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Hospitality in Digital Marketing

University: UK College of Business and Computing

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  • Level: High school
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Question :

This sample will let you know about:

  • What is Digital marketing?
  • What is Environmental analyses?
  • Explain Hospitality.
Answer :
Organization Selected : Marriott hotel


Digital marketing can be defined as marketing efforts which have involvement of electronic device or internet (Casais, Fernandes and Sarmento, 2020). Company invests time and money to market their products and services so that mass audience can get to know about its products and can attract potential buyers towards the organisation. Hospitality digital marketing means to maintain the online presence of the enterprise. Marriott hotel is chosen for the present study, it is the firm that works tremendously in hospitality industry. It has generated 20.75 billion in the year 2018 and net income of hotel was 1.90 billion in the same year. E-commerce activities support companies in generating more profit hence now it has become necessity of Marriott hotel that to enhance its online presence by taking support of digital marketing activities. Current assignment will conduct environmental analyses of Marriott hotel. It will examine various digital tools and channels that can be used by company to gain competitive advantage in market. Furthermore, report will organise digital marketing activities so that capabilities of Marriott can be raised and firm can sustain in such competitive market significantly. Methods of monitoring digital marketing will be evaluated in this study.

Environmental analyses

Marketing audit is the tool which is used to conduct environmental analyses of company.

Marriott is the leading brand that operates across the world. It offers luxurious services to wide range of consumers (Dinis, Breda and Barreiro, 2020). This is defined as to undertake the review of external and internal analysis that aids to conduct the business functions systematically and effectively.Need Assignment Samples.Talk to our Experts!

SWOT analyses (Internal audit)

This is the tool or method which is generally used by firm to analyses its internal position in market.


  • Global presence: Marriott hotel has branches worldwide. This creates opportunity for firm to gain competitive advantage and generating more revenues. Global presence of company helps Marriott in raising its brand image ( Goh and Okumus, 2020). This is beneficial aspects for business and have positive impact on digital environment of organisation as people are familiar with the name hence they take more interest in experiencing services of hotel. Marriott uses social networking site digital channel to enhance awareness among global consumers. This impact positively in term of raising profit, and controlling over cost as well.
  • Innovative products: Marriott offers wide range of products to its consumers, it ensures that people get luxurious services here so that they become loyal towards the brand. It continuously innovates its products and services so that interest of consumers can be raised. Use of social medial digital channel supports the firm in knowing more about needs of consumers and making necessary changes in existing services so that entity can serve them satisfactory services (Inversini, De Carlo and Masiero, 2020).
  • Loyal consumers: Marriott hotel always ensure to serve consumers well hence it takes assistance of social networking sites as digital marketing channel. This aids in making contact with end users and knowing about their wants. By this way firm serve them accordingly which help business in raising its digital environment and making people loyal towards the brand.
  • Cost structure- The low cost structure of the chosen enterprise aids to sell the large number of products at low price. However, this also aids to attract large number of customers within market.
  • Skilled labour workforce- Marriott has skilled labour workforce who carry out the business unction effectively. This firm has invested the largely into providing training to the workers and this resulted into conducting the performance proficiently.
  • Product portfolio- The chosen enterprise has the large portfolio of commodities as they have diverse range of categories. In order attract the customer, this entity also offers the unique product that are quite different from competitors.


  • Lawsuits: One of the major challenge that faced by firm is paying civil penalty, as Marriott has blocked the facility of WI-FI in an event and guests faced huge trouble and for that firm agreed to pay the penalty of 600000 which has affected its brand image badly and this information was circulated through social sites frequently.
  • Service standardization overemphasis: This is considered a major weakness of Marriott as it emphases more on service standards hence sometimes fail to meet consumers' needs. Stringent adherence affected employees' moral badly.
  • Diversification in the workforce- The workforce of the chosen enterprise is covered with most of the local workers who belong to other racial backgrounds. Hence, it can be stated that lack of diversification makes difficult for employees to adjust in workplace.
  • Decision making- It is highly centralised and decision of the team needs to be approved by certain officials. This also leads to reduce the efficiency in operation by conductive each activity in timely manner (Kim, Kang and Kim, 2020).
  • Service standardization- This entity follows the system driven approach and each employee given a set of procedure. However, the stringent rules and regulations brought down the morale of employees.


  • Globalisation: entering into new global market can create opportunity for Marriott, as it uses social sites to make connection with buyers, this channel helps firm in knowing needs of local international market hence company easily make plan before entering into global market which gives success to the hotel (Koc and Boz, 2020).
  • Shifting consumer behaviour: this is another opportunity to Marriot, as now a day's people use social sites to know about reviews of other consumers about services of business unit. Through social sites Marriott can get to know about behaviour of buyers and can implement innovation accordingly in the hotel so that sales can be raised. Hence it is the great opportunity to hotel and impact positively on digital environment of Marriott hotel.
  • Enhancement in education and training to the workers create the systematic and better workforce. This aids to enhance the brand image of the enterprise and also open the opportunities to expand their business operation in future.


