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Information Architecture - ALDI

University: Regent College London

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Organization Selected : ALDI


Technology has allowed organizations to install and use systems in an effective way. It has enabled storing large data set and keeping customer records. Besides, the database management system is used in managing records and segregating them. The database has benefited in connecting the entire system and communicating it. With this, the cost is been saved and information is easily been accessed. In addition, many new techniques are applied to improve retrieving of data. However, the semantic web is a technology used by businesses. Through it, data stores are created on the web.

The report will describe the problem which is faced by Aldi and how that is been solved by other organizations. Moreover, will be discussed solutions that can be implemented to solve that problem along with tools.

Critical Overview

A database is a systematic management of raw data and info. It is a data structure that stores large amount of info related to product, customer, employees, financial, etc. A database management system is a software that store, retrieve, manage, etc. data in database. The other function of database is it manipulate and validate data. Also, data is updated, insert, edit, etc. in database. There are various types of database which is used to store info. The use of database is accordingly to type of data.

In retail industry there are various types of products which is offered to customers. Also, an organisation is having a large customer base. So, they have to maintain huge records that include many things such as name, address, e mail id, etc. Alongside, they also have to keep records of suppliers, daily transactions, etc. Moreover, it is important to protect and secure data so that it is not accessed by third parties (Maloney and Bracke, 2017). Furthermore, company have to maintain strong relation with customers so that they are retained. With advancement in technology, more advanced database systems are been used.

Recently, with growth in sales and expansion in new market, huge storage database systems are required. This is because the current MS access database is not able to hold large data records. In addition to it, as Aldi offers variety of products and operate at global level so they have to maintain data in effective manner. The organisation is also engaged in various marketing activities. Another thing is daily transactions are stored as well in database. It has been analysed that current MS database system does not provide a good quality data. Sometimes, duplicate records are contained in it. For example - many time customer name and address are incorrect. Also, the data stored is not categorised that makes it complicated to search and access info. So, these all concern and problem are been faced by Aldi in database.

Along with it, there is high increase in volume of data. Due to this, it is difficult for company to maintain and store data. It has also led to making it complicated to categorise and store it. So, complexity has increased as well. In retail industry several issues are faced by other firms. They are also facing similar problem where good quality data is not stored in MS database. Sometimes, duplicate data is stored and accessed. Thus, it has resulted in open data and improper segregation. So, in order to address this issue other organisations have taken certain steps. It has enabled them to maintain good quality data.

It has been evaluated that first of all organisations have updated their entire IT infrastructure. They have installed new software and database. It has allowed them to store large data set. With this, the performance of database has improved (Schilling and et.al., 2017). The data is effectively stored and accessed. besides this, a centralised database is installed in it. It has made it easy to automatically update, delete, etc. data records. So, the duplicated data is identified and deleted. Henceforth, the processing to access data has increased as well. With high performance data, records are stored in segregated way. However, a backup of data is also taken that ensure its safety. So, in case of data loss the data is easily retrieved.

For example - tesco is using cloud computing CRM, salesforce. With help of it, they are easily able to store and access records. It is useful in improving organisation information. The data is documented and recorded in effective way. Furthermore, it is quantified and info is accessed quickly. Also, the communication with customers is improved. The software is also operated in mobile or any other device.


It is essential for Aldi to solve database concern and issues. It is because it will help in enhancing performance of database and eliminating duplication of data. Alongside, it will be useful for company to store large amount of data and info. Similarly, sales, marketing and financial transactions can be recorded along with customer data. However, it is necessary to store data in categorised way so that it can be easily accessed. With help of it, efficiency of data management is improved. Moreover, there will be proper link and communication between sales and marketing. From it, data is retrieved and extracted. The marketing unit will be able to get insight about target market, sales, customers, etc.

Thus, there are many solutions that can be applied in order to solve problem. The solutions have to be analysed so that its feasibility is identified. Furthermore, solution depend on type of problem. So, the solution are as follows :-

Cloud computing CRM- It is highly advance CRM database that can be used by Aldi. here, they can entirely shift database into cloud one. By using it, company can run database in real time on cloud. It can store large dataset and data is easily accessed through it. Also, cloud CRM provide high scalability and storage space.

Oracle database - this is also a solution available. The organisation can use oracle database for storing of data and info. It can be used for multi purpose activity. Database performs many task simultaneously that is running online transaction process, data warehouse, mixed database, etc. so, it will be useful in reducing duplication of data (Rosenfeld, Morville and Arango, 2015). Besides, it is hybrid cloud database that operate at private cloud.

Using application - In this solution an application can be used to identify data duplicate and delete it. The data stored in database can be filtered. However, use of app will help in checking data before it is entered into system. The app will act like a gateway through which data is filtered. Hence, duplication of data will be prevented.

