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How to Come up with an Eye Catching Essay Title?

How to Choose a Good Title for an Essay and Why is it Important?

20 Jun 2022

11 minutes


"Your attitude will either make or break you."

This is a well-known and heard quote by every generation. To create something and complete a task, many factors such as hard work, effort, and time are required. But when we talk about breaking, it is only a single thing that destroys everything. When it comes to essay titles, they are also the first and prior thing that can make or break an essay. It is entirely up to us to choose a title that is both relevant and engaging for an essay. While choosing carefully, essay titles help grab the user's attention. Let’s begin this blog by learning the effective methods for essay titling and see how it creates miracles.

Why Are Titles Important in Essay Writing?

Titles are mandatory pieces for any style of writeup. Therefore, it is not even necessary, but it is also an important part. The title is the first thing that catches the reader’s attention. It is the only part that decides whether the reader wants to read the piece of writing or not. A writer can easily provide a brief explanation of what is written in the entire write-up with the help of good essay titles. For making a good essay title, it should be focused on some components: identification of the topic, keywords, and compelling. When it comes to the perfect essay titles, they showcase the brief with the headlines. For this reason, keywords are those that help to assist in identifying the whole topic. See how students can pick the best essay titles for writing.

How to Pick the Perfect Essay Title?

When it comes to writing an essay title, it should be an eye-catching phrase that grabs the readers' attention. But for creating the perfect title for an essay, brainstorming is necessary. After reading the title, a reader should better understand what your story is about. Additionally, the title should be a concise summary of the main theme.

Before moving ahead, it is necessary to learn about the basic features that are important for the write-up of any essay title.


So it is the first requirement of any title that it should be appealing. For the reason that the reader does not get bored while reading the title.


When it comes to creating the titles, some students make them catchy instead of informative or providing the information.

Simple to Understand

Everyone likes it when whatever they are reading is easily understood by them. Also, while making the titles, make sure that you stay away from jargon, strange phrases, and complicated words.

Active Voice

Do not include the passive voice in your title. If your title has verbs, then make sure to include