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Business Research Project

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Sample on Business Research Project

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CHAPTER 1: Introduction

1.1 Research Proposal

Research project description

Globalisation refers to the process through which two or more companies integrate together in order to maximise international economies. It also formulates a global network between people, company and worldwide which contributes in developing overall world together. Globalisation have enhanced number of growth options for the large scale companies to expand its business at international market in order to maximise its profitability ratio. Present research report is based on Walmart, a multi-national retail store which has its presence across the world. The company was founded by Sam Walton in 1962. Walmart is one among top retailers and operates its business operations in more than 25 countries. The main aim of this project is to analyse impact of globalisation over marketing function of TESCO It can be said that Walmart is executing its business operations in many country which makes its difficult for marketing team of this company to make strategies according to the need and requirement of new market. Therefore, overall research report will deeply elaborate about impact of Globalisation over marketing function of Walmart.

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1. Research Aim and Objectives

Research Aim

“To identify the impact of globalisation on marketing function of an organisation. A study on Walmart”.

Research objectives

  • To evaluate the concept of Globalisation.
  • To identify the role of globalisation on marketing function of Walmart.
  • To analyse the impact of globalisation on marketing functions of WALMART.
  • To determine the barriers Walmart can face while implementing the concept of globalisation;

Research Questions

  • Explain the concept of Globalisation?
  • What is the role of globalisation in marketing function of Walmart?
  • How to ascertain the barriers Walmart can face while implementing the concept of globalisation?
  • What is the impact of globalisation on marketing functions of WALMART?

2. Reason for choosing this research project

As per the modern business world, it has been identified that globalisation have completely changed working pattern of large as well as small business organisation as they can now easily maximise their profitability ratio. It can be said that globalisation have contributed in the enhancement of businesses but at the same time, it also has major impact over functions of marketing of the company. The main reason for choosing research project on Walmart is to identify different barriers which are impacting negatively over marketing functions of this company as this company is already operating its business activities in many countries and further planning to increase presence across global level. This research project will aware Walmart about various kind of challenges which might be faced by them while expanding its business in new country. Along with this, it will also find out some relevant ways through which impact of these challenges can be minimised.

CHAPTER 2: Literature Review

2.1 Literature review

Concept of globalisation

According to the point of view of......, it has been analysed that globalisation is integration of different countries, people and business organisation for the purpose of developing whole world together. It has been analysed that globalisation have completely changed working pattern of retail industry in positive manner. Concept of globalisation has made it easier for business organisation to expand their business in those countries from where they can generate more profits. It also creates huge number of opportunities for companies which can be attain by them ion order to generate maximum revenue.

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Apart from this, it has been evaluated that Globalisation is not only beneficial for business but it is also helpful for the people as well as government. For example: If an retail company like Walmart is expanding its business in under developed or a developing country, it creates job opportunity for its local citizen. This reduces percentage of unemployment level and also makes people to get job in their native country only. Along with this, employed people are now self independent and owns capability to fulfil their requirements by their own only. In relation to government, it can be said that if Walmart is expanding its business in new country then its beneficial for nation also as they are also getting income in the form of tax only. As a result, this collected tax contributes in the economic development of the country too.

In addition to this, it can be said that Globalisation also impacts positively on customers too. In order to support this statement, it has been realised that customers are now able to reach their desired products and services very easily in their native country only. This is only possible because of globalisation, as companies are now availing its products and services in various country which makes it easier for customers to explore new products and services in native country only. It also gives options to customers to compare and select the desired product in terms of quality, quantity, accessibility, prices and many other factors which influences purchasing behaviour of customers. It also gives opportunities to customers to try new products and services according to their pocket. As a result, it can be said that concept of globalistaion is beneficial for everyone and contributes equally contributes in the raising overall economy of the world.

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