  • Competition: This is major threat to Marriott as Hilton hotel has great presence over e-commerce, it is continuously making efforts to raise its digital presence. This can affect revenue of business because customers are also taking interest in its services hence high competition is threat to Marriott and its digital environment.
  • Economic recession- Global recession has hit the working of hospitality business adversely and this highly affect the brand image of the enterprise.

Pestle analyses

This is a framework that aids to firm to understand market dynamics and also improve business functions continually. Henceforth, Pestle analysis will be outlined in following context as are-:

Political factors- It plays significant tool in order to determine the factors that has huge impact on chosen enterprise. Therefore, major political components that can impact the working of the entities are as danger of terrorism, international relations and political climate within the popular destination (Saura, Reyes-Menendez, and Palos-Sanchez, 2020). Hence, the following components are major threat and this also impacts the brand image of enterprise. In order to cope up with it, Marigot's needs to undertake the costly security measures to prevent from such threat.Want to get Assignment help? Talk Our Expert Now!

Economic factor- The macro environment components such as inflation rate, saving rate, foreign exchange rate and economic cycle determines the aggregate demand and investment within economy. So, it has been noted that economic environment of Marriott is not favourable and this impacts the growth and development of The one of the major threat is that income inequality between the sections of society reduces the ability of people to travel and stay at hotels.

Social factors- Changes in social factors leads to have impact in demand for entity product and services. Henceforth, the culture, belief, attitudes plays crucial role to sustain the demand of particular commodity in market. Marriott has a website that assist people to book their rooms as per their choices (Sota, Chaudhry and Srivastava, 2020). Thus, chosen enterprise provide the services to customer's in three categories as The luxury, the premium and the select. Also, to retain the customer's entity has launched a loyalty programmed called out as Marriott Bonvoy that main purpose to provide customer's with free hotel stays.

Technological factors- In the hospitality services, the technology must be used beyond the standards to deliver excellent customer satisfaction. Use of technical advancement also affect positively over price structure and competitive landscape of industry within shorter period of time. Company needs to be aware about the changes so that innovative approaches can be taken to maximise the profitability of enterprise. Marriott uses the travel website, it helps the people check the prices of hotel, to read reviews and commentary on the attributes and services of hotels. Therefore, chosen enterprise price must ensure to undertake future innovation effectively so it further rise in level of profits and this results into sustainable profit for a longer period of time.

Environmental factors- the varied norms and standards impact the profitability of the enterprise in huge context. Therefore, condition of the climate highly impact the ability of chosen firm to manage the transportation of both resources. In current era, Marriott is facing the major competition with enterprise like Airbnb that offers variety of rooms in cheaper prices. This has highly impacted the operations of chosen enterprise. Additionally, the current major environment components that interrupt the working of the business is prices of fuel. Falling the prices of oil can lead to reduce the cost of travel and this will enhance the demand for hotel rooms. Due to enhanced temperatures from global warming leads to make some beach resorts. Those developments can force the closure or relocation of hotels (Tweneboah-Koduah, Anning-Dorson and Nyamekye, 2020).

Legal factor- If hotel is situated near area with high crimes that it also affect the brand image of enterprise. Thus, laws legislation and policies impacts the working of the enterprise in huge context. Number of the discrimination laws are placed by legal authorities in terms to protect the employees and this also ensure that each one needs to be treated fairly and must be given the same opportunities regardless of gender, age and disability etc. This aids to maintain the brand image and sustainability within enterprise. Get Best Behavior Management Assignment Help from our management experts!

Compare digital presence of Hilton hotel and Marriott hotel

Digital presence termed out as that how an organisation appears on online platform. It is important in major online media as this enables firm to have a two way relationship where consumer can communicate with firm effectively. Therefore, key digital tools, platforms and channels used by the enterprise are outlined in below contexted manner as are-:

Basis for comparison



Digital key tool

  • Marriott international uses mobile application to look over personalisation services to guest. At time, when guest come to hotel they must go through mobile check in and they get pre-programmed key card. This key will automatically convey the guest when their room is ready.
  • This entity has embraced the design thinking for digital era and developed key strategy with including Airbnb and other home sharing start-ups.
  • It is firm that is looking over to provide high touch personal services with high tech connected rooms.

Hilton uses smart digital keys with additional convenient and secure way to access to room. Customers who booked directly with Hilton can select their desired room on the mobile device with use of digital check in. This entity has created the application as Hilton Honor application in this guest can check in before the arrival.


