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List of 65+ Best Persuasive Essay Topics

65+ Unique Persuasive Essay Topics with Tips for Writing

07 Feb 2024


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Are you in need of an expert who can help you to select the best persuasive essay topics? Are you near the deadline for submission? We're here to help!

We know that most of you see it as a challenge because it becomes more difficult to craft the document on persuasive essay topics. Moreover, it should be catchy and should strongly justify your statement. Thus, you can often get help from our professionals on how to select an appropriate topic, as it needs proper research before selecting the title.

Hence, the further sections of the blog will serve you with a detailed guide on what this is and a list of the higher English persuasive essay topics.

Explain the Concept of Persuasive Essay

Persuasive essay writing is a text in which you try to convince your reader about your point of view. It is very crucial to understand the perspective of your target audience as it will help you to write a perfect paper. Therefore, it is best to choose the one from a list of good persuasive essay topics.

Moreover, you express your thoughts by presenting the argument ideas to draw attention towards your document. Hence, it is true that many of you face the problem of selecting the best persuasive essay topics and writing them. So, do not worry as further you will read about the same which will resolve all your queries.

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65+ Unique and Excellent Persuasive Topics

Most of you are always searching for the best persuasive essay topics to stand out among scholars. However, sometimes you face challenges to find the one. Therefore, we have provided several topics in the below section so that you can get the best help. Moreover, you can also ask our experts "Can you do my essay for me?" If you have trouble in writing one, as well.

Til then, let's read the segment below. 

Educational Persuasive Essay Topics

1. Are private schools better than public schools?

2. Learning a foreign language is helpful for students?

3. How does social media affect student's learning?

4. Should uniforms be mandatory for the students?

5. How is the current grading system fair and effective?

6. How does doing homework help students to learn more?

7. Explain the best ways to reduce cheating in academic exams

8. Should students be aware of sex education?

9. Which is more effective: Classroom learning or online learning?

10. Is taking a gap year after high school helpful for students?

Health Persuasive Essay Topics

11. Is testing medicines on animals ethical? 

12. Should physical education be mandatory for student's health? 

13. How do physical health and mental health affect? 

14. Is eating packed food good for health?

15. What is the best way to reduce the teen pregnancy rate?

16. Should vitamins and healthy supplements be more tightly regulated?

17. Should maternity leave for women be guaranteed?

18. Are low-fat diets more effective for weight loss?

Sports Persuasive Essay Topics

19. What are the benefits of team sports?

20. Is it more fun to play sports rather than to watch them?

21. What is the best sports activity to do on a rainy day?

22. How do online sports games affect students health?

23. Differentiate between indoor games and outdoor games

24. Can it be mandatory to have sports lectures twice a week for students?

25. Should everyone play the same sports, regardless of gender?

26. What if sporting events become too commercialized?

27. Is it true that skill or luck can decide the outcome of sports competitions?

28. What are the most common injuries in sports?

29. List the importance of sportsmanship in every sport.

30. What is the role of sports in promoting gender equality

Technology Persuasive Essay Topics 

31. Are online schools better than traditional schools?

32. Does excessive use of social media lead to depression?

33. Better learning for students: Textbooks with tablets 

34. Should students spend less time on electronic devices?

35. Are virtual assistants such as Siri and Alexa secure privacy? 

36. Benefits and drawbacks of digital learning 

37. What should be an approximate limit of screen time?

38. What is the impact of virtual reality on modern education?

39. Explain the role of technology in environmental conservation efforts

Ethics Persuasive Essay Topics

40. Censoring content on the internet? Is it ethical

41. Can we make recycling mandatory?

42. Explain the gun laws and should be more restrictive

43. An ethical examination of capital punishment

44. Explain the ethics of surveillance for balancing privacy and security

45. Describe the ethical concerns on child labour

46. Analyze an ethical dilemma on resource allocation in healthcare

47. Benefits of cybersecurity ethics to protecting data and secure privacy

48. What are the policies for population control

49. Explain the emerging ethical crisis of genetic discrimination

50. Evaluate the ethical dimensions of ghostwriting

Science Persuasive Essay Topics

51. Explain the ways to reduce global warming

52. Is it necessary to subsidize renewable forms of energy?

53. What is the legitimate evidence of extraterrestrial life?

54. Is it safe to keep exotic animals as pets?

55. Can stem cells be used in medicine?

56. Should the government control social media use?

57. Are machine learning taking the jobs from humans?

58. Is nuclear energy an alternative to fossil fuels?

Arts/Culture Persuasive Essay Topics

59. Are comic books an essential form of literature?

60. Is it beneficial for students to learn an instrument?

61. Is it necessary for music with offensive language to come with a warning label?

62. Explain the history of ancient art

63. Art in the UK: Definition and features

64. Evaluate how art has changed over time

65. How did the artist influence the development of art?

Here, you have read the trending arts/culture persuasive essay topics.

Check out all the above best persuasive essay topics for students given by our experts to create awesome content. Moreover, if you need interesting law and nursing dissertation topicsyou can connect with the professionals of Instant Assignment Help.

5 Steps for Writing a Good Persuasive Essay

A persuasive essay is one of the essential pieces of work in a student's life. However, writing an excellent paper becomes a vital process but many of you see it as a struggle. So, do not worry, as we are here with tips that you can follow to draft an outstanding write-up.

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Select a Topic

It is very crucial to choose a theme that you find interesting. Moreover, if you find the theme of your paper fascinating, it will be easy to finish the document. Also, the persuasive essay topics UK should be attractive, as they are the very first things that your reader will see. 

Do Proper Research

Doing research is the best thing you can do, as it ensures that you have chosen the appropriate higher persuasive essay topics for the papers. It also allows you to pursue your interests and assist you in learning something new. Hence, some experts will provide you with proper assistance on your document.

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Identify the Audience

It is crucial to know for whom you are drafting a document on interesting persuasive essay topics. So, that you can frame it according to their viewpoint. Moreover, it will make your reader engage with your document. It will also help you to present a logical argument accordingly.

Structure the draft

Now, to draft the paper on a persuasive essay topic UK, you need to start by writing a catchy introduction, followed by the main body part where you will discuss in detail your arguments and thesis statement, and in the end, you will conclude it in a way that should solve all the queries of the reader.

Edit and Proofreading

Before submitting the final essay on your persuasive writing topics, proofread the grammar, punctuation, and spelling errors carefully. A well-edited paper will look professional and attractive to the reader. While editing, make sure you are checking all the minor mistakes so that they become error-free. 

If you face any issues in crafting your essay or you still need help with the best persuasive essay topics, you can take the help of our writers. They will assist you with the final persuasive essay that can help you to score good academic grades.

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