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university scams for students

Scams That Are Targeted at University Students

23 Mar 2023

5 minutes


Scams That Happened with University Students

When scholars leave their hometown to pursue their degree course in another city, they are at risk of various things. Most of the students struggle a lot to manage their things all by themselves, especially the finances. One of the most frustrating things to which the students are exposed to are scams! These work for scammers if they target new students. And, what is even more ironical is that they could have been avoided if scholars were a bit aware.

The University assignment help experts associated with Instant Assignment Help have come up with a few popular tricks for the university students. Take a read below to get enlightened of them.

1. Fake Emails from the Student Loan Company

In this, the scammers send emails that seem to be from the Student Loan Company, but are sent from the imposters. If you receive an email and you’re not sure whether it’s legitimate or not, investigate it carefully. Scammers will try to panic you, either by saying that your account has been suspended or it's compromised, and you need to email back your bank details or other identifying information urgently to receive your loan payments. If you receive any such email, then do not just believe in it blindly, confirm the same from your bank.

2. Phoney landlords

A legitimate landlord can leave you feeling ripped-off by charging high administrative fee and deposits, but phoney landlords go one step further. Their main target is students from overseas who may have to find accommodation swiftly. The fraudsters put up fake advertisements for rental houses or apartments that don’t even exist or belong to them. They take the deposited money or other fee submitted, and then disappear, leaving the student to suffer. The best way to avoid them is asking to visit the property before depositing any amount.

3. Money laundering

If you are befriended by a student who claims that he is not able to access his bank account and needs your help, then be alert! He might be pushing you in money laundering which is punishable for approximately ten years. Students are often lured by the idea of helping their friend in need and fall for this.

4. Fake jobs

You see an advert for a great job. You apply with a lot of expectations. The employer is so impressed with your application that (s)he doesn’t even want to interview you. They just want you to join them. The only thing that they need from you before starting is to pay an administration fee, and amount for a “Disclosure and Barring Service Check”. If you ever come across any such job profile, then just back off immediately. This is one of the scams!

5. Catfishing

This is possibly the most heartbreaking thing that can happen to students. They often get duped by the fake identities on social networking sites and online dating websites. The person on the other side eventually demands for monetary support after getting indulged in a relationship. Many a time, Catfishing is also intended to seek revenge or commit identity theft. To avoid any such instance, try socializing with people physically rather than virtually.

Now you are all aware of some scams that you might be exposed to, and thus you should be wary and not commit a mistake that costs you a fortune.

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