction with the patient. This can be helpful in effectively interpret the information that are provided by the patient about their health. This can allow nursing staff to deliver the quality of healthcare services. Here, nursing staffs need to ensure that they should communicate effectively with a patient who have English as an additional language and share information related with a health issue. This should be taken in consideration by nursing staff in order to communicate with such type of person. There are some of the main points which may include use of interpreters and cultural consideration (Oliquianoet. al., (2021)).

Using of an interpreter can be effective and allow nursing staff members to interpret diverse backgrounds people languages. This can allow them to effectively understand the message which has been shared by patient and enable nursing staff to effectively communicate with them, Here, the interpreter can play an important role and providing better information and sharing of information between patient and nursing staff. Using of an interpreter can help nursing professionals and patient to communicate easily. It help nursing staff to provide better and more effective care services for patient improved health. Using of the interpreter can be effective with in a healthcare setting (Bifarinet. al., (2021)). Here, nursing staff should effectively communicate with different cultural people while delivering healthcare services. This can help to establish better communication between patients and nursing staff. Using of the interpreter can also help in effectively sharing of message from nursing staff to patient and patient to nursing staff. This can help to improve the quality of healthcare services which are delivered by nursing staff for the health issue which is faced by the patient.

Cultural consideration is also effective in the delivery of healthcare services to diverse people from a different culture (Crowe, (2022)). There is need to ensure about the appropriate cultural manner should not created any type of misinterpretation of any word or sentence. Here, nursing staff should communicate effectively by considering culture that can help to communicate easily and understand their culture easily. This can enable nursing staff to deliver appropriate health care services that can be helpful and provide positive health outcomes. Nursing staff should also consider culture where patient should feel comfortable during communicating in the health care premises. This can be effective and enable patients to receive proper healthcare services without any conflict. Nursing staff should also consider different culture where they should ensure that their communication should not hurt any patient sentiment who are from different cultural (Guandaliniet. al., (2021)).Need essay help? Take experts help!


From the above discussion, it can be concluded that to deliver better and more effective healthcare services, there is a need to ensure that nursing staff should effectively communicate with the patient. In this, there is need to improve communication skill among nursing staff. There is a need to learn about nonverbal communication which includes touch and eye contact. There is also need to learn about the active listening skill which includes being attentive and paraphrasing. Nursing staff should also learn about communicating with someone who has English as an additional language. It includes cultural consideration and use of interpreters which can be helpful to provide better communication between patient and nursing staff. This can be effective to deliver proper and effective health care services to the patient for their improved health. You can get the answer: NUR1299 Critical analysis of the nursing practitioner role

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