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Contemporary Society in a Global World

University: University of Chester

  • Unit No: 4
  • Level: Undergraduate/College
  • Pages: 4 / Words 973
  • Paper Type: Assignment
  • Course Code: FYS002-0
  • Downloads: 1182
Question :

This project consists of five topic which includes firstly the impact of migration ad remittance to the host country. Second is the ways in which the technology facilitates the international business. Third is the how shifting in the political power affect the global trade. Fourth is the member of the global society and fifth is the ways in which the social media have influenced the spread of the global culture. The source of these topic are to be justified with clear understanding by following the given outcome below-

  • Demonstration of the understanding of topic, its applicability with context to globalisation.
  • Provide the highlight of the understanding of topic by using sources and the information.
  • Demonstration of the ability to draw on different academic sources.
Answer :


1. Impact of migration and remittance to host country


Quisumbing, A. and McNiven, S., 2010

De Haas, H., 2010

De Haas, H., 2009


Migration will be affecting host country in two ways which are both positive and negative. As the host country will be getting cheaper labour which is helping them in overcoming shortage of labour into manufacturing units. Remittance will be the private savings of migrants to their own countries so this will also be having impact on GDP of that nation. This money which is generated into country will be remitted to other part of world so will be impacting in negative manner on that host country. So these sources are including many information based on migration and remittance to the host country so that impact could also be understood.

2. The ways in which technology facilitates international business


Borges, M., Hoppen, N. and Luce, F.B., 2009

Bitner, M.J., Zeithaml, V.A. and Gremler, D.D., 2010


International business will be facilitating technology and there are many ways in which company could be using the technologies within organisation. So best could be that of globalisation of production so that it could be on worldwide bases and becoming essentail for any MNC. These above mentioned sources are been taken as technological facilitating international business. Among them all most common is relation of that nation with that of others in rest parts of the world which means global trade. May be they are modifying or just replacing the policies and agreements which is not allowing trade to take place as it was previously.

3. How shifting in political power affect global trade?


Rivoli, P., 2014

Mann, M., 2012.


When there is change in political power of any country after national elections takes places there will be surely modification of several policies and laws which previous government was having. It is obvious that new government is not facilitating the rules and policies of previous government within the nation so thus affecting global terms of trade. The sources which are included within this are important as they are including how shifting political power affecting global trade.

4. Member of global society

Banks, J.A., 2014


The United Kingdom is one of the major player in global trade which it is doing with other parts of world. But rather after its referendum in June 2016 with which UK started negotiation of trade with European Union and introduced its trading with other countries like that of USA, Australia, China, India and New Zealand. In year 2016 UK was having about 48% of total import of goods from various parts of UK while that from other parts of world it is higher. The above said source is included due to its content which is telling all about the position of UK within the global society which it is having at present.

5. The ways in which social media have influenced spread of global culture

Pookulangara, S. and Koesler, K., 2011


About 81% of population of USA are on social media networking in 2017 which was 3% more than that of 2016. The spread of global culture due to social media is very much influential so it is important to take out what are the ways in which it is affecting world. The above mentioned source is ben included due to the amount of information which it is having and data could be easily gathered as it is simple to find out.


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  • Rivoli, P., 2014.The travels of a t-shirt in the global economy: An economist examines the markets, power, and politics of world trade. New preface and epilogue with updates on economic issues and main characters. John Wiley & Sons.

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