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Managing Food & Beverage Operations - Burger King

University: Regent College London

  • Unit No: 6
  • Level: Undergraduate/College
  • Pages: 12 / Words 2913
  • Paper Type: Assignment
  • Course Code: H/616/1793
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Table of Content

  2. TASK 1
Organization Selected : Burger King


In the food industry, there are several types of operations that are performed. it covers many sub-sectors like hotels, resorts, catering services, etc. the food and beverage industry is directly related to many industries. It offers a variety of products and services to a large number of people. the industry has grown rapidly in recent times due to the increase in traveling and the income level of people. there are different sectors like QSR, FSR, etc. (Chang and Ma, 2015) the report will describe different types of business and different rating systems used at the national and international levels. Also, current and future trends that exist in the food industry are discussed. Moreover, legal requirements and professional skills required in food manager are explained in it. at last, factors that affect consumer decision is explained. For the present report, Burger King is taken.


P1 Explore different types of businesses within the food and beverage industry

As discussed above there are different types of business in food and beverage industry. each of them differs in size and nature. The products and services provided to people can be easily differentiated. But businesses are dependent on each other growth. They are described below :-







Hospitality sector is expanded in wide area. It offers variety of services that includes accommodation, food, etc.

Freshers can easily get jobs.

There are large number of career opportunities available.

Working hours are not fixed in seasons.

The environment is also not so better to work in.

Marriott < https://www.marriott.com/default.mi >

Fast food

They can be divided as QSR, FSR, etc. in which various services and food items are provided (Kanyan, Ngana and Voon, 2016).

A person learns a lot of professional knowledge.

A lot of opportunities are available for graduates.

Person has to deal with customers in different languages

There is a lot of work load in festive seasons.

KFC < https://online.kfc.co.in/ >

Branded Restaurants

They are different from fast food outlets as it provides lunch and dinner facilities.

Free access to food and accommodation.

High rise in pay.

Long working hours.

Popeyes <https://popeyes.com/>

Golf club

It provides services of playing golf and club combined.

Exposure to green environment

high salary and less work.

Inflexible working hours.

No proper criteria to get job.

Doha golf club < https://www.dohagolfclub.com/ >

Fine dinning

They are family style restaurants.

Standards working hours

Harsh environment


Casual dinning

These restaurant serves moderate pricing food in usual atmosphere.

Better atmosphere to work

Not proper working hours


Street food stalls

These are local street food stalls located at particular place.

Very low profit margin

Harsh environment


Coffee shops

They can be branded or non branded coffee shops.

better atmosphere

Less growth opportunities


Gastro pubs

Both bar and restaurant that serves high quality and expensive food and drinks

High benefits

Inflexible working hours

F bar and lounge


P2 Explain different rating systems used for the food and beverage industry nationally

Business operating in food and beverage industry are given rating on basis of standard system. These grades help in differentiating hotels on basis of quality of services and products offered. The ratings are given by international and national agencies. The different rating system are described below:-

Scores on the doors- This system is followed in UK where grading are given on basis of safety and security regulations implemented by restaurants. Government authorities give ratings by comparing results. It is a 6 tier rating scheme applicable in UK and neighbouring countries.

AA rosettes- This system is only followed in UK (Sen and Kaushik, 2016). they are not ratings but rewards which is given by officials. They visit different hotels and restaurants and evaluate each type of services provided by them. the ratings vary from one to five star.

Michelin stars- the grading system was developed in 1930 in which restaurants are given grades. It also consists of stars but is different from AA rosettes (How Michelin stars are awarded to restaurants. 2018). There are only three stars in it, one denotes very good restaurant, two for excellent cooking and three means exceptional cuisine. Every year ratings are changed due to update.

Hotel stars - It is very common system followed in every country. Here, ratings are given between one to five. One shows low level of services and five shows very high and excellent services. this makes it easy for people to identify which hotel or restaurant offers best services.


P3 Discuss the current and future trends affecting food and beverage businesses

There has been a lot of change in trends in food and beverage sector. It has led to some advance developments in providing services to people (Valta and et.al., 2016). also, the way of taking order and delivering is changed. Due to this there is a great impact on growth and development of fast food sector. The changing trends are described below :-

Touch screen technology - Technological advancement has almost impacted every sector. The use touch screen devices has made the work easy for people. Similarly, in future companies engaged in fast food sector will use such devices. it will make it easy for people to select and give orders. Moreover, waiters will use devices to process and take orders. The chefs will monitor food cooking through devices. this will make it easy for them to maintain temperature of room. All things will become automated in restaurant and hotels.

Chefs at home-in today's era people lives has become fast. They spend a lot at work place and dos not get enough time to prepare healthy food. Along with this, now they are more concerned towards eating healthy food. In recent time there has been increase in trend of chefs coming home and preparing food. The emergence of this trend in future will highly impact on fast food sector. People will consider calling chefs at home to prepare food. It will lead to fall in sales and profits of QSR's. more people will get involved in providing services of chefs at home. The companies have to make more efforts in attracting people.

Mobile phone as room key- due to integration of technology with internet (IOT), everything is connected to devices. it has made it easy to do complex task quickly. in hospitality industry many key changes will occur (Goldsmith, Lin and Monteiro, 2016). Among them one is mobile phone will become room key. It means customers will be given a unique code through which access of rooms is given. This trend will enable hotels to implement advance IT infrastructure.


