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4 Main Types of Sentences

4 Major Types of Sentences & Importance of Sentence Structuring!

17 Sep 2022


Hey, Everyone!

Hope you all are doing well in your studies & having fun in your academic life. Today, we will discuss the various types of sentences and their structure elaborately. In general, sentences are the combination of words that leads to a meaningful conversation. A wrongly structured sentence can change the message and its essence. That’s why you need to be very careful while forming the structure of a sentence. 

In this blog, we will discuss the various factors that affect a conversation. So, let’s begin the blog with sentence structure. 

A Brief Introduction to the Sentence Structuring

A sentence structuring requires several aspects and elements that combine the various words and make it a meaningful sentence. A sentence can have numerous words, but it should not be wordy. Concise, complex, and compound are three structure types that help to create a perfect sentence. 

Let’s first know the 6 elements that are common in all of these structure types. It can help to maintain the rules and sentence formation. 

6 Elements to Create a Perfect Sentence Structure – 

  1. The first letter of the first word should be in capital of all the new sentences.
    Example - She has a beautiful smile. 
  2. Every sentence will end with a punctuation sign like – full-stop, question mark, exclamatory mark, etc.
    Example – She has a beautiful smile.
    Why she has a beautiful smile?
  3. A subject should be mentioned once in the entire sentence. It should not repeat in the same sentence again.
    Example – Rihana, you have a beautiful smile.
  4. A sentence contains a verb, but at some places replaced with a verb phrase.
    Example – She has a beautiful smile.
    She won a contest for it. 
  5. Subject + Verb + Object, this order is followed by every sentence.
    Example  - She (subject) has (verb) a beautiful smile (object).
  6. An independent clause that can stand alone is a must for every sentence to reflect a complete idea.
    Example - She has a beautiful smile.

Above are the various aspects that are necessary to insert in a sentence to make formation perfect. Now, we will move to the three sentence structures that are simple, complex, & compound sentences. Let’s elaborate on these three types and know more about them, starting with the simple sentence. 

What Is a Simple Sentence?

A sentence that conveys complete information independently with only one clause is called a simple sentence. 

For example

  1. I like the way you talk to your mom. 
  2. It has been a great joy to visit my grandma’s house. 
  3. You can call me anytime. 
  4. We are five brothers & sisters.
  5. My mom is the best support of mine. 

What Is a Complex Sentence?

The complex sentence is a combination of both dependent & independent clauses that results in a meaningful sentence. The dependent clause has both- the subject & verb but cannot stand alone, whereas the independent clause can justify its own meaning clearly. 

For Example

  1. Because my food was too cold, I warmed it again on the gas.
  2. Although she is pretty, she is still not my friend.
  3. She returned the dress after she noticed it was torn.
  4. Whenever costing goes up, clients decrease to shop for the product.
  5. As he was dedicated and intelligent, he became a head monitor in less time.
  6. Wherever we go, we can always experience the beauty of nature.
  7. Evergreen trees are the best symbol of fertility as they do not wilt in any season.
  8. Although the web series was very long, still, I enjoyed it a lot.
  9. You should take this printing machine for a service because it's starting to make weird noises.
  10. The actor will be always happy whenever he gets a part in a movie even though the part is small.
  11. After the flood near this area, there is very little standing left here.
  12. The movie was very interesting, as I was expecting it to be.
  13. When he was younger, he believed in God but not anymore.
  14. You can save this coupon; in case you come back to the mall tomorrow.

This is all about for the students who ask, ‘What is a complex sentence?’ Hope, these examples will help you to understand the use and concept of complex sentences. 

Now, let’s move forward to the next common question, that is, what is a compound sentence? If you are too curious to know, here is the end of your curiosity. Below is the complete introduction with examples. 

What Is a Compound Sentence?

The combination of two clauses independently connected with a comma, semicolon, or conjunction is called a compound sentence. The independent clause conveys the complete thought as it has a subject and verb in it.