Marriott international has launched digital platform for Marriott Bonvoy events as MarriottBonvoyevent.com.

It is website that defined as tool for conducting meetings. This also provides interactive map features that allows planners to search for hotel for their choices. This site also provides the information such as number of guest, meeting space and floor plans etc. It is website that also navigates the depth and breadth of Marriott international portfolio to choose the property that best fits the needs of events.

  • Hilton improves the digital guest experience with new platforms as connected room platforms. Thus, main purpose behind this is to deliver the outstanding experience and to offer operational efficiencies to hotel operators and owners. This also enables the better troubleshooting and this is inclusive of pushing software updates with the use of platform that aids to create the new experience and also offer the new features.
  • Also, Hilton decided to partner with Red Hat in terms to build the hybrid cloud computing environment so this can creates and spread the usage of application more fast and effective.


Marriott uses the social channels as Facebook, Messengers, Snapchat and Twitter etc. Henceforth, it can be stared that Mattiot uses the social media channels to get interact with customers.

Apart from using channels as print and television, Hilton uses the sales promotion methods that inclusive of providing discount facility to the customer who booked their room with application as Hilton Honor. It provides offers such as free net access, late check out, digital check inns etc. Therefore, sales promotion provides the benefits for the short time. On the other hand, this entity also uses the channels as Facebook, YouTube and Twitter to communicate customer about the product and services.

Marketing communication plan

Executive summary - in this a digital marketing plan has been developed which include many elements. The SWOT analysis has been done to set or form goals and objectives. Moreover, STP has been explained to determine target audience. Also, content strategy has been discussed as well along with different digital tactics and measuring KPI's.

Mission- To be the one of the best hospitable company by delivering excellent customer experience, great opportunities for team members and by leaving positive impact over communities.

Vision- To provide the warmth hospitality by delivering exceptional experience.

Marketing objectives- This entity has specific objective and they undertake daily operation activities in order to accomplish set goals (Widardi, Indradewa and Pusaka, 2020). Also, the objectives are outlined as follows-:

  • To establish the effectiveness of marketing strategies that currently uses by hotel Marriott.
  • To develop plan of action for Marriott hotels, that aligns with internal and external environment and also ensure effective link with customers.
  • To attract, convince and attract customer with use of digital platform by creating awareness of product and services.


Strengths - the hotel is having number of hotels across different countries and is having a high brand image. Its presence is in 122 countries.

It provides high quality and luxury services to its customers. moreover, the hotel operational philosophy is based on innovation.

Weakness - there has been a lot of controversies in which hotel is engaged. So, it has related a negative impact on its brand image.

The hotel is highly involved in family values so it is unwilling to change.

Opportunity - Marriott can focus on international travel and provide transportation services to customers. it will help in gaining competitive advantage.

They can focus on customers personalisation and attract them by charging premium amount for their services.

Threats - a high competition from other hotels such as Holiday Inn, Hilton, etc.

Vulnerability to terrorist attacks can be a high threat for hotel.

Digital marketing goals

  • To generate 10% rise in website
  • To increase 8% footfall of people on website landing page
  • To increase 15% conversion rate of customers.

Marketing strategy

Here, STP is done to determine the target audience for this plan.

Segmentation- it refers to segmenting population on basis of demographic, geographic, etc. factors. for this the company will do segmentation on basis of demographic. Here, on basis of income level people is segmented.

Targeting - in this the target people are identified after segmentation. Thus, high income level people are targeted (Widardi, Indradewa and Pusaka, 2020). Therefore, this entity put their consideration over the business and leisure travellers who comes from different part of the world. In addition to this, target market has been segmented on the basis of class of customers and type of journey.

Positioning - it refers to positioning the product or service in the market. hence, the marketing will be done on social media platforms, website, etc.

Content strategy

Key word search - It involves using of proper keywords through which SEO positioning is done. It enables in finding out website on various search engines. Here, Marriott will use keywords such as luxury, premium, etc. to make it easy for people to search. Moreover, marketing will be done on Google, Firefox, etc.

Content calendar - In this a schedule is developed through which digital marketing is done.

Social posting - Here, promotion is done on social media platforms and other websites. Thus, the hotel will do marketing on Facebook, Instagram, You Tube, etc. for this different hashtags will be used such as # luxury, # premium, etc. furthermore, on social sites links will be also be included in it.

Digital strategies and tactics

The digital marketing plan will include several strategies and tactics. Here, paid media advertising, PPC, SEO, etc. will be used to target customers and achieve goals and objectives. Moreover, e mail and web optimisation tactics will also be used in order to increase traffic on website and conversion rate.

