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Popular Greek Words

Popular Greek Words That You Should be Aware of

19 Jun 2017

5 minutes


Most Popular Greek Words 

As a student, you must be searching new ways to improve your writing. One of the easiest way of doing so is include the words from foreign language. This illustrates your knowledge of multiple languages and helps you gain extra marks without putting in much effort. One such language from where you can import words is Greek. This is an independent branch of Indo-European family of languages. The experts offering online assignment writing service convey that Greek is not only limited to Greece but also the parts of Eastern Mediterranean. Also, this particular language is influential, and many English words are directly derived from the Greek. Read further to get enlightened of the words with their meanings that you can include in your writing.


The word means highest point of a structure. To be more exact, the peak or zenith of something is termed as ‘acme.' For example: The acme of the power was depicted by the ruler of Rome around 117 AD.


When broken down into two, the word ‘Acro’ means at the extremities, and ‘polis’ means city. Thus, the overall term is used to define the cities that were built with security purpose in mind. Usually, this is used to describe the ancient city of Greece, but can be used for any other city as well.


In ancient times, the word meant an area that is more like an open marketplace. With the evolution of literature, the word is used to refer to any kind of assembly or congregation.


Meaning a formal ban or a deadly curse, this can also refer to someone or something which is extremely negative, being hated or damned. A strange fact about this word is that the original meaning of this word in Greek was “something offered to the God.”


The original term is used to define a medical condition in which an individual has an acute deficiency of the red blood cells or Hemoglobin. However, the term is now used to define many other aspects as well. One of which is while referring to any sort of deficiency that lies at the core of a system or organization.


Translated as “accustomed place,” it refers to unusual characteristics peculiar to a specific person, culture or movement. The synonyms of this are essence, mood, temper, feeling, etc.


This exclamation is used to show the celebration of discovery. It is attributed to the famous mathematician Archimedes, who found that the water displaced must be equivalent to the volume of the part of the body that has been submerged. Since then it is used widely by the professionals.


This is used in the first book of Bible and also in the title of Terminator series movie, the native meaning of this word is birth or origin. There are many synonyms for this which include beginning, onset, start, spring, and dawn.


Many people wrongly believe in the fact that a phobia means fear. In reality, this is much more than that; phobia is an irrational and exaggerated fear of someone or something. The fear can be associated with different activities, situations, things or people.


Kudos means glory, usually resulting from an achievement. It is imperative to notice that in Greek and the Standard British English, Kudos is a singular noun. However, in the US, it is often used in a plural form as well.

Hope you are aware of the Greek words that you can use in day to day life. If you enjoyed reading the blog, then do not forget to share it with your family and friends.

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