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Rolfe Reflective Model: A Journey to Self Discovery

Reflect, Learn, Evolve with the Rolfe Reflective Model

16 Jan 2024


Table of Content

If you are stuck with a challenge and unable to reach the solution, diving into the models of reflection helps you to evaluate and analyze the situation to get the desired solution to the problem. Rolfe model of reflection is one of the popular models for reflecting an action. You do not need to worry. It is simple to follow and not as extensive and lengthy as the Gibbs Reflective Cycle. It was designed initially for the nursing, care, and education sectors, but it has gained popularity now in every domain as it has become easy to glance at and understand the problem. You can also call it the simplest framework, with only three stages to look at. Even if you struggle, you have the option to seek the guidance of experts by availing assignment Writing service.

Moreover, the blog will provide exemplary knowledge of the concept and its three stages to help you find the appropriate strategy to undergo self-introspection and follow the right path for the outcome.

What is the Meaning and Purpose of Rolfe Reflective Model?

The human mind is more complex than it appears to be. It is the human tendency to make a simple situation complex. So, for that, a framework is developed by Professors Gary Rolfe, Dawn Freshwater, and Melanie Jasper, known as "The Rolfe et al reflective model". It was designed for the nursing and allied fields to support them in reflecting on a situation by going through a ride of experience, feelings, and actions. The purpose is to break the complex task into easy and simple steps to follow.

The inspiration behind the framework was the reflective prompts used by Terry Borton for creating educational materials. Moreover, the Rolfe model works cyclically with three stages. The questions under the three stages are crucial to ask to reflect on a cause. So, reading the next section of the blog will help you understand the Rolfe Reflective Model example in detail.

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The 3 Stages of the Rolfe Reflective Model Framework

There are multiple models of reflection for you to evaluate and analyze a specific event. Out of these, are you also thinking of "Why use Rolfe reflective model only?" The reason for its popularity lies in its simplicity. It only consists of three stages and is feasible for the students to use to describe, analyze, and frame an action plan.

3 stages of reflective models
Rolfe et al reflective model suggests a series of questions you must ask to get a better insight. If you have trouble understanding, search for academic writing services that the experts provide to help the students with their assignment writing work. Apart from the guidance of experts, the three stages of the Rolfe et al reflective model break a situation, and the first focuses on the description of what has happened. The next stage tells about what the implications will be, and lastly, it deals with what to do!


The first stage of the model includes the description of the event. The question you have to ask in this must start with "What". It makes the readers analyse and grasp the situation's context. Here's a list of examples of questions to understand the stage:

  • What is the issue/problem/cause?
  • What is the difficulty that obstructs the flow?
  • What was the reason for the success?
  • What was my role in the situation?
  • What were the consequences of the action?
  • What was positive/negative about the situation?
  • What was the scope of improvements?
  • What were the results?
  • What were your feelings in the entire situation?
  • What were the feelings of other members?
  • What were your actions to take?
  • What were your aims to achieve the result?

So What?

In the second situation, you extract the meaning of what. It builds the knowledge and theory. Here are some examples of the questions:

  • On what basis your actions were framed?
  • What were you learning?
  • What was going on in your mind?
  • What is your understanding?
  • What are the significant approaches to use in the situation?
  • What could be done in that particular scenario?
  • What brings out the best learning from the entire situation?
  • What issues are highlighted in the situation?

Now What?

Do not worry; it is the last stage and is action-oriented. It includes the improvements for the future and focuses on the result of the outcome. The question under this starts from "Now what?". Here are the Rolfe Reflective Model example questions for the third stage:

  • Now, what should be your next move?
  • Now what action to use to fix the issue?
  • Now, what should we avoid in the future?
  • Now, what learning to take from this experience?
  • Now, what have others grasped from this?
  • Now, what areas do we need to address for action?
  • Now, what broader steps should be considered?

These were the basic guide of questions for you to understand the stages. However, with each model comes its limitations and benefits, and so is the case here. So, the next section will discuss the benefits of Rolfe's reflective model along with its limitations.

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Rolfe Reflective Model Pros and Cons

Every model has its pros and cons attached to it. The same is the case with Rolfe Reflective Model. So, understand them before you select the approach to analyze your work.



Rolfe model of reflection only has three stages, which makes it simple to use.

It can not be utilized under various situations as not every event permits you to think and then act.

It becomes easy to understand a complex situation by dividing it into simple stages.

It is time-consuming, as you must go through each stage.

By observing the situation in the three steps, it is easy to frame a conclusion and an action plan.

To achieve an outcome for the future, you have to start the process from the beginning only.

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