The 4Ps

Marketing mix involves of those components that has ability to offer the ultimate satisfaction to customers. This aids to bring together the available tools of business that aids to achieve set goals of business. These are outlined in below contexted manner as-:

  • Product- It is termed out as fundamental aspect of developing an effective marketing strategy that aids to meet out the needs of desired customers. In order to attract customers, Marriott is taking initiatives to offer luxury services and provide effective range of packages to holiday seekers with additional features as free dinner combo, one night stay free etc. This will help to gain large market share as this attracts lot of customers.
  • Price- The chosen entity provides the services to the customer at the affordable price. Marriott renders the services in three categories and superior, premium and selected. In order to retain the reputation with high quality services the entity is formulating better strategies that leads to widen the market share. However, chosen entity selects price skimming strategy (Widardi, Indradewa and Pusaka, 2020).
  • Promotion- This is defined as communication tool that informs target audience of the business by aware them about product and services. Henceforth, strategies of promotion inclusive of advertisement, publicity, giving coupons etc. Therefore, Marriott uses the digital tools such as Facebook, Twitter etc. to promote their services and also provide online facilities that creates ease for customer to know about products and offerings.
  • Place- This is enterprise that has global access and also placed at location from which they cater the needs of large audience. Henceforth, the strategic location of the Hotel is also carefully selected in terms to enhance the customer experience.

Measuring results and KPI's

It is necessary to measure outcomes of plan so that it is identified whether digital marketing goals are attained or not. In this plan, the outcomes will be measured through certain KPI's. The KPI's used will be real time data visualisation, Google analytics, etc. At this stage, the process of evaluation is needs to be conducted in terms to find out the gap between existing and planned performance. If there is any deviation between it, then corrective actions are needed to be taken.

Methods of monitoring and measuring effectiveness of digital marketing

Effectiveness of marketing must be monitored by firm, otherwise it may increase cost of business unit. There are several methods to monitor and measure effectiveness of digital marketing plan, these are explained as below:

Sales review

This is considered as most effective technique that may help in getting accurate results. Any kind of marketing efforts help business in enhancing awareness among consumers and also support organisation in generating more sales. If sales of Marriott is increased after implementing this digital marketing plan that means this plan is successful and has given desired results. But if there is no impact on sales then it is not effective plan. The main goal of Marriott hotel is to enhance its number of customers and be the global leader in hospitality industry. But for that it needs to make investment in digital marketing activities so that it can accomplish its goal. By reviewing sales enterprise can evaluate the success of effectiveness of this marketing plan and can take appropriate action to get the desired results. Thus, firm needs to undertake review of sales within regular intervals of time and this can leads to undertakes digital marketing plan efficiently.

Key performance indicator-

It is defined as tool that aids to estimate that how successfully organisation is achieving the objectives. Henceforth, the entity needs to use the KPI technique as multiple level in order to evaluate the success in terms to reach set targets. Thus, the high level of the KPI put their consideration over the overall performance of the business and the low level KPI put their major focus over the process of departments such as sales, marketing support of HR and others. It is one of the effective tool as this aids to undertake better decision making and also improves the performance of business (Widardi, Indradewa and Pusaka, 2020). With use of this tool, the entity can enable to track the operational performance department to find out the measures that needs improvements. This is management tool that aids to gaining insight and better decision making. Therefore, Marriott must uses the Key performance indicator in order to track out measures that aids to accomplish set business objectives.

Website traffic-

This is also defined as analysis tool that note down the data sent and received by the visitors to Website. It is tool that determines the number of visitors and pages view by the visitors. This allows to improve the online visibility of the enterprise and also become expert in optimization of Website. It is mainly done in terms to marketing purpose. Also, this is defined as one of essential measure that leads to amend visibility and efficiency of visitors to website.


It is occur when visitor and customer takes the specific action as result of digital marketing. Therefore, the behaviour of the website and conversion are more directly to connected with sales and revenues. This is defined as key metric that can be used to evaluate the percentage of the website visitors. Digital marketing success can be measured with help of five types of conversion as Online sales, online to store sales, leads from live chats, web forms etc.


Hereby, it can be concluded that digital hospitality develops the system and this is an indispensable part of marketing plan of business in current technological era. Thus, digital marketing in hospitality must be executed in terms to deliver the best hotel website design along with specialised marketing services.

The present report has covered the business activities of Hotel Marriott, this is American multinational firm and engaged in hospitality services. Furthermore, report has covered the business activities as to understand the opportunities, challenges and impact of digital environment within chosen enterprise. Thus, examination will be conducted on digital tools, platforms and channels by various hospitality organisations. Also, report has provided plan for organising digital marketing activities effectively. Lastly, number of methods has been defined that aids to monitors and measure the digital marketing activities effectively.

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