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Induction- understanding and enhancing customer experience

University: Imperial College London

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  • Level: High school
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Question :

This sample will let you know about:

  • Discuss the factors influencing customer experience.
  • What are the customer touch points? 


Answer :
Organization Selected : N/A


Hospitality industry basically belongs to the service sector which focuses on availing best services to customer so that they could enhance sustainability at market place. This report is based on Hilton, a global brand of Hotel founded in 1919 by Conrad Hilton. Present report briefly describes about needs and expectation of market segments for service industry. Along with this, it covers customer experience map for developing opportunities and customer's touch points for chosen Hotel.

P1 Explain the value and importance of understanding the needs, wants and preferences of target customer groups for a service sector industry

Hospitality industry is very vast in size and mainly focuses enhancing experience of its customers with its each and every delivered service. It is important for every organisation which belongs to service industry to understand needs, preferences and wants of its targeted customers in order to avail services as per their expectations. In relation to Hilton, which is a international brand of Hotel and restaurant services. The company has mainly targeted premium class customers who are ready to pay high cost for quality services. It has been identified that the management team of this Hotel are required to train overall staff so that they could deliver effective services to guest which will contribute in maximising their satisfaction level.

It can be said, it is important for Hilton Hotel to carry out market segmentation activities in order to identify is potential customers who can give them maximum profits. This helps in developing required marketing strategies for the specific group of customers as per their requirements. In this regard, Guest relations executive of Hilton hotel is mainly focusing on customer profiling. It is a marketing tool which is adopted by business organisations for understanding needs and wants of their customers and helps in taking relevant decisions according to it. In context to Hilton, its Guest relations executive can use different ways of customer profiling for enhancing their sustainability and these are described as below:

Interaction with customers: Interaction is the best way for building positive relationship with customers. Staff members of Hilton should communicate to its guest in every possible manner for finding out their interest and non satisfactory areas. As a result, it will be helpful in improving them according to the customers only.

Identifying customers interest: Another way of customer profiling is identifying core interest of Hotel guest. This can be done by taking regular based feedbacks from each and every guest at their every single visit. With this information, core interest of customers can be easily identified which further used in enhancing customer's satisfaction level.

As per the above specified ways of customers profiling, it can be said that by adopting these pattern Guest relations executive of Hilton can develop needs and wants of its customers in effective manner.

P2 Explore the different factors that drive and influence customer engagement of different target customer groups within a service sector organisation

Customer engagement refers to the strong connection between organisation and customer. It can be said that customer engagement is a way through which business organisation builds positive relationship with their customers for enhancing awareness of the company at market place. It has been analysed that customer engagement involves certain factors which contributes in driving interest of targeted customers. In relation to Hilton, factor which drives and influences customer engagement of premium and luxury group customer are described as below:

Accessibility: This factor mainly ensures that customer are able to reach product or not. In relation to hospitality industry that is Hilton, accessibility of Hotel location directly influences its Luxury as well as premium class customers. Along with this, these targeted group also gives preference to those Hotel which are near to Airport.

Language: Another factor which have influence customer engagement is language. It can be said that it is essential for staff of Hotel in order to satisfy their premium and Luxury customers as these kind of customers will only remain loyal to those Hotel who treats them with formal but soothing kind of language.

Personalised: Customer belongs to Premium and Luxury range mainly attracted to personalised services offered by Hospitality industry. In relation Guest relations executive of Hilton, it is important for them to deliver positive personalised services to customers so that they could feel attached to hotel as they are getting services according to their requirement. It can be said that personalised services are expensive but in relation to targeted customer of Hilton they can afford it easily. Along with this, personalised services are availing value added services to customers which contributes in enhancing their experience.

As per the above specified factors, it can be said that these factors are helpful for the company in engaging their customer's for longer duration of time. Along with this, Guest relations executive of Hilton can adopt some effective strategies like developing website of Hotel in order to avail positive visual treat for visitors, collaboration with online travel agency could be another strategy that will be helpful for the Hotel at the time of on boarding.

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P3 Create a customer experience map for a selected service sector organisation

Customer experience mapping refers to the process through which visual format could be viewed that how effectively customers are served and satisfied. In relation to the Hilton, overall customer experience mapping for this hotel starts from entry process to exit one. It can be said that customer experience does not only on the services which they receives within the hotel but it directly starts from their planning to the post usage service. Customers experience mapping of Hilton is described as below:

Research and planning: It is the first stage in customers often plan for their trip and searches for suitable. In relation to the Hilton, popularity of Hotel over internet influences customer mapping as they feels attracted to those place whose information is easily available on internet.

Evaluation and booking: In this stage, experience of customers relays on facility of restaurants which are offered to customers at the time booking such as allowing pets with guest in hotel or not, tourist salaries, ease in booking room online, ease in connecting to hotel person in effectively.

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Hotel customer experience: After booking of Hotel room customers gives preference to the actual experience which are felt by them at the time of their visit to Hotel. In relation to Hilton, it is important for its to provide courteousness and professionalism experience to visitors. Along with this, it also includes quality of room services, facilities, food etc. which are availed in the hotel.

Check out: It is the last stage of customer experience map where customer personally observes that how well staff members are releasing them. It includes asking for feedback which will be helpful for the hotel for future improvement.

P4 Discuss how the customer touch points throughout the customer experience create business opportunities for a selected service organisation

Customer touch points are mainly seen as the gesture and Jargons which are adopted by companies belong to every industry to communicate with customers. Service organisations can implement various measure to attract attention of their clients. For example,during conversation with their costumers company staff can make eye contacts to make that communication process more attractive. As clients are essential element of any industry so in order to maintain effective touch points like making proper eye catchy gestures company members can attract mind of their consumers. Staff members can make adopt positive attitude while they are communicating. They also need to listen what costumers is saying as this will generate feeling of being respected in mind of their clients. By adopting suitable and pleasant gestures and jargons while communication it is more possible to generate attract of consumers towards them. By implementing all these factors in their organisation company can enhance profitability and productivity. Also they can increase their goodwill in marketplace. It will help service industry to retain their costumers for long time and also generate feeling of being respected in minds of their clients. This will benefit company to take more competitive advantages as compare to their competitors. Proper and systematic gestures while communication can prove very beneficial not only for company but as well as for organisation too.


As per the above mentioned report, it has been concluded that there are customer belongs to hospitality sector can only be retained by availing effective and quality services to them. It has been analysed that five star hotels are mainly targeting premium and luxury zone customers as they give maximum profit to the Hotel. Along with this, it can be said that accessibility, language and personalised services are the main factor which influences interest of premium and Luxury customers.

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