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Pointless Inventions Ever Made

4 Most Pointless Inventions Ever Made

07 Dec 2017


You can find pointless inventions everywhere nowadays. Walk into a Walmart store if there aren't enough crappy products on social media, online shops, mini marts, mega-marts, or shopping malls.

The definition for pointless inventions goes something like, "A product created, maintaining all the seriousness and enthusiasm but doesn't perform any useful task." These products claim to reduce your efforts towards completing a task, but the functions that they perform don't require too much effort.

For years, humans have invented a lot of things, like electricity, airplanes, telephones, etc. Practically, we invented everything. Although in later years, we ran out of useful inventions. Apparently, our mind did not, and that's when we started developing pointless stuff like:

1. Toilet Golf

Do you still prefer taking your Bluetooth headphones to the dump? Not anymore. Install this great putting mat on your feet and play golf whenever constipation attacks. You also get a ‘Do Not Disturb' door sign so you can play on regular days. If you are addicted to golf, you can spend a whole day with your golf kit inside your bathroom.

2. Shoe Umbrella

Why? Is it just to become a laughing stock or does it do anything at all? Yes, it does protect the front half of your feet from getting wet if you are wearing a specific kind of shoes. But the water flows, right? Thinking about which, if the water creeps inside and dampens your toes and ankles, then is this product really helpful? Maybe.

3. Butter Stick

Are you too tired of lifting a knife to apply butter to your bread? Fear not. The butter stick is here. It saves you the extra effort of slicing the hardest material on the earth, butter. Just take the stick, roll it out, and apply on your bread. Also, the joke's not on you. It's the evolution that messed up.

4. USB Pet Rock

Here's a rock with a USB wire connected to it. The other end attaches to your laptop. Attach it to your system and observe it acting like a rock. When paired, it starts walking, driving, downloading, breathing, partying, and cooking just as a rock would do. Still, a wiser investment than human, though.

Note:- No, we are not endorsing Dwayne Johnson, at all.

It is commonly advised to choose the path of innovation if inventions are just not your thing. Many would agree to that; a few won't. It's important for the inventor to create something that counts as useful. There hasn't been a single sustainable invention since we invented firepower.

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