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Planning and Managing the Food and Beverage Components

University: Regent College London

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This assignment is based on the considerations that are required when planning and managing the food and beverage components of an event such as wedding anniversary, birthday celebrations, etc. at a high-end restaurant. It has put emphasis on the responsibilities of a Food and Beverages Manager that provide assistance in the completion of an event and plays a pivotal role in outlining the entire planning involving pricing, venue hunting, capacity, and other related decision-making parameters for gaining insights and giving the best services to the clients. Lastly, it sums up the understanding for choosing service style, menu planning, and decoration for the event.

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Overview of the event

The chosen event is of birthday celebrations for about fifty people including kids, parents and the hosts. Further, a theme has been decided on a famous animated characters of Disneyland. This party will be hosted in one of the leading restaurants named Root-age which is famous in organising theme based events.

Venue Suitability

The venue suitability for any event must be depended on the topographical aspects of the location with an emphasis on the assessment of all the structural conditions. It is the foremost step in laying the foundation for arranging the event in convenient manner for the guests and host as well. The following are the parameters that assist in designing plan of this event:

Accessibility- It is vital because of the apprehensions created due to access issues. One must have a parking or valet system for better approachability in segregating areas for organising any event. Moreover, the food stalls or dining areas for this event must be clean and in appropriate order by incorporating the catering facilities with cost effectiveness (Dopson and Hayes, 2015). This is important for staff as they can move around properly as per the specifications given by the hosts.

Services and amenities- This plays crucial role when organising this birthday event. It not only support in negotiation of the overall budget of the event but also helps in the speedy services. Additionally, it gives insights on the location of kitchen from the main dining area which can make the services quicker and accessible. However, use of venue's items like chairs, crockery, linen, tables, with amenities like AV equipment, wash-rooms, sound systems etc. also hold special mention when deciding the venue.

Capacity- This component assist in understanding the estimated size in terms of people including staff and placing of props and decoration tools and materials for conducting this event effectively. It also put light on the minimums for this party that ensure the overall spendings in terms of number of people on the guest-list so that the quantity can be fixed. However, resource optimisation has an influence in decision making for selecting venue suitability to provide convenience for guests and staff as well.

Layout- It is that factor that helps in deciding the capacity of guests for this birthday where mostly kids are going to attend, amenities required for narrowing down the entire sequential arrangement of food and beverages setup for easy accessibility without any assistance. For example, signboards can be used to inform the guests about the event's details.

Flexibility- This emphasis on making the negotiation deals easy and with open approach with hosts to conduct this birthday party that would support the overall budget of the event. Also, the food and beverages (F&B) manager must accomplish the entire setup before initiation of event to avoid any incidents or problems.

Ambiance- High-end restaurants are known for their architectural aspects with the elements of interior designing that attract the targeted audience effortlessly, especially in today's social media-obsessed customers (Davis and et.al., 2018). Moreover, the set up of the dining space for birthdays also has an impact when the venue suitability is considered.

Legal responsibilities

There are many legal requirements that must be kept in mind by the F&B Manager and the restaurant's owners as well. In regard to the same, there is an emphasis on the adherence of licensing and other requirements for registration must be done with proper compliance to ensure the customers' health and safety.

Food Safety Act: This act has a widespread reach and is forecasting the necessary instructions and regulations to be followed compulsorily while conducting any event. It comprises financial terms like tariffs, taxes for agriculture related products etc. with cleanliness of the surroundings, following fire and safety regulations appropriately by the establishment (Whitfield and Dioko, 2012). Along with, it gives insights on the importance of labelling in terms of nutrition, expiry so that it can meet the standardisation procedures effectually.

Hygiene and Sanitary Requirements: This is one of the aspects which must be followed with discipline as the entire hospitality sector deals with hygiene variables. There must be high demands from customers to keep the premises clean and clutter free to enjoy the ambience with desired expectations. Moreover, it consists of all the aspects that are needed in the kitchen and washing areas of the restaurant. Along with, the dumping methods on the basis of wet and dry segregation must be implemented to meet the BIS standards. It also put light on the expiration date of the products used in the kitchen for making the dishes as per decided menu or choice of customers'.

Therefore, the F&B Manager must be well informed while performing the duties and give all the important guidelines to the entire staff for better execution of these legal aspects in proper mode. Moreover, by following such policies, rules and regulations, it would assist in profound understanding of the implications and nuances in context of this event management (AbuKhalifeh, Som and AlBattat, 2013). This also paved the path to meet the customers' demands and requirements and would follow the same while planning the activities. Lastly, this support in improving the environmental policies by giving a platform for using sustainable approaches like decomposing the waste or left over materials in ecological methodologies that help in the assistance of staff for improving the sustainable performance at marketplaces.

