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Persuasive Speech Tips

How to Structure, Write & Deliver a Persuasive Speech?

30 Dec 2023

10 minutes


Hello Students!

So, getting ready to deliver a persuasive speech, huh?

Sounds amazing! Wait, are you nervous right now? Need some help?

If yes, then this blog is just for you! Instant Assignment Help experts have compiled some persuasive speech tips to help you prepare and deliver an impressive persuasive speech. Want to get started? Join in...

What Is a Persuasive Speech? Explain It's Importance?

Let's begin with what a persuasive speech is and why it's important for students.

Persuasive speech is where the speaker tries to convince the audience and persuade them to believe his opinion is the right point of view. He tries to make the audience build trust in him and do what he wants from them.

We can take an example of a salesman pitching a politician campaigning, participants in a debate, and other such instances. But do you know why it is important?

This is important to spread the information faster than usual, make things more organized, and convince the management, team, customer, or trainers.

Now that we looked into what this topic is about and why it's important let's get an idea about its structure in the below section.

How to Structure a Persuasive Speech?

The way you present your thoughts and ideas also make a huge impact on the audience. This is why it is important for you to plan your speech in advance and arrange your thoughts in the right order. Here is a simple structure suggested by our experts that you can follow for your persuasive speech.

1. A short & warm greeting

Begin your speech with a short yet warm greeting. It can just be a good morning with your name following. Remember to make this sound professional and not personal.

2. Attention-grabbing hook

The audience hardly spares a few minutes to decide whether the topic is interesting or boring. So, make sure to add an attention-grabbing hook at the start that can hold them till the end.

3. Define the problem & solution

Now, it's time you put forward the problem or introduce the topic you've chosen. Then accordingly, present a solution to the defined problem in the content.

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4. Argue your points with evidence

The next is the paragraph where you provide minimum 3 arguments along with evidence. You should have supportive sentences to present your arguments.

5. Summarize the speech smartly

At last, it's time for a conclusion. Here, you need to summarize the speech using a hook, call to action, and any interesting fact or information.

These are the 5 sections you should include in your persuasive speech structure to make it look organized and easy to understand. Now, let's look into some tips to write a persuasive speech.

How to Write a Persuasive Speech?

Before you actually start delivering your speech, you have to write it down to understand, analyze, and edit before finalizing. And during that process, you might face some difficulties such as 'how to write a persuasive speech introduction?' 'how to present the argument?' 'how to oppose your sentence without making it look contradictory' and many more.

And, to overcome these, you need to know some tips from our experts which help them when they have to do the same task as well. So, why more delay? Let's get started:

1. Decide the topic

The first tip is to get clear with the topic. A clear topic is like a path set to reach your destination. All you now need to do is just follow the path.

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2. Brainstorm for ideas

The next tip is brainstorm. Though this might seem simple or boring, you still need to do this. It is because the more you brainstorm about a topic, the more and better ideas you can get on it.

3. Set short goals

This is one of the most efficient tips because when you have clear and set goals, then the whole process becomes challenging- a task you want to finish at the earliest.

4. Know your audience

This is, again, an important tip. When you are clear about the audience you are addressing, it becomes easy to mold your content accordingly and impress them easily.

5. Know where to stop

Sometimes out of the excitement of delivering a speech or after finding an interesting piece of knowledge, students unknowingly tend to stuff the information. Thus, it is very important to understand where and when to stop.

These are the top 5 tips you can follow when you're writing the speech. Now, let's take a look at some tips that can help you in delivering the speech in a flawless manner.

How to Deliver a Persuasive Speech?

Writing a speech is quite different from delivering one. This is because when you are writing, you have enough time to read, edit, and revise the work. But, when it about delivering, words once spoken cannot be taken back. So, you need to be extra careful. But, don't worry; our experts have some professional tips to help you! Let's take a look at them.

1. How to Start a Persuasive Speech?

The first category we will be looking into is "How to Start a Persuasive Speech Introduction?" 

  1. Prepare beforehand
  2. Address the audience
  3. Maintain eye-contact with all
  4. Have a predefined conclusion
  5. Be confident and clear

These are 5 simple tips you must follow when you start the introduction of the speech.

2. How to Deliver a Persuasive Speech?

The next category is the time phase when you are actually delivering the speech. Here are a few tips to boost your energy.

  1. Feel free to use hand gestures
  2. Make the speech look interactive
  3. Do not simply add only stats or facts 
  4. Complete a point before jumping into another
  5. Maintain frequency and tone of speech

These are some simple tips that can help you deliver the speech with better accuracy and confidence.

3. How to End a Persuasive Speech?

In this category, you need to decide how to end the speech in a way that leaves the maximum and positive impression on the audience. So, here are some tips that can help you with the same:

  1. Add an emotional touch to the speech
  2. Conclude the result/outcome of speech in brief
  3. Focus on the audience & divert the conclusion accordingly
  4. Include a call-to-action at the end of the speech
  5. Recall the arguments mentioned in the speech

These are some simple yet effective tips you can implement to end the speech in an interesting manner.

But, even after these tips, you are dubious and need help from experts, then you can turn to us. Wondering why? Read the below-section.

Need Some Professional Help with Your Persuasive Speech?

Students often get stuck when they have to write or deliver a persuasive speech. For them, this blog can help them know some effective tips. But, if you need help or assistance, you can reach out to our experts. We have a team of professionals who hold years of experience in their respective fields and can help you excel at persuasive speech writing and delivering. And the best part is, we deliver top-notch quality content at affordable prices. So, without a second, reach out to us and score high grades.

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