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The Contemporary Hospitality Industry

University: University of Oxford

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  • Level: High school
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Question :
This sample will let you know about:

  • Discuss about P4 Operational roles of hospitality industry ?
  • Discuss about  SWOT analysis of hospitality industry?
  • Discuss about the P6 Impact of macro-environment of organisation?
Answer :
Organization Selected : Marriott hotel


Hospitality industry work as a broad category that undertakes several fields related with services such as food, drink, theme parks, airline, travelling, event planning and many more. The main concern for hospitality industry depend on availability of time and income. Hospitality unit also includes several aspects or groups including facility maintenance, direct operations, marketing and human resource management. Contemporary hospitality services concentrate to satisfy customers through offering good and quick services. This report is written from perspective of Marriott hotel which is a leading organisation of hotel or hospitality industry at global level (Afsar, Shahjehan and Shah, 2018). Moreover, this report highlights on types of different operational roles and skills required in hospitality industry. Along with this macro environmental factors which impacts on development of organisation will also be included in this report. In the last, SWOT analysis and current and potential trends of hospitality services will highlighted in this report.


P4 Operational roles of hospitality industry

Marriott hotel is performing their work at global level by managing large number of operations and functions such as accommodation services, restaurant and housekeeping for satisfying customers needs and wants in organised manner. So to manage all functions and operations in organised manner management of Marriott hotel delegates roles and responsibilities effectively to perform all operations within right manner.

Types and job roles

Accounting services- Account or finance department plays a crucial role in organisation which is leading a business to perform their roles at global level. In context of Marriott management focuses on all accounting aspects including fixed and variable expenses which leads company to determine actual cost of organisational operations. From perspective of staff finance professional are required by management to complete all task and operations within proper manner (Breidbach and et. al., 2018). It also refer that accounting team is directly responsible to provide monetary support to other departments.

Hotel manager- Their are different functions such as welcoming of guest, management of rooms, maintenance of hotel etc. will be performed by management. So hotel manager oversee all operations of hotel and contribute its efforts in strategic planning that generates positive environment in Marriott premises. Along with this all activities work with aim that ensure customer satisfaction level increases which directly enhance profits for organisation.

Front desk services- Operational segment within perspective of Marriott hotel consider various services that are designed in sequential manner. This determines in hospitality industry individuals or guest interact with front desk employees that leads customers to keep in contact with guest (Claveria, Monte and Torra, 2015). Along with this they are also responsible to handle all bookings and check availability of raw-materials to perform all operations to perform all roles that match with needs of guest. Along with this front desk service provider also demonstrate whole details that are offered by Marriott hotels.

Maintenance of organisation- Marriott utilise best quality of products, raw-materials and resources to enhance customer based area. But it is complex to maintain all these items in proper manner. According to present scenario, by utilising innovative and current tools it is easy for management to gain competitive edge in market. Maintenance functions comes under skilled services and to implement in practical way. Management of Marriott provides responsibilities to to front desk services depending on organisation.

Executive chef- Chef manage all functions related with restaurant and food preparation. From perspective of respective organisation Chef plays an important role to monitor and manage quality dishes as they are responsible to provide and offer new dishes that leads customers to cover more market area. Executive chef requires high skills to perform all task because most of their task are depend on administrative and managerial operations which are performed from background areas (Dos Santos, Méxas and Meiriño, 2017). Delegating task to kitchen staff and delivery of food are major task that are performed by chef of Marriott hotels for preparing dishes in large size with proper taste.

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P5 Skills required in hospitality industry and shortage of current skills

Hospitality industry is growing with rapid speed due to which large number of jobs are offered by Marriott hotel to perform all task and operations in organised manner. Along with this to gain positive results from operations hospitality industry manage all operations including catering, beverages, events and cruises etc. to gain top position in hospitality industry. Along with this large number of skills are required for performing all functions in proper manner. Some essential skills required by organisation are mention as follow:

  • Customer service skill- Competition among industry is growing with rapid speed so one thing that creates loopholes for Marriott to achieve desired results is not to match with customers expectations. Management perform different roles such as training and development for employees that leads company to increase workforce skills of customer management. This determines functions and operations are designed to gain better work experience with help of employees through boosting skills of customer engagement. Example- in complex situation workforce is trained to deal with employees in polite and professional manner to gain good customer review and feedback (Durrani and Rajagopal, 2016).
  • Cultural awareness- Hospitality industry includes large number of customers that belongs to different from background that is faced by management to deal with customers in proper manner. This also leads customers to perform their work as per skills of understanding other culture behaviour that work with people to perform their task with different cultural background through understanding and learning them in proper manner. Guest or visitor who come to stay, meet or visit place are different in value and follow different behaviour. This result it is easy for organisation to gain successful career in industry by accounting customers for longer period.
  • Team working skill- Team work is one of the most important aspect for organisation that leads management to manage operations within proper manner. This is also important to divide functions as per roles of employees. But the major concern for hospitality industry relates with Marriott hotel demonstrate that all efforts are designed towards accomplishment of business objectives. So it is mandatory for all teams to delegate right roles as well as to communicate them in proper manner (Fraj, Matute and Melero, 2015). Example- by managing work between marketing and IT department it is easy for management to approach large number of customers by performing all task according to teams.
  • Ethics and value- In hospitality industry hard and smart work both are performed by employees to manage work and accomplishing task within proper manner. Along with this with in hospitality business work shifts are longer as compare to other business. So Marriott hotel organise development seminars and workforce to generate ethical value among workforce. It also leads customers to generate brand value about operations. This enhances overall productivity and goodwill if managers and other staff perform their work with ethical approach.

