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Managing a Successful Business

University: regent college

  • Unit No: 6
  • Level: Undergraduate/College
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Question :

This assessment will cover following questions:

  1. What are the aims, timeframes and objectives of the Aston martin?
  2. Evaluate the small-scale research and all the data collection of project.
  3. What are the appropriate recommendations that are being taken through all the project report and the organisational performance.
Answer :
Organization Selected : Aston Martin


Equality and diversity are important part of organization that provide equal right of each employee and deals with at one point during their career. It may be positive aspects of diversity at workplace where employee can share their idea, thoughts in business development. it also helpful for creating diverse environment where employee build a good relationship without any discrimination (Hawkins, 2017). Aston Martin firm workplace become more diverse but increases issues accordingly such as sexual harassment, gender pay gap culture differences. These are automatically affecting on the performance of employee within organization. In this way, it considered the equality as an important concept which help for providing more opportunities of people without discrimination. On the other hand, Diversity may take into account differences between group of people, by placing the positive values on these issues or differences. So as Aston Martin firm always supporting the equality and diversity at workplace in which increasing the productivity or profitability in marketplace.

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P1 Devise project aims, objectives for chosen topic as specified.

Aim: To investigate the current issues of equality and diversity at workplace on the basis of sexual harassment, gender pay gap and gender divided in leadership. A case study on Aston Martin.


  • To identify the impact current issues equality and diversity at workplace.
  • To demonstrate the evolution of workforce diversity and equality at workplace.
  • To analyse the benefits and limitations of workplace diversity within organization.
  • To recommendation for improve the issues of equality and diversity at workplace.

Research Questions

Q1. How can identify the impact current issues equality and diversity at workplace?

Q2. How can be generated evolution of workforce diversity and equality at workplace?

Q3. What are different types of benefits and limitations of workplace diversity within organization?

Q4. How can be recommendation for improve the issues of equality and diversity at workplace?


The Primary purpose of research study is to examine the equality and diversity at workplace because there are various types of issues arise which increases discrimination between employee. In this way, the research study will help for identifying resources practises, policies where how these are perceived by employee. It will contribute to reader for building a good understanding towards the managing culture diversity. In context of policies and strategies that always supports for employee in workplace.


The rationale of research project is to identify the benefits and advantage in workplace where it mainly focused on the diversity and equality that are able articulate the entire organization. Researcher will easily express their opinion behind diversity and equality issues that occurs within organization. As per study, researcher will easily find the equality and diversity as an integral part that may lead values or simply equal treated at workplace. The purpose of research is to analyse the contribution within society where how employee improve business profitability.

P2 Produce the project management plan that covers different aspects of scope, time, quality, risk, resources and communication.

Project management plan

It indicates to a formal document which is formulated by the management of the company to guide the control and execution of a project. It is a document which can be used by the administration of the firm to explain each and every stage of a task. It considers various aspects such as cost, scope, time, quality, communication, risk and resources etc. The explanation of all these components are as following:

  • Cost- It refers to the value of fund which is needed for manufacturing and delivery of the goods and commodities (Ashe and Nazroo, 2017). For investigation of the information, monetary fund is required and important in a specific amount so that the management of the firm can complete the enquiry in effective and appropriate manner. It has been monitored that budget of the investigation is based on its resources so the budget is as following:
Activities Amount
Investigation instruments 58
Travelling 37
Investigation substantial 55
Total 150


Scope- It refers to investigation areas that in which areas the management of the organization can collect and gather information to complete the research project. It also consists those filed in which are beneficial for the company in term of growth by increasing profit margins and enhancing productivity of the company. In this project, the researcher can utilize appropriate resources with the help of them the person can effectively attain the objective of research project.

Time- It indicates to a particular time under which the administration of the organization can achieve the set objectives (Milner, 2017). It is necessary for every firm ton set a time period regarding their task because there are various actions in research are based on time period. In this research project for the effective completion of it, the investigator required 4 months

Quality- It is important for the company because when they manufacture good quality products and service then it is beneficial to make development in the productivity and sales of the firm and make increment in the customer base. In this research task, the investigator can use effective and appropriate data and information for the completion of the project.

Communication- It refers to the procedure to make communication with the customers who provide information about the products in term of feedbacks and reviews. The management of the company can use different tools and methods of communication like social media, company websites, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and others. In this research project, the investigator can use various modes of communication like Mail, message, chat box, phone call and other to provide any information regarding project to its team members.

