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Development of Children

University: University of Sunderland in London

  • Unit No: 4
  • Level: High school
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  • Paper Type: Assignment
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Question :

This sample will let you know about :

  • Discuss about the analyse of care and support on the children.
  • Discuss about the two basic methods for collecting the data and information
Answer :


Family plays a major role in providing support and care to the children. Whether it is about the emotional support, developmental or the cognitive one, the family is considered as the most essential part that helps in the overall development of the child (Elder, 2018). There are various factors that comes under the developmental care of the child and these involve values, respect, consistency and other essential skills that are required and are essential to be developed by a child. These aspects such as care, love, support etc. can actually a positive influence on the development of the child. The report analyses on the importance of the family in the overall development of adolescents and the children.


Although there are two basic methods for collecting the data and information and it involves the primary and the secondary method. In this review, primary data will help. Primary data is considered as the data that is being collected for the first time and is termed as more accurate as compared to the secondary data. So, the literature can be searched very effectively using the primary data from various means such as surveys and interviews.

Keywords : parental, development, child, issues process

Search strategy : There are two ways which can be classified as essential parts of the search strategy and these includes the quantitative and the qualitative strategies. The qualitative strategy is considered as an effective way of investigating about the data and information of some specific factor. Also, it is known for minimizing the overall risk as well. There are various ways of making use of the qualitative strategy which involves collecting data from the means of focused groups, interviews, surveys and questionnaires. Unlike it, the other one is the quantitative strategy in which the researcher makes use of the statistical or mathematical data. There are various means to be used in case of quantitative strategy such as by involving information from the books, journals etc. So, in this review, qualitative strategy will be used out of the both because it will help in analysing and understanding the importance of the family in providing overall development of the child. Ask for online coursework help from our experts!   



To analyse the importance of family in the development of children and adolescents.


  • To understand the role of family in providing proper care and development.
  • To determine issues family face while the development of the child.
  • To analyse the influence of care and support on the children or adolescents.
  • To recommend ways of analysing the importance of development and care of the children by the family.

To understand the role of family in providing proper care and development.

Family plays a major role in the whole phase of the development of a child or adolescent. The influence that a family members can have on the child cannot be replaced by any other individual. It is obvious that one of the major reasons of this is that there is a dependency of the child on the parents since the childhood. When a child starts ageing, various phases come in their lives and these different phases throw different types of impact as well on them. So, the development of the child by parents and family also includes some ways and factors to cope with such situations of life. It is essential because the parents do these acts just because to increase the confidence rate of their child to a huge extent (Díaz-Morales, Escribano and Randler, 2014). This also helps in making them social enough so that they can be able to interact with each other and be active enough. The first relationship of the child is with their families and parents. There are various aspects of the developmental phase. As there can be various ups and downs in the future of the child, so the family acts a very important role in making the child strong enough so that they can cope with those challenges. Also, giving respect to the other ones is important. The family acts responsible here also in guiding the children that behaving in a respectful manner with everyone is very important. Ethics, values are also a part of the development phase that the family members and parents include very efficiently and appropriately while taking care of the

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