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How to Write a Research Paper Conclusion?

How to Write an Effective Research Paper Conclusion?

01 Mar 2024

13 minutes


All's Well, That Ends Well is one of the oldest and most accurate sayings in the English language. It is one reason people pay attention to the outcome of any result. It does not matter how much you have researched, studied, or written until the conclusion is on point. A research paper is one of the most vital types that any student gets the chance to draft. Moreover, if they can write a research paper conclusion that fits the outcome, there is nothing that can stop their document from getting published and recognized.

Students can find enough material to support their arguments. However, what they are unable to do is convert the reader into a believer, and that can only be done with the help of a perfect research paper conclusion.

In this blog, you will learn how to write a strong research paper conclusion and the best conclusion examples that you can use as a reference. So, without further ado, look at the upcoming section to know the meaning and purpose to serve in the conclusion of a research paper.

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Meaning & Purpose of Research Paper Conclusion

The conclusion of your research paper is nothing but the last paragraph of your entire work. The purpose of it is to summarize your complete document. Moreover, the section is necessary to write, as it leaves a lasting impression on the reader. Through this, the person reading your work can review the critical points that are there in the text. It is the most effective section in which the writer can tie all the information together. Also, it is one of the most vital parts of writing a research paper.

The length of the section depends on the type of document. In general, it is one paragraph long. However, more complicated texts can have a lengthy conclusion section. Moreover, under this piece, it is a must to avoid counting new details, but only to re-frame the points or add a new perspective on the same topic. So, to help you sort all the things together, the further section talks about the elements to add along with the points that you must avoid while writing a research paper conclusion.

Do's and Dont's of Research Paper Conclusion

While framing the last section, there are certain specialties that you must include, as well as a few points to neglect. So, glance at the table below to know the crucial points that make your conclusion perfect. Moreover, it also contains the key elements that you must not include in a research paper conclusion



Keep it short and precise.

Avoid giving unnecessary details.

Provide a brief overview.

No new information must be added.

Address all the research questions.

Do not add methodology or result.

Restate the main points and stress the importance of the thesis.

Avoid common opening phrases like, "in conclusion" or "to sum up" etc.

Must develop a sense of closure.

Do not ignore negative results.

Draw a parallelism between an introduction and a conclusion.

Avoid sentimental phrases and emotional sentences.

So, these were the do's and dont's of a research paper conclusion that you must remember while drafting it. After you keep track of the instructions, no one can stop you from writing a perfect final paragraph. So, follow the steps given below for writing a research paper conclusion, and do not forget to add the necessary information.

How to Write a Good Conclusion for a Research Paper?

A research paper is a type of academic paper that is lengthy and, at the same time, it is vital for students to write. While framing the work, students give their hundred percent in researching the topic, but they forget the primary aspect of connecting it with the readers. So, let's see how you can write a research paper conclusion that not only helps you prove your point but also connects with the audience.

There are five simple steps that you can follow to write a research paper conclusion:

1. Recap Your Research Topic

2. Acknowledge Your Thesis Statement

3. Brief All the Important Points

4. Mention The Outcomes & Their Significance

5. Pen Your Final Thoughts

Step #1 - Recap Your Research Topic

As you already know, the document in itself is a lengthy paper to read. If your paper is engaging and the sections are vivid, the reader might lose track of what was the main motive of the research. That is why it is advisable to begin your conclusion by summarizing your research topic for the reader. It helps them recall and connect everything that they have read so far in the entire document.

Step #2 - Acknowledge Your Thesis Statement

A thesis statement is the central idea of your research paper and you aim to prove that the thesis statement that you have chosen is correct. It depends on the nature of the research and the facts that you discover about the subject. However, you should always consider the statement while writing the conclusion. It helps your reader to understand the process better.

Step #3 - Brief All the Important Points 

The next thing to do is summarize all the essential points of your paper. It could be anything like your findings, research outcomes, things that you thought, etc. It helps refresh the memory of the reader about the things you have achieved through your research. In short, include all the major points that you have discussed in the entire research paper. 

Step #4 - Mention The Outcomes & their Significance>

This step goes in the continuation of the previous step. Discuss the results that you briefly got from the research. Put forward the significance of each result as to how it contributes to your thesis statement and whether you expected the same or not. It will help you establish credibility as well as remind the reader about the outcome.

Step #5 - Pen Your Final Thoughts 

Last but not least, always give the ending a personal touch. Write your mind out, whether you were successful in the research, what were the drawbacks, and what did you expect from the paper. If you have a call to action related to your aim, do mention it in the last few lines. These are the ones that leave a lasting impression on the reader's mind.

Thus, it is how you write a conclusion for a research paper. So, follow these steps to draft a perfect end. Moreover, for easy understanding, the next part of the blog can provide a clear understanding with the help of an example.

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Learning Through a Research Paper Conclusion Examples

You can find various examples on the internet on the topic of research paper conclusion, as well as libraries that will help you understand the process. Hence, grow your understanding and get your concept cleared with the help of a quick reference. So, to support you in finding the best, look at the perfect example of a conclusion research paper:-

Example of a Research Paper Conclusion

The following is an extracted conclusion from a student's research paper based on "How recycling helps the environment?".So, check out how the example follows all the steps in a precise manner and without leaving the essence.

"The purpose of the paper is to show, "How recycling helps our environment?"By doing this, we reduce waste, cut down on pollution, and conserve resources. It's like giving our planet a helping hand. So, remember, whether it's plastic, or glass, keeping it in the recycling bin makes a big difference. We all play a part in making our Earth clean and healthy. Hence, let's keep recycling and making choices that benefit not just us, but the world we live in. Thus, together, we can create a brighter, greener future."

Similar research paper conclusion examples can be easily found online. You can also visit the samples section of our website to see some of the finest conclusions in a research paper. Our writers have been working in the field for a while, and there is no such thing as impossible for them. You can refer to their examples and set your conclusion accordingly. Moreover, if you are looking for someone to help, the next section can be of great use too. So, what are you waiting for? Take a quick look at the information provided to make the best use of it.

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Are Research Paper Conclusion Difficult? Let Us Finish It in Style!

By now, you might have an idea about how you can write a research paper conclusion. The process is tiring, and that is why, by the time students end the task, they are already fed up. Hence, they make mistakes in the section, which costs their entire hard work. If you are still in doubt about the issue," How to write a conclusion for a research paper?" do not worry. You can leave all your concerns to the professional writers of Instant Assignment Help. We are here to support and add quality data that makes your text appealing. So, do not hesitate to seek; our support.

To wrap up, we hope you find this blog interesting and helpful. So, good luck with your paper, and do not panic; if you have a task in hand. Always remember, All's well that ends well!

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