Skills shortage in hospitality industry

  • Employee turnover- Hospitality industry requires large number of personnel to perform their task as per management goals and objectives. This is also leading company to perform their work in effective manner but due to high employment rates management face challenges because employees move towards another job which offers them more benefits (Horng and et. al., 2018). This is one of the most complex challenge that work as a current shortage of skills among employees to perform their work.
  • Misconception in work- The most challenges which are faced by management that hospitality industry is that required skills are not match with required job skills. Due to which there are complex challenges and crisis generates problems for organisation. Marriott perform their operations as per international level so problems outside company premises also creates problems such as Brexit generates problems for organisation and workforce as it demotivate employees to drive their work towards accomplishment of company goals and objectives.
  • Working hours- Flexibility among jobs is increasing with daily basis it determines that change in shift, work from home etc. are major benefits which are provided by organisation to its employees. But in context of hospitality industry company requires and prefer those individuals or personnel who prefer and invest more working hours for organisation. But it creates challenges for employees because individuals not prefer to invest more time to their professional period.

In order to overcome form all challenges management is focusing on completing their work through managing task as per their goals and objectives (Jones, Hillier and Comfort, 2016). This determines project will be completed with implementing projects to perform their work as per training and development to improve overall work performance of operations such as culture and awareness about work. Take Free Examples of Assignments Now!


P6 Impact of macro-environment aspects on development of organisation

All organisation relates with hospitality industry are performing their work at global level so it is essential for management to determine their surroundings. This results all operations are performed to manage their work as per external environment conditions. It also help company to accomplish better results by completing operations as per development (Kim, Lee and Fairhurst, 2017). Macro-environment factor assist with Marriott hotel are included as follow:

  • Political factor- Marriott hotel is one of the largest hotel in hospitality industry along with this it is also known for their prominent services. According to existing market conditions Marriott hotels are present at all places which represent global chain of hotels that is existence of hotels at all countries. Marriott monitor political aspects on daily basis to keep watching global challenges including terrorist attack, unfair trade war, unethical international relations and many more. It determines that with understand of all political aspects it is easy for management to modify their strategy and methods that leads organisation to develop and enhance their market area. Breach of international contract also impact on number of customers.
  • Economic factor- Major economic challenges that are faced by management of Marriott and their financial department is slow down of economic among developing countries. Along with this developed countries are also facing challenges due to the crisis in coming of prices due to changes in international stock market. Europe is one of the existing example that represent in economic slow down because of Brexit. Marriott face various complexity to increase their business area which impacts on development of business. The major challenge which is faced by management demonstrate high exchange rate also discourage tourist to visit another places. But major economic issue that faced and monitor by Marriott by utilising past data show that financial conditions of middle class society is not improving.
  • Social and culture factor- Social aspects of an organisation represent various benefits for Marriott hotel that increases market area in future (Koranne and Borkar, 2014). Hospitality industry is increasing with rapid speed which determine more number of persons are focused and influenced to visit different destinations all over the world. From the perspective of customers they are investing and expensing more amount of money in travelling to gain better experience among all operations. Residents of developing countries are also more focused to visit various places. So as per overall market conditions social and culture factor work as a positive manner for Marriott to improve and development market area for business. In UK positive factor for organisation is that older individuals are visiting more number of countries to learn and gain experience from different countries.
  • Technological aspect- Hospitality and hotel business is too much impacted due to aspect of technological factor such as online booking of hotels and travel services (Madera and et. al., 2017). Marriott hotel face various benefits such to complete their work in short intervals. Along with this different software tools are also used by management that is increasing their but business size to complete their market area. Marriott work with motive of increase and develop their market area but due to challenges in technological aspects large number of persons and employees are not aware about alternations in practical application related with technology due to which its task impact on organisational goals. This results there is delay in organisational work. Along with this with proper technological area management concerned that technology leads Marriott to cut their operational cost.
  • Legal aspect- All local government and countries designed some rules, laws and legislations that are ensure interest of local investor and companies in organisation to perform their work in hospitality industry. In context of UK government and hospitality industry authorities are flexible and open to attract large number of persons to perform task within ethical manner. The major legal factor which work as a barrier in development of Marriott operations is that now import and export activities and transport services are high in cost because of uncontrollable cost of operations. On the other side, Marriott face challenges in UK because of raise in minimum wage act. This results complexity creates problems for changes in revenues.
  • Environmental aspect- From the recent years environment aspects is a major concern for organisation that leads management to complete their work as per its goals and objectives (Prud’homme and Raymond, 2016). Like environment aspects that relates with travel cost and more demand which is used to manage its work as per Marriott hotel that relates with rooms. According to potential threat there are various fuel cost which relates with electricity consumption and completion to perform its task. The potential long term impacts that is adopted by Marriott to overcome from development issue relates with use of greenhouse gases to produce electricity. This results improvement in organisational functions that development forces to complete task as per environmental conditions.

