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Computing and Computing Technologies

Introduction to Computing

Computing is a process of utilizing the computer technology in order to complete a required task with the help of computers. Further, computing includes involvement of the computer either with the help of hardware or software. The only aim of computing is to involve some sort of computer device. Computing generally includes designing, developing and structuring the hardware and software system, processing, structuring and managing different types of information, etc. Computing also has something which is quite narrowly defined and treated the mentioned term as a Discipline (Ekanayake and Fox, 2010). This present report is based on two new stories of computing and these stories have been analysed with the help of using the Actor Network Theory. This is an essay preview perceiving reader to know about modern computing which does not act in isolation.

Actor Network Theory and its relevancy

Actor Network Theory (ANT) is becoming common among the information system researchers as this study argues regarding the utility of actor- network theory as a conceptual framework for information system researcher. This actor network theory is an approach to the social theory which originates in the field of social science which generally treats objects as a part of social networks (Munro, 2009). Further, this ANT is considered as a constructive approach and it generally avoids essential explanations for all new events and innovations. This theory further makes relationship with those entities who are dealing in the fields of sociology and anthropology. Moreover, there is generally one aspect which makes this theory applicable for the field of information system research as this theory contradict different between the human and non- human entities in ontological level. Further, this Actor Network Theory is in graphical format and generally there are two views of this theory. The first view in this is of the network of actors for a particular time refereed as a network theory model and it is a freeze frame process. (Alcadipani and Hassard, 2010). On the other hand, the second view reflecting up the dynamics nature of the actor network and it is generally shown as a time line with relevant events which are usually recorded and referenced to each of the actor network theory models which are visible on the time line. Moreover, these actors have to be considered in their own rights and can never be intermediary who simply relying an effect of one entity to another without transforming. Moreover, these actors in actor network theory can be human, technology and even can be intangible actors (Munro, 2009).

Two computing stories

“The computer that knows what you're thinking”

This theory plays a crucial role and the story which has been undertaken in this scenario is of computer and the individual. Here from the view point of actor network theory, Computer is an actor and person who is using it acts as an actant. Here, the feeling and emotions of individuals is understood by the computer and it starts processing in the way which person wants too (Farias and Bender, 2012). Moreover, human being is full of emotions and technology and innovation comes up to extend that it has started knowing our gestures and the things which we want from the same to do. Further, being human only we surplus these types of feelings and we are just lucky to have it. This theory has been practically implemented by the researcher who has developed emotion reading computers. It is generally an innovation in the field of IT where machines includes emotional intelligence and also the everyday objects which are generally empathized with our daily routine moods (Venturini, 2010). It is not the actual sense that computer will identify but it will something relate to the same as fridge offers you the food when someone is hungry or a mirror who also knows the way how one looks like, etc.,

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Further, emotions like joy and fear from the web cam in computer has bee detracted which shows a wide range of different facial moments of an individual right from frowning to smiling. These emojis are also included in the text messages where one can sent his/her feelings to other. Activities of the actants plays a crucial role in shaping up this theory and the individuals have to be act according to it in order to implement this theory in a significant manner. Further, cultural differences have also revealed up that there is a big difference in the emotional response between the men and women and also between the different age groups and demographics. Smiles of actant also differ from the situation to the situation as someone is angry and one make him smile then the same will not the actual which usually comes in a general way (Ostermann, and et.al, 2010). Further, emotions in the actant are generally very complex and the way individuals express change in the different settings. Moreover, researcher are not trying to build a computer who is much better than an expert because currently the technology is at a level of a children and it will take lot of time to understand the feeling of the actant.

Further, there might some issues which can affect the performance of such computers as keeping the privacy guard apart from the emotions. Further, with the failure as if no emotions is detected by user can include huge cost. Further, individual feelings differ from person to person and apart from all the major feelings if something else is described by the individual then computer will not be able to give the best of the response.

The second story which is published in the year of 2015 is

“How cloud computing platforms are becoming a catalyst of global growth”

Under this story an actants are the concepts of cloud computing which are covering the most of the section of this publication. It is acting as an assemblage and defines that cloud computing is a total network of remote servers that is hosted on the internet through which personal data can be stored. Success of manufacturer these days measures by the competing on speed and agility rather than its size (Armbrust and et.al, 2010). Manufacturing firms within the past years uses traditional approaches for managing their business operations and data storage. The total shift has influenced by the way they track and share the data in between customers and suppliers. It presents the major strengths of doing business by cloud. Further, this story defines several clouds based platforms and applications that provides a greater degree of precision and speed than old system. In addition to this, cloud computing platform free them up from having to deal with the daunting task of creating and supporting the enterprise software. Further, actant plays a major role in this story that the total area of concern based on the cloud computing. In today’s globalized world manufacturers are not having time or budget to be in the IT infrastructure (Greenhalgh and Stones, 2010). Due to this, most of them are looking for the cloud based system to more easily make use of the data.  With the help of this, they can connect sensors embedded in their factories, inventories, raw materials as well as several other segment related to the supply chain process of company. Within any organization, data is the most valuable assets and it is quite essential for companies to maintain whole data within any of the secure system (Hall, 2010).

Within the manufacturing industry, cloud computing plays an important role in enhancing the management functions. The Cloud based systems and procedures are offering high level of precision and speed as compared to the traditional systems of working. This new technology has transformed the ways the data has been tracked or shared within the business. It is making the supply chain management of the company strong and effective as information related to their clients and suppliers can be kept secured (Munro, 2009). It is also contributing greatly towards the other functions of the management such as planning. It has now become quite easy to make plans and decide schedules. Further there it ensures high level of control and coordination. Control is easy to obtain because all the data records can be traced within quick span of time. Coordination is there because it is easy to establish link between various aspects. Another vital function of management that is organizing of human resource has also become effective due to adoption of cloud computing. All the information related to the employees within the company can be managed effectively. Further it facilities faster and quick decision making. This improves the productivity as well as profitability for the company.

Rather than old computer and software systems, a form of open collaboration can be maintained within the cloud system. Within this globalized world the typical manufacturer relies on the outside suppliers for more of the assemblies components (Hall, 2010). An actant basically helps in making appropriate supplier collaboration that is essential for growth. With the help of this companies can easily scale the global manufacturing operations to support increasingly complex supply chain process of company.

Further issue can be find out in this too as cloud is giving best of the facility to the individuals or not. Further, it has not been identified that the keeping data on cloud is safe or not as cloud computing is giving best of the protection to the individuals or not. Further, sharing the files, media and other document at times goes on the risk of individuals only as it can be leaked by the cyber thefts any times and redundantly it can lead to lost of data or grasping of the potential secret information of the individuals. All the things need to be taken into consideration by the cloud computing.

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From the above study it has been concluded that Actor network theory plays a most important role in the study of computing as it is considered as an apropritate theory to study the computing. In this theory, human and technology can be intangible actors. Further, this research presented two computing stories i.e. how cloud computing platforms are becoming a catalyst of global growth and the computer that knows what you're thinking. In the first story actants are feelings as total story based on the feeling whether cloud computing is actant in second story. Further, it has been concluded that both of these stories and actants helps in enhancing management functions within an organization. It has been identified that scaling manufacturing intelligence is globally accepted with cloud platforms with greater accuracy as well. Both of the above given statement presents that an actant (Cloud cpmputing) and (Fellings) in modern era does not act in

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