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What Are Persuasive Techniques?

What Are Persuasive Techniques? | Learn About It from Experts!

09 Jun 2021


Want to leave an impact on the reader after they read your document? Then this is something you need to read till the end. So, without wasting a moment, attentively read this document. 

This is a persuasive technique of creating urgency. Wondering what are persuasive techniques? This blog, compiled by the experts of Instant Assignment Help, will give you a complete tour of this topic. So, fasten your seat belts, and let’s get started!

What Are Persuasive Techniques? A Brief Look Into It

Let’s begin with, “What does persuasive techniques mean?” These are the strategies or ways using which one can persuade the reader or audience to accept the writer’s perspective. These are ways to use facts, values, arguments, and conclusions, and the way of thinking can be adopted.

Now, let’s look into the different types of persuasive writing techniques that every student should know to improve their documents' impact.

22 Types of Persuasive Language Techniques

In this section, we shall look into the different persuasive language features. If you want to improve your persuasive writing, then you need to grip on these techniques. So, let’s look into them:

  1. Adjective 

These are the describing words used to make the audience experience something in particular. 

  1. Adverbs

These words are used to modify verbs or adjectives to make the reader feel in a specific way.

  1. Alliteration

These are the words that start with the same sound and emphasize the same reason behind them.

  1. Appeals

Writers use these words to emphasize a particular emotion.

  1. Anecdotes

These are short stories that are personal and illustrate a particular point.

  1. Everyday Language

This is also known as Colloquial language and is used to make things seem down-to-earth.

  1. Cliches

These are the over-expressed words that can connect to the reader in a much easier way.

  1. Connotations

These are the words that have the same meaning but can be used for different circumstances in different contexts.

  1. Emotive Words

These are the set of words that provoke an emotional reaction from the reader.

  1. Exaggeration

These words aid a writer in exaggerating a particular point of view for the reader.

  1. Evidence

These are the words that writers use to support their arguments. These can be in the form of stats, facts, figures, graphs, or any other such information.

  1. Expert Opinion

These are used to add strength to the argument made by the writer as it is the opinion of an expert in this field.

  1. Inclusive Language

This technique takes the reader onside by using words like “we” and “us.”

  1. Imagery

This is a technique of descriptive writing that can vividly persuade readers.

  1. Logic

Another important technique that is used to persuade the readers is a logical and well-structured argument.

  1. Metaphor

These are the words that are described using another sentence that gives a clear meaning.

  1. Pun

These are the words that are relying more on homophones, homonyms, or rhymes.

  1. Repetition

This is a technique used to repeat words, phrases, and ideas that can reinforce an argument to deliver the right meaning to the reader.

  1. Rhetorical Question

These are the questions that have an obvious answer but can lead the readers to a particular conclusion.

  1. Sarcasm

These are the techniques that include mocking tone to deliver the content to the readers.

  1. Simile

These are the words that are used to compare one another and persuade them by describing them.

  1. Tone

These are used to describe the article's overall tone or speech for reaching out to the readers easily.

These are some persuasive writing techniques that the students should use to draft amazing content and impress their professors. Now, let us look at some examples of the same for better understanding.

Persuasive Techniques List with Examples

Here are some examples of persuasive language that can be quite useful for students who want to create an impressive document:

  1. Appeal to Authority -Using an expert’s opinion to express authority to the readers.
  2. Appeal to Reason -Using facts, numbers, information, and convincing logic. 
  3. Appeal to Emotion -Using emotions to make the reader experience a connection.
  4. Appeal to Trust - Using trust to make people believe in persuading them.
  5. Plain Folks - Using simplicity to make people believe in you.
  6. Bandwagon - Using the technique that if everyone believes, it must be true.
  7. Rhetorical Question - Using questions with obvious answers for deriving better conclusions.
  8. Repetition - Using repetition to emphasize the writer’s point of view.

These are some popular persuasive writing strategies that can come in handy for students. So, you can always refer to this blog for assistance.

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