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Relationship Marketing Assignment

6 Best Topics For a Relationship Marketing Assignment

20 Nov 2023


Table of Content

Customer relationship management involves various methods or plans to manage an organization and maintain a relationship with their present and future clients. It implements multiple strategies and technologies to organize the office. Apart from this, it automates and synchronizes the sales, marketing, and technical support teams. It is one of the most interesting and challenging fields to study for a management student, and that's why it is gaining popularity day by day. Because of this, the number of students enrolling for this course are increasing. Once after getting enrolled in management colleges, they to have to write various academic papers throughout their course.

Assignments on relationship marketing are the ones which frequently get assign by the professors. However, writing a plethora of assignments on this subject is not as easy as it looks like. Being management students, they have to choose a unique and relevant topic by own, which they mostly fail to do.

So, keeping this concern in mind, our writers who provide marketing assignment help services to students have enlisted a few suitable topics that can be helpful for such students.

Topics For Relationship Marketing Management Assignment

Being a management student, there might be chances that you too face several difficulties when your professor ask you to choose an assignment topic on relationship marketing by own. So, have a look at a few topics. Undoubtedly, they will be useful for you.

1. Customer Relationship Management in 3G Telecom

We have done research on the mindset of the various service providers. The question that is always on their mind is "how should a service provider build a point of contact to handle their clients in this 3rd generation mobile internet?" So, this can be a good area to research and you can easily come up with various ideas to write in your assignment.

2. The Role of Analytical CRM in Maximizing Customer Profitability

e-CRM is the most widely accepted CRM system which includes operational, analytical, and collaborative CRM. e-CRM has gained significant interest among scholars and practitioners, but analytical CRM is neglected by them.

So, an assignment on this will enable readers to know the reason behind this.

3. Feasibility Study and Implementation of CRM in Hotel Industry

The main purpose of writing an assignment on this topic is to make readers aware of the feasibility study and application of CRM in the hotel industry. With the increasing globalization, competition, higher consumer turnover, and growing customer acquisition, CRM is playing a very important role in various sectors.

4. Can Customer Loyalty Programs Build Trust?

The consumer market is becoming more competitive day by day, and the first question that is always on the mind of the every various business owner is that "what should they do in order to gain the loyalty of new customers as well as sustain the already ones?" So, through this write-up, you can explain that whether a customer loyalty program can really build trust or not?

5. CRM in Fashion Companies

An assignment on this topic will revolve around the role of CRM in fashion companies. The business approach in this sector actually rose in the late 80s, but got well implemented by every sector in 2000s. So, through your extensive research, you can show why all this happened.

6. Managing Customer Relations Over the Internet

The virtual exchange is the method for bringing the seller as well as buyers together at a common platform without visiting the marketplace. The internet is changing every facet of life. So, the purpose of writing this paper is to find how customers can be managed digitally.

So, these were the list of some of the most intriguing and interesting topics that you can choose for your next relationship marketing management. Writing on any of these topics will require extensive research, and because of that, you will gain thorough knowledge.

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