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write a discussion essay

From Planning to Final Edits: Here's How to Write a Discussion Essay

27 Jul 2022


Essay writing tasks are one of the easiest ways through which your professor can easily evaluate your understanding on a certain topic. According to our experts, most students who reach to us to seek assistance in writing task, often ask how to write a discussion essay.  When given such writing tasks, students often confuse and reach to the experts for help. They often want to know about what elements are to be considered and how to structure the complete content to ensure excellent grades and appreciations.

What Are Discussion Essays?

The significant point that differentiates discussion essay is, it is detailed as compared to other types of the essays. These include a detailed discussion of the point from the perspective of both the parties. It is important that the writer presents the information after empirical research and solid facts.When students ask us, how to write a discussion essay for university, the experts often suggest them to focus on research. Unlike persuasive essays that are more about persuading the reader, the discussion essays present different point of views of the topic.

Now that we know what are discussion essays, the next question arises is how to write a discussion essay structure.

Perfect Discussion Essay Structure

The perfect structure for a discussion essay includes:

  • An Introduction, where the reader gets to know the brief of the complete document and what they would learn by the end of the document.
  • A Body, where we include the facts and details from our research to put forward our argument in the most comprehensive manner.
  • A Conclusion, that talks about the final findings of the complete document in a few sentences.

The next question that needs to be answered is, how to write a good discussion essay.

Here Is How You Can Write a Discussion Paper Essay in a Few Easy Steps

To write a perfect discussion essay, you need to divide the entire task in three parts.

  • Planning
  • Composing
  • Final Editing

From Planning Your Discussion Essay to Final Editing, Here’s Everything!


When planning your discussion essay, make sure you pay complete attention to the question. Understand what the question is trying to ask, and how it should be answered.Research a little to understand the topic that you have been assigned, then move to the extensive research.

IMPORTANT: Do not forget to pen down all your points and references to make the writing process easier.


When our experts respond to the questions like, “how to write a discussion essay outline,” they often suggest to start from the basics.


When you start working on the document, make sure that you clearly address the topic and give a brief of the methodologies and loopholes in the work that you have worked on.

Use an anecdote or quote to start with and intrigue your readers.


When you start putting up all the details of the work, keep a check on the pattern. It should not be all words. Try using subheadings, bullets, numbering, etc. Make sure the idea is presented in a comprehensive and clear manner.

Talk about one idea in a paragraph at once to maintain clear flow of ideas.


While concluding the essay writing make sure that you have clearly mentioned the findings. It is also important that while concluding your discussion essay, you do not offend the original theories.

Keep your conclusion short, crisp, and to the point always.

3.Editing and Proofreading

It is quite important to proofread your essay. Not only to ensure things are at place but also to check if you can work on the structure and format a little more. It would not only make it easy for you to find mistakes, but also to check minute details like connectivity and grammatical errors.

IMPORTANT: Proofread your documents at least after 8-10 hours of finally writing it.


That Was Too Easy to Grasp at Once!

These easy steps can help you frame an interesting discussion essay that would impress your professors easily. If you want to know how to write a discussion essay with example, then just reach to the sample section of our website and browse through several essays that our experts have meticulously worked on.

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