Risk- There are various kind of problems face by a company in its business. Major issues are affiliated to the quality, quantity, prices and packaging of products and services. In this investigation task, there are various kind of problems and threats can be suffering by researcher regarding time, finance and required resources etc.

Resources- It is very crucial aspect which include several components and elements which are highly required for the production of the goods and services (Franci, Barr and McIntyre, 2017). In context of it, the management of the company required various resources like raw material, human resources, labor, equipment’s, finance and others. required for the production of the goods and services. To meet the objective of this research project, the investigator will need instruments, equipment’s, fund, time and others.

P3 Design a work breakdown structure and Gantt chart to provide timeframes.

Gantt Chart

It refers to a bar chart which represent the schedule of a task. It was formulated by Henry L. Gantt in 1917 to provide the visual information about schedule which is helpful to plan, administrate, organize, coordinate and lead specific work in a task. Within this geographical chart activities and actions of the project are defined on x axis and performance of these actions are explained on y axis. It is essential for research project because with the help of it the investigator can mentioned project actions and activities and their performance on bar chart (Milner, Demilly and Pochic, 2019). It is beneficial because it assists in finding out information to each and every action and the research can efficiently use to defined research activities and find out effective outcomes.

Time Frame:










Identify the research subject or topic


Study of literatures review for data gathering


Project management plan


Used research methodologies


Data collection sources


Data analysis




Submission of research report


Task Name




Identify the research subject or topic

1 wk

Sat 12/21/19

Thu 12/26/19

Study of literatures review for data gathering

2 wks

Fri 12/27/19

Thu 1/9/20

Identification of estimation of cost and other elements of PMP

3 days

Fri 1/10/20

Tue 1/14/20

Used research methodologies

4 wks

Wed 1/15/20

Tue 2/11/20

Data collection sources

5 wks

Wed 2/12/20

Tue 3/17/20

Data analysis

6 wks

Wed 3/18/20

Tue 4/28/20


7 wks

Wed 4/29/20

Tue 6/16/20

Submission of research report

8 wks

Wed 6/17/20

Tue 8/11/20

Work break down structure:
It indicates to a chart within which the captious work elements of a task are illustrated to represent their state to each other and to the plan as a whole. It is a fundamental task projection which organize task and project of group in desired sections. With the use of this framework, the management of a firm can exhibit the goods and services which are manufactured by the organization (Marczyk, DeMatteo and Festinger, 2017). With the help of work break down structure, the management of a company can make alteration in all the activities and actions of the task. In research project, with the help of this framework the investigator can make separation in project's activities. It is beneficial to make enhancement in the working abilities of team members when they are using the skills for the completion of the task. By using this structure, the firms can make enhancement in workers performance and achieve the objective of the task in given time period.

P4 Research Methodology

Research methodology is a type of process that mainly refers to knowledge which may define the research on scientific and systematic ways (Booysen, Bendl and Pringle, 2018). Research project will require the various suitable methods and techniques that represents accurate result or outcome. It useful for designed the well-defined research methodology with proper accuracy.

Research Method:

It is based on the process that can perform specific action and find out the solution to aims immediately. It can be divided into two groups: Quantitative and Qualitative research method.

Quantitative research method is available in numeric form and determined by the use of mathematical and statistical methods and tools. This method of investigation uses to qualify opinion, knowledge, activities and variable with the aim to help and abdicate hypothesize about a specific activity. On the other hand, Qualitative research method refers to a research method under which data and information is available in theoretical form.

Researcher has chosen the qualitative method for collecting theoretical information for the fulfilment of the task. The investigator can use various sources of data collection like survey, group discussion, observation and others method.

Research Design:

It is defined the framework of techniques and methods that has chosen by researcher to combine in different components within case study (Kumar, 2019). It is the most useful process for easily analysing the measure of variables specified in the problem. There are two ways to categorise research design. It includes exploratory and conclusive.

Researcher has chosen exploratory research design in the project where it explores the research questions for finding the solution. It is not based on providing an accurate solution but tends to tackle any problem within project. Researcher also easily use exploratory design method to analyse depth study for managing and controlling.

Research Approach:

It refers to the procedures where consists of different steps of assumptions in detailed manner. In this way, researcher can be identified the problem and its solution in proper manner (De Costa, Crowther and Maloney, 2019). Research approach can be divided into different ways. It involves Inductive, deductive and Abductive research approach.