Suitable styles of service to meet client requirements

This emphasis on the client's requirements while organising a birthday party as per the scenario and is focussed on various diversified parameters such as décor whether theme based, distance of the inventory, menu planning involving types of cuisines, number of beverages etc., layout style and more. Furthermore, it also shed light on the client's targeted audience and their own personal style or preferences while arranging the event in effectual and proficient mode.

In this regard, fast food or maybe fast casual would be the suitable style of service that would benefit the management in picking the right services to provide right style on the outline mentioned by the client in order to organise a birthday party at a high end restaurant (Rogers and Davidson,2015). Subsequently, the fast food style is faster and quicker mode with an inclusion of dining place. Whereas the fast casual is that type in which the affordability range is higher than fast food in terms of pricing, quality, specializations, variety of cuisines etc. Get the best Programming Assignment Help UK from experts. 

With respect to the event of this birthday party in restaurant setup, Hand service would be followed for effective presentation of food and beverages. In addition to this, Butlered Hors d'Oeuvres Service has also been implemented for serving the kids parents with supplementary additions like snacks, beverages like coffee, tea, soft drinks etc. where the food gets served using trays which upscale the entire look in more effective fashion to handle the kids in orderly mode and is famous for serving finger foods by using cocktail napkins. On the other hand, the hand service style is beneficial as major population to turn out for this event consists of kids below ten years and needs assistance. Here, for every two guests, one server is allotted for carrying the servings by occupying the positioning in compact way and also the proximity must be maintained from the kitchen for precise system of pre-plating sequence in this type of style. Therefore, this service styles is popularly known as 'Synchronized service'.

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Furthermore, this is counted among one of the elegant styles to be employed for small scale events and activities in a restaurant spacing for proper presentation that help in formation of an impactful first impression on the minds of the guests, clients and customers. This is that style which have promoted the traditional methodology of eating like royal families. Nonetheless, this style is inspired from the royal dining etiquette where the guests were treated with utmost attention by putting all the meals one by one in front of them with removal of dome covers at the same time with precision and accuracy.

Functional areas

The functional units lay a comprehensive demonstration while chalking out the complete designing of an event, here a birthday party with respect to the foods and beverages department at a high end restaurant. Moreover, it encompasses variables that laid the operational activities required for organising an event with the help of implementation of contingency plan in efficient mode.

Design: It's already been established that a birthday celebration must be organised. Therefore, the requirements needed here involves utilisation of environment friendly and organic materials, products etc. with high standards of safety and maintenance as kids are involved here. Moreover, it emphasis on the small details that are necessary for coordinating this event in fruitful order in terms of quality, security and delivering on time.

Costing and pricing: It is one of the tools that facilitated the entire planning as the budgeting reflects the strategic decision making helps the host and the management of the restaurant to uphold their credibility in the best possible manner (Phillips and Moutinho,2014). However, this pricing is dependent on the size of the ambience, number of people on the guests list, staff engagement, usage of amenities and additional services like AV, music system and more can affect this component in direct systematic approach.

Staffing: With reference to the services style to be implemented which requires one server for two guests has put pressure on the restaurant's manager to provide the best in their event management. They need to be on schedule in formal attire. Here, the birthday theme is based on an animated character and has followed a colour based concept. Along with, the staff needs to be attentive to the needs and requirements specified by the guest and host to make them feel at ease by being cordial and friendly.

Menu planning: This includes the signature style of the restaurant and the staffing who are the main designers of this menu planning. Although in regard to birthday celebrations, the menu has to be customized as per the kids' choices and must be colourful with interesting presentation to attract these kids for having the food properly (Pantelidis, 2018). Also, it involves few dietary restrictions as it is connected with kids and their families. This must also put an emphasis on the labelling of foods when served on trays.

Nutritional and dietary aspects: As it is related to the kids and must be focused on high nutritive value, thus the overall assessment must lie surrounding the proper dietary plan. This must add the fast food options but with a twist. Moreover, it must not be monotonous and the crocker used must be of sustainable value to avoid any breakage etc. Nonetheless, the management must give some trail options for tasting in their menus at a small scale to recommend the hosts for future disappointment.


It has been summarized that management of any event in context of food and beverages department has been successfully explained from the restaurant's manager viewpoint to gain profits and revenues with enhanced effectiveness at the workplace. Additionally, it laid emphasis on the strategic planning to be executed before the actual date of event for avoiding any accidents, technical glitches or problems related to services. Moreover, it shed light on the significance of legal aspects as well as the functional areas like staffing, menu, decoration etc. for overall productivity and profitability in terms of quality and maintenance of allocated resources.

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