For Example

  1. She did not copy to the tune, for it was not the correct thing to do.
  2. I really need to go to school, but I am too sick to sit the whole day.
  3. I am working on my diet, yet I really want to eat street food.
  4. He left with no money, so he had to stop gambling.
  5. They got early for the movie, and they really got good seats.
  6. The sky is beautiful; the stars are icing on the cake.
  7. The thunderclaps were all around us; it was a dangerous sight.
  8. There was a lockdown situation in the country; therefore, the roads were easily passable.
  9. Come back on Friday; I will see if Shreya has arrived.
  10. She said she won’t visit there on Monday; many people saw her there.
  11. Are you starting class now or waiting for the rest to get here?
  12. It was getting dark, and we weren't near the house yet.
  13. Pigeons are good pets for those who are bird lovers.
  14. We have never visited America, nor to Australia.
  15. She doesn’t like to visit the doctor, yet she went anyway.

Above is brief information with examples for the students who keep searching for an answer to the question- what is a compound sentence? As now you know everything about the sentence structure, it’s time to learn the importance. 

Have you ever wondered why it is necessary? Below is the complete importance of the sentence structure that everyone must know. 

What Is the Importance of Sentence Structuring?

The crystal clear expression of your ideas framed in various writing shows the importance of sentence structure very well. A well-structured sentence aims to communicate more with fewer words. 

The writing always aims to draft a complete sentence with accurate meaning & punctuation. A well-structured sentence will always contain a verb, expresses a complete idea, and makes sense even when written alone. 

What Are the 4 Different Types of Sentences?

Different tone or expressions that we use in our conversation reflects the different types of sentences. The sentence that asks a question, shows curiosity, does comparison, declares a result, or shows any shocking expressions are all considered as the various types of sentences. 

There are 4 major sentence types, which can be considered as the most used and easy to learn. Below are the various types of sentences with examples that will help you learn more about the sentences. 

1. Declarative Sentence

When someone makes a direct statement or provides their opinion, they use the declaration sentences. We can say that declaring any situation will come under this type. 

For Example

  1. She walks on the street.
  2. He dances on every occasion.
  3. They like rafting.
  4. David is very happy.
  5. My dog is white.
  6. Cats are cunning.
  7. She is sixteen years old.
  8. The moon is white.
  9. We love the burger.
  10. The bike is unique.

2. Interrogative Sentence

Whenever someone asks a question from another person or group of persons, he uses the interrogative sentence. Who, what, where, when, why, how, or do, are the questioning words to start a sentence of these types, which ends with the question mark.

For Example

  1. Where is your new dog?
  2. How are you feeling now?
  3. What is the right way to wash jeans?
  4. Where should I have forgotten my wallet?
  5. When are the best days to visit the zoo?
  6. Why were you feeling so angry that day?
  7. To whom shall I ask to sign my test result?
  8. Who did you give your English coursebook to?
  9. Which is the best shot of Ronaldo in this League?
  10. Why is there no water on other planets except the earth?

3. Imperative Sentence 

Whenever someone gives a command or makes a request to someone else, they use the imperative sentence. Most probably, this type ends with an exclamatory mark. 

For Example

  1. Get out!
  2. Wait for me!
  3. Clean the house.
  4. Be there at seven.
  5. Shut the back door.
  6. Find my mini skirt.
  7. Move out of my way!
  8. Consider the white dress.
  9. Complete this project by Friday.

4. Exclamative Sentence 

Whenever someone expresses their feelings like excitement, surprise, happiness, and anger, they use exclamative sentences. This type is called exclamative, as it ends with an exclamation mark at the end. 

For Example

  1. What a beautiful dress!
  2. How well she walks!
  3. Thank you, Amira!
  4. She is such a wise person!
  5. Happy birthday, Sami!
  6. That is such a marvelous pendant!
  7. Eliza’s gift was so amazing!
  8. That egg dish was so yum!
  9. How bright they have grown in the sunlight!

Above are the various types of sentences with examples explained. It can help you understand the use of these kinds. You should learn these as it will help you to construct & write a perfect sentence every time. 

Every sentence consists of subject + verb + object, which means your sentences are ready to convey a meaningful message to the readers. If even a single element is skipped, the meaning of the line will change entirely. 

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