P4 Demonstrate professional food and beverage management skills

In order to build and develop a successful career in food and beverage industry a person should possess high level and various professional skills. This is because they have to deal with different customers differently (Bellido and Heras, 2017). Furthermore, there are large number of opportunities that are available in this sector. The skills required in Burger King are :-

Communication- A person should possess high level of communication skills so that it can easily deal with customers. he or she should listen and reply in proper way. in Burger King many people visit outlet in one day. Thus, person must know 1-2 other languages as well. The candidate of native region must speak, write, etc, local language easily.

Safety- A person must have knowledge about different types of safety tools and equipment that can be used in situation. Moreover, he or she should know how food is kept safe and at what temperature., what precautions are to taken, etc. Burger King follow safety standards very strictly. With this they prepare food and offer services. the candidate must know about safety standards.

Customer service- Burger King is fast food retain restaurant. The employees have to deal with different types of people. so, person must possess relevant skills about how to handle customers, treat them, serve food, etc. (Robinson and et.al., 2016) this professional skills makes a person eligible to work in food industry.


P5 legal requirements and regulatory standard for food and beverage services

Food and beverage services are directly linked with the health of individuals thus service providers must ensure that their products and services do not cause any adverse impact on the health of individuals. Though different countries have variety of regulations related to Food and beverage but all regulations have common objective of ensuring the safety standards with these services. Some essential regulatory standards which must be followed by the organisations are as follows:

Food safety and quality compliances:

The regulation agencies provide clear guidelines for Food and beverage services which guides them to ensure that the products they serve are not harmful. Their processing and manufacturing is accomplished under safe environment (Radzi, Saidon and Ghani, 2016 ). For instance dairy products and meats which can cause harmful effect on human beings if not verified before processing. These compliances ensure that service providers use only good quality of ingredients. The manufactured food must be supplied with safe and secure manner. It should not be supplied in a way which promotes the food contamination or can cause adverse impact on health of individuals. These regulations thus describe how service providers can supply, manufacture products.

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Understanding of Food and Beverages Operations

Maintenance and hygienic regulations:

The processed foods must be stored with specific mechanism so that they can be preserved. These regulations enable Food and beverage service providers to regulate that only edible preservatives are used. It also ensures that the equipment's which are used for food processing are cleaned and hygienic and do not cause any degradation in food quality.

P6 Comparison between operational and marketing technology

Technology is an integral part of the marketing and operational functions of Food and beverage service industries. These organisations can use technologies in following areas:


What is the technology?

What it does?

Who might use it?


Payment technology

Application for online payment

It will enable consumers to make payments without cash as well (Taylor, Slabbert and Saayman, 2014).

Customers, suppliers and distributors

Time saving and encourage consumers to buy even if they will not have cash in their hands.

Nutritional information

Description of the nutritional content involved in the products

Attracts consumer which are health conscious.

Marketing executives and Chefs

Profits will be increased. There are customers who avoid such service providers due to their health concerns but when this technology will be used then they will surely begin to use the products and services.

Marketing technology


What is the technology?

What it does?

Who might use it?


Social media marketing


It will create brand awareness among consumers regarding the services of organisation

Marketing executives and consumers

More consumers will know organisation so sales will increase.



It will provide the status of orders to customers and will update them with the latest updates within company so that they can remain connected with company.

Customer relation managers

Customers will be able to contact organisation anytime and thus customer services will be improved.

P7 Factors that influence consumer's decision

Main purpose of Hospitality industries is to sale customer demanded products so that it help in retention of loyal customer for the longer time. It help in developing a strong and healthy customer relationship that increases the sales of the company in order to achieve the main objective of generating huge profits for the company (izzuti and et.al., 2014). With the change in the preference and taste of the consumer they easily get influenced by different brands and variety of products. It may be depended on various factors that help them to select particular company for the purpose of consumption of goods and services. These factors may include brand name, variety of product, variety of products available, reputation, pricingh in the market etc.

Brand name

This factor influences the minds of the consumer as brand name is the major factor that helps consumer in preferring the particular brand of eatable items. This easily influences the customer decision as brand name of the company builds the reputation among a society which builds interest of the buyer in consumption of goods. Get the best online teaching assistant level 2 coursework help for students. Contact us.

Variety of products

Consumer might like to choose variety of food items so in order top choose large eatable products the company may have to deliver different food services. This factor is mainly responsible for changing the decision of consumer as availability of different variety foods and beverages may be preferable by various consumers.


This factor generally inspires the minds of the people as high class people often like to prefer reputed hotels for consuming food and beverages. This holds the faith and trust of the customer towards buying a particular brand of eatable items.


This can be considered as the major factor which influence the buyer's decision. Prices of the foods are initially analysed by the customer in order to select a particular hospitality industry (Blevins, 2016). According to the nominal charges of product, mood of the consumer completely depends as buyer prefer low priced same quality product over high prices. It generally attracts and influence their decisions.


from the above study it was concluded that Food and beverages operations are those practices are which are occurred during the production and manufacturing of Eatable articles. The study had provided various different styles and types of food and beverages operation. It had also explained rules proper laws regarding the safety of food and beverages. The research had mainly focus towards exploration of professional management skills which are required to attract the large number of consumer towards the brands. The study had also created a complete understanding about the influence of consumer decision that may be influenced by various factors. It had also provided various discounted offers and techniques in order to attract large number of customer towards the consumption of particular food and beverages products.

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