Indexing- It is a way of creating a data structure in categorised way. Each record has a field which is unique. From that field, record is identified. Indexing is process of improving performance of database (Indexing in database, 2016). This is done by minimising number of disk access required to process a query. With help of it, data is easily located and accessed in database. There are three types of indexing technique used that are cluster, multi level and non cluster. For instance, a specific product is purchased by customer. Here, product is index and relevant field are its attribute. Therefore, it is suitable solution that can be applied by Aldi.

Information retrieval - the solution is applicable to retrieve information that is relevant to need of info. The process begins when query is entered (Huang, 2017). So, if it matches with information requirement. Basically, that specific info in searched only in specific document or meta data. In IR there are three components included that are document, user and searching sub system. However, in recent times, automated IR system are

Semantic and social web- It combines the technologies, methodologies and strategies from the semantic web, web 2.0 and the social software. Social Semantic web is the web of collective knowledge systems, which renders the information based on contribution to human and which will be better if more & more people participate in it. It was coined by Manuel Zackland and Jean-Pierre Cahier in 2003. Social Semantic Web is continuous process for eliciting the crucial knowledge for dominating with the help of semi-formal ontologies, folksonomies or taxonomies.

Here, the background of business is taken into considered. Thus, short and long term goals are formed for system. The short term goal is to install sperate system for CRM, sales and marketing. In future goal is to install a centralised database system and integrate it with cloud computing. Also, business plan of Aldi is to centralisation of all activities. In that various tasks will be performed like insert, edit, store, etc. data of sales, marketing and CRM. Besides, monitoring and controlling of system will be done (Eisele and et.al., 2017). In order to manage content an IT expert and manager is hired. He will look after it. Now, the content will be created through report and e mail. This can be used in preparing report and storing data. For new database system, IT infrastructure is updated. Different software and applications are required. It means cloud computing software, server, internet, etc. Apart from it, many other tools and equipment's is needed.

Strategy- A solution is executed by developing a strategy. It gives an insight on what tasks are to be done, resources used, etc.


Cloud computing is strategy which is being used by the company as this is very useful for company. It is the best strategy which can be used by the company for their further data management and enhancing the quality of their data (Dubey and et.al., 2018). The company can also use many other strategy which can be Oracle, Social and Semantic web, indexing, information retrieval and using application. But majorly the cloud computing will be used by the company so that they can manage their all data properly and controls their data. It is the cost saving strategy which can be used by company easily. It is very useful for company in improving the quality of data and arranging the data in organized manner so that it could be easily available to the company while the data is used by the company.

Cloud computing refers to the storage of the data on the cloud storage which can help users in saving the data in bulk. Cloud computing is helpful in various techniques which can be business efficiencies, cost benefits which can help in the evaluation of the data giving a competitive advantage. There are many advantages of the cloud computing some of them are mentioned below. Aldi takes the help of cloud computing which can help them in keeping up a large amount of data includes bills generated for the customers and many of the procedures which can help in the generation of data. Cloud computing will be a cost efficient technique for the Aldi as it gives a space for huge sum of data at very lower cost. Cloud computing helps in providing a security to various data which are stores and to be reflected. With the help of cloud computing it gives a change of watermarking which can help in the evaluation of data and by creating a copy which will be visible for users (Carr, 2015). Cloud computing is flexible as it can be accessed with the amount of data which are to be evaluated it is not reliable for the time and techniques. Cloud computing can be assessed from anywhere with the right amount of information to be accessed. With the help of cloud computing collaboration can be increased which can help in maintaining the data which can be used to collaborate. With the help of cloud computing the storage and the use of data for Aldi is made easier and quick. There is a control on content of data which can help in the growth if the Aldi quality of the data can be maintained and the use of the cloud can be ensured with safety and improved quality. There is a prevention of data from cloud as there are much software which work on the security of the data available on cloud. Need Assignment writing service UK from experts at the best price. Contact our experts.

There are many disadvantages of cloud computing which can affect the performance of Aldi. As cloud is dependent on networks there are many such cases that the networks are a major issue which can affect the performance of the work. With the poor network and lack of computer skills it is difficult for many of the workers to access cloud. There must be network which can be able to use virtual machines even if Aldi opt for IaaS. With no networks there is an outrage of the data which can create a chaotic condition (Aiash and Loo, 2015). There are limited features available with the storage space and limit access are provided for many of the firms which are greater lack the number of access of the cloud. With the help of poor connection there is a loss of control of the data which are harder to manage by the provider's data centre. The security is a bigger disadvantage with the cloud computing as they have sensitive issues which are helpful for the firm there are greater chance of data theft.

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