Researcher has chosen inductive approach that mainly starts with the observations and existing theories which are proposed towards the research project. In qualitative method, Inductive approach useful for formulating the hypotheses through existing theories. Researcher has involved with pattern for observation which must explain the different existing procedures in proper manner.

Data collection Method:

It is a process of gathering information from different sources to find accurate answer to research problem (Humphries, 2017). It also evaluates the results and outcome for further enhancement. The data collection method can be divided into the two groups such as primary and secondary data collection.

Researcher has chosen primary data collection method for collecting information through questionnaires.

Data analysis:

In research project, researcher has chosen qualitative method for analysing the data through thematic analysis. It is the most suitable approach that useful for identifying relevant information. The primary data collection involves for discussing common patterns of data analysing process.


It refers to the process of choosing and selecting a particular number of people from a large group to gather information. In this investigation task, the investigator can select a specific number of people from which the individual can collect information regarding project. In this research project, the researcher selected 30 people in context of responders.

Ethical consideration:

It can be specified the principles which is the most important part of research that require for protecting the research project in ethical manner (Cuervo-Cazurra and et.al., 2017).

  • It ensures that each research participants should not be harm data or information related subject.
  • It must be maintained the level of confidentiality of research and maintain good relation with the participants.
  • It always maintains the privacy and protection of research members, who were participants.

P5 Analyse the research and data by using appropriate tools and techniques.

Data analysis

Data analysis is a type of process that perform systematically applicable in research project with the help of logical as well as statistical manner. It can be described about the illustrate and evaluate data which easily analyse overall pattern through observations. In this way, research project can be easily

Theme: 1 Equality and diversity impact on the overall business performance and efficiency.

Q1. Do you think that equality and diversity impact on the overall business performance and efficiency?



  • Strongly agree
  • Agree
  • Strongly Disagree
  • Disagree







Data Interpretation:

In above discussion, it can be determined the concept about diversity and equality that directly influence the business in terms of development through performance as well as efficiency. It has summarised that there are maximum respondents agree on the concept where 10 respondents strongly agree, 5 agree, 8 strongly disagree and 8 disagree. In Aston Martin firm, workforce diversity will create healthy work environment where employee can communicate with other colleagues for providing opinion, idea on the business process. Therefore, it easily identifies the significant role of environment within organization.

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Theme: 2 Policies and procedures help for eliminating issues within organization.

Q2. Do you think that Policies and procedures help for eliminating issues within organization?



  • Strongly agree
  • Agree
  • Strongly Disagree
  • Disagree







Data Interpretation:

As per analysis, it has summarised about the policies and procedures at workplace because these are important role played within organization for providing equal right of each employee. In this way, they can share their own opinion regarding business growth and development. As per discussion, it can be determined that maximum respondents agreed and disagree on the concept. This procedures and policies will help for reducing the issues and problem within organization. It has found that 9 respondents strongly agree, 7 agree, 9 strongly disagree and 5 disagree.

Theme: 3 Equality and diversity issues to be addressed by employee relational in the organization.

Q3. Do you think that Equality and diversity issues to be addressed by employee relational in the organization?



  • Strongly agree
  • Agree
  • Strongly Disagree
  • Disagree







Table: 3


Data Interpretation:

As per analysis, it has found that that there are maximum respondents agree on the that the equality and diversity issues to be addressed by employee relational in the organization. As per analysis, each respondent is sharing their opinion and view point on the basis of experience. It can be determined that 7 respondents strongly agree, 9 agree, 6 strongly disagree and 8 disagree. Employee relation is important concept that build an effective coordination within management and staff members. In this way, they were engaged to share opinion regarding issues and problem that arise at workplace.

Theme: 4 Workforce diversity has to increase the employee performance and efficiency.

Q4. Do you know that workforce diversity has to increase the employee performance and efficiency?



  • Strongly agree
  • Agree
  • Strongly Disagree
  • Disagree







Table: 4

Chart: 4

Data Interpretation:

In above table, it has summarised about the workforce diversity that will increase the performance of employee within organization. It can be found that maximum agree and disagree on the both ways because it directly impact on the relation of employee to business. It can be identified that 8 respodents agree, 7 agree, 8 strongly disagree and 7 disagree. As per analysis, respondents share their view point and opinion. In Aston Martin firm, worforce diversity can result in better way of decision making because employees are dedicated towards their work and motivate to knowledge sharing among staff members.

Theme: 5 Equality act law supports the workforce diversity in organization for improving business profitability in ma

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