P7 SWOT analysis and its review in decision-making process

SWOT is an most of the most important tool that is used by business organisation to understand their local activities. This also refers that all task and objectives are designed as per strategies that are designed according to internal environment (Ryan, 2015). It is also leading organisation to perform whole task as per SWOT analysis. Some of the major task are mention as follow:


  • Marriott gain top position in market through performing all task with approach of managing whole operations in creative and innovative manner.
  • Brand value and goodwill of organisation is too high. So it work as positive aspect for customers and individuals to trust on their services.
  • Proactive and innovative aspects build an effective pipeline to expand hotels at global level.


  • Most of the tourist and guest belongs to different market which create challenges for company to satisfy their needs effectively.
  • On the other side, major sales of Marriott hotel comes from North American market so it work major weak point for organisation.
  • Slow decision-making process impacts on sales of organisation that impact on services of Marriott.


  • Expansion in market area which is related with developing countries leads organisation to expand its market area.
  • Tourist and guest are more focused towards expansion and visiting of international countries that drives positive aspect for organisation.


  • International contract generates challenges for organisation which is impacting on business rights.
  • Another competition which is monitored in market is that competition is increasing within organisation that relates with local and international level.

SWOT is leading various positive points for organisation that relates with taking right decisions for operations of organisation. It is also working as positive point for Marriott to complete their task with adding more brand value in all functions. It work as strength that used by management to complete task as per global level (Sanjeev and Bandyopadhyay, 2016). On the other side, to improve decisions management overcome from loophole of slow decision-making.

Along with this opportunities which are achieved by management relates with organisation that enhance market area by pickings right action that with roles and responsibilities of management objectives. In last, threats are also recover by Marriott through completing task and operations that leads Marriott to gain competitive edge in market.


P8 Current and potential trends related with hospitality industry

Hospitality industry is undergoing with various changes that take place in organisation from recent years. Key trends is reshaping industry to gain more benefits in upcoming future. Some potential and current trends are mention as follow:

  • Booming global tourism- With low cost and by cutting cost in operations of Marriott hotel is able to gain several benefits which enhances market area for management. The current trend in hospitality industry is that low cost enable more customers to travel at different places with reasonable prices. So it work as positive aspect for Marriott and its operations that is working as potential trend for organisation.
  • Consumer lifestyle- Social aspect for company and its work relates with increasing of their work that enhances market area by including and attracting more number of guest to ensure productivity in organisational goals by offering similar activities related with consumers and its life-style (Sheresheva and Kopiski, 2016). Example- there are various challenges with consumers is boosting market area with boosting market area.
  • Tech explosion- Majority of the tourist are self depended which demonstrate that they are self sufficient and comfortable to utilise innovative technical tools. Along with this tech explosion also work as current trend. Marriott is able to gain more benefits through techniques related with Tech-explosion that ensures its needs are user friendly. Like business meetings, conference, seminars etc. are performed by management in accurate manner that enhances knowledge of overall staff.
  • Sustainability and ethical considerations- Tourist and large hotels such as Marriott is performing their work at global level (Solnet, Kralj and Baum, 2015). So it work as potential as well as current trend for management along with this sustainable tourism is not only trend but is also compulsory for large number for hotels to give priority sustainability in all operations as it increases overall goodwill for organisation.Finding Online assignment help UK ? Talk to Our Experts.


In the last, by the above report it is concluded that there are large number of operational roles like front desk services, maintenance etc. are major functions for operational roles. This is used by management to gain long term results. Large number of skills also work as positive aspects for organisation which leads company to gain long term goals and objectives. Moreover, it also helps to analysis current skill shortage that is impacting on hospitality industry. Micro and macro environment aspects are also analysed by management to perform their work as per decided strategy and techniques. In the last, potential and current trends are also identified by management that improve performance of organisation effectively by considering task as per trends.

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