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Relationship between Hardware and Network Address

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Organization Selected : Network communication technology


A computer system is considered in a nutshell as it includes looking back to the timeline of the computer evolution over the decades. A computer is a machine that is instructed in terms of carrying out a significant sequence of logical operations automatically through computer programming. These programs include computers in terms of performing a wide range of tasks as they include hardware, operating system, software, and other concerning equipment that is used for further operations and referred to as the computer system (Lao et. al., 2020). It is a programmable device that automatically performs a prominent sequence of calculations and other operations as it can store, process, retrieve and process data as per the internal instructions. The report is going to cover the relationship among hardware and network address including their usage concerning the networking devices and also setup, configure and document hardware and software systems for effectively developing computer-based network. Furthermore, it also uses the prominent information of collecting various methods to assess and document solutions to the number of various technical hardware and other networking issues. Lastly, it conducts a range of care activities for computers.

Explain the relationships between hardware and network addresses

Network communication technology include ICT network which consider explanation of various technologies like intranet, internet and extranet. For this, it leads to include various network protocols that deliver reliable and fast communication over large distances. As computer system relies on the networks on the repeatable operations in terms of maintaining network integrity for executing transfer protocol models that forces information to adhere to primary rules. Few network protocols are mentioned below:

TCP/IP Protocol: This protocol represents the significant activities that are used as the protocol stack as by resembling the OSI, TCP/IP work on its own particular manner. In terms of this, IP refers to the internet protocol of data transmission in which data is separated into units of data and also sent over the routing information that direct to the destination (Dickerson and Mavris, 2016). Along with this, TCP depicts the transmission control protocol that develop significant connections and send data concerning the receipt of information and the receiver notifies the sender regarding the information that remain intact.

UDP: It refers to the User Datagram protocol which is used as the transport layer and the application developers use UDP at the place of TCP. It is the scaled down economy model and it does not offer prominent bells and signal of TCP as it does a very good job for transporting information which does not need reliable delivery and also use far fewer network resources. It is also undertaken as the unreliable transport protocol that sends segments over the network and also forget about other networks and also permit for the acknowledgement of safe arrival.

OSI Protocol task: This model of network data moves from one computer to another in terms of succeeding the layers of computer software. Moreover, this model set up the prominent system of layers including physical layer of wires and electricity at the lowermost section. In terms of this, when an individual send data over the network, it moves down to the heap by each layer acquiring several data headers, address the information and security checking devices at every level before reaching over the physical medium (Hwang and Jotwani, 2016).

ICMP: It refers to the Internet Control Message Protocol that leads to support protocol for the internet suite and also used by network devices considering routers to send fault messages and other operational information that indicate towards the success and failure in terms of communicating with another IP address. It differs from the transport protocols including TCP and UDP which is not used to exchange information and data among systems and also regularly employed by end user network applications.

Relationship between Hardware and network address

An IP address is the unique set of numbers that leads to examine the device which is connected to the internet in order to understand that from where the address come and also understand that how it works. It is a bunch of various networks that are connected together and also work together in terms of purchasing a services from an ISP as it connect ISP network from all other networks (Firouzi and et. al., 2018). On the other hand, MAC address examines the unique network interface within the device as the IP addresses are delegated by the ISPs that can be re-assigned to other devices that connect and disconnect to its addresses and tied to the physical adapter. Moreover, both of these work together and interlinked with each other for the effective use of transport data from one to another network by using prominent TCP/IP protocol and MAC deliver data to the significant devices on the network.

Network devices and components

Router: It is undertaken as the hardware device which is useful in terms of connecting to LAN with the internet connection and also used to receive, identify and forward the incoming packets to other networks. It works as the network layer which include 3 layers of the OSI model and also forward on the basis of information which is available in routing table. It also determine the best suited path from the available paths for the effective transmission of bundle. Router is more secure, reliable, enhances the overall performance for the network and also has effective network range.

Switch: It is the hardware devices that connects with various devices and contain advanced features instead of Hub. It contain the updated table the leads to decide about the data is transmitted or not (Sharma and Park, 2018). It delivers about the message for the correct destination which is based on physical address that present at the incoming message. It does not broadcast the message to the entire network just like Hub. Switch leads to determine the device regarding the message which is to be transmitted.

Setup, configure and document appropriate hardware and software systems to establish computer based network connectivity

Computer network is the group of computer that leads to use the set of common communication protocol over digital interconnections for the purpose of sharing resources that are offered by the network nodes. Moreover, topology refers to the structure of network regarding its components that are interconnected with each other. Various topologies are mentioned below:

Bus: It is designed by considering all the stations that are connected by the single cable which is known as the backbone cable as its each node is directly connected to the backbone cable. As each node wants to send message over the network and put message over the network that leads to receive the message (Wells and Wells, 2017). It is prominently used in 802.3 standard networks and the configuration for the bus topology is quite simple as compared to other topologies. It is also undertaken as the single lane in which the message is broadcast to all its stations.

Star: It refers to the arrangement of networks in which every node is linked with central hub or central computer as it is also termed as the server undertaking the peripheral devices that are attached to server that are known as clients. It depicts the prominent cable which is used to connect the computers as switches are prominently used as the connection devices for the physical star topology as it is most popular topology for network execution. In this, troubleshoot is quite efficient as compared to bus topology and its network control is quite complex concerning its features that can be easily executed as any changes made in star topology are significantly accommodated.

Ring: It is just like bus topology but in this it connects with the ends and its node receives the information from the previous computer that retransmit to the next node (Ahmadi and et. al., 2018). In this, data flows one direction which is unidirectional as information flows in a single loop that continuously termed as the endless loop as it is not terminated ends as every node is linked with other node and does not have any termination point.

Mesh: It refers to the arrangement of network in which computers are interlinked with each other through several redundant connections as there are various paths the connect one computer to another computer. Moreover, it leads to contain hub or any central computer that act as the central point of communication. It is used as the wireless networks and can be formed with the help of significant formula.

Develop secure computer based network connectivity

In relation with developing secure computer based network connectivity, effective audit and mapping for the network should be performed for the prominent understanding of entire network infrastructure which is basic configuration of firewall. After the audit, network should be keep up to date and check software updates for the network infrastructure components. At that time, they also need to make sure about effective developing security plan and also try to prevent from the outsiders. In terms of this, the whole network should be encrypt undertaking the capability of client which natively supported by windows as well.

Use information gathering methods to assess, troubleshoot and document solutions to a number of different technical hardware, software and networking issues

Troubleshooting is the network which is quite difficult at the best time but also try to do this with limited data as it makes it more hard. A try to troubleshoot the network without prominent information leads to cause the wrong problem. It also depicts various components in terms of considering to be the part of problem (Siewiorek and Swarz, 2017). For instance, understand about the hardware, software or connectivity problem as most of the times computer users have patience in order to resolve technical problems, prominently undertaking the tight scheduling and lack of downtime. In terms of this, following steps are mentioned as under:

Identify the issues: It include the prominent identification of problem as it is not possible to find a prominent solution without considering the exact issue which is occurred in network. In terms of this, there are various ways to analyse the issue including information gathering with the help of questionnaires, survey and also identify the symptoms (Jiang, 2018).

Develop a theory of probable cause: For effectively solving issues it is important to undertake prominent changes regarding effective development and try to solve prominent issues that leads to cause suitable improvement. In this, it is important to effectively identify the problem considering the various circumstances. Furthermore, more and more details are gathered with the aim of eliminating variables and also consider error messages, event logs, diagnostic outcome and effective monitoring (Bondar and et. al., 2017).

Attempt a fix based on findings: For this, effective focused experimentation is important as to fix the problem root cause is essential. For this, individual can try tweaking changes settings that are concerned with the problem and swapping out of the faulty parts, update drivers and software and so on until the problem gets solve.

Conduct and document a range of maintenance activities with regards to computer hardware and software

The effective management of hardware and software become more complex for the corporate running for small number of applications. It depicts the complexity which leads to increase the number of corporate users working on the road and remote areas for effective management system. Moreover, it include the effective diagnostic and troubleshooting skills that describe various ways for improvement like availability of heuristic which contains thinking for the actual cause, confirmation bias that cause response for time metric for the evidence of problem and so on. In terms of improving the troubleshooting skills, it is important to aware, get feedback, practice, consider data and also identify what is happening. For this, an individual need to consider data, identify and aware about the biases and other challenges for troubleshooting in order to get problem solve much faster with better accuracy. Moreover, the future of IT troubleshooting is based on analytical approaches.

Information gathering methods and techniques

System document: It depicts the system which is used in terms of receiving, tracking, managing and storing documents for the elimination of paper. In terms of this, it is quite capable in terms of keeping record for several versions that are created and modified by various users. For this, the digital documents of management is based on computer programs (Benhlima, 2018). As this term has some overlap with the prominent concept of content management system. It is also viewed as the component of enterprise content management which is related with digital asset management, document imagining, effective workflow system and recording management systems.

User information: It include significant user related information which is duplication of IP addresses for quickly fixing the issues and taking preventive measures. Exhaustion of IP address as it use ipconfig command for the troubleshoot problem and other factors (Madhavan and et. al., 2018). For this, at the time of network troubleshooting it is important to undertake various informations for effective networking field which is important for the number of tools as it is used for troubleshoot for the variety of several network conditions. In terms of this, specific tools are useful that are subjective and discretion for the effective selection of tools as it based on generality and common use.

Error codes: At the time of doing computer programming an error code is occur in the numbered or alphanumeric code as it is determined as the nature of the error and why it is occurred. In C programming, it is mostly seen as many error codes are defined under the header file shown as . Moreover, it is also found in consumer electronics and other devices for the effective attempt to do something (Xu, Lin and Yu, 2017). They also passed off to the error handlers as it leads to determine about the actions that should be taken.

Error messages: It is undertaken as the message for the information display and it occurs at the time of unforeseen problem occurs. These messages are used when the user intervention is needed for the effective indication to desired operation and also relay on important warnings. These messages are widely seen throughout computing and also a part of every operating system.


From the preceding information, it is analyzed that a computer system is prominently a machine that leads to simplifying complicated tasks. Moreover, it leads to an increase the overall performance and leads to eliminate the cost for the effective power consumption. In the above report, various protocols and effective network devices are discussed. It also depicts the significant topologies and represents the effective use of information-gathering methods. Lastly, it represents the information-gathering techniques and methods that are used at the time of troubleshooting. Are you worried about assignment writing services in the UK at an affordable budget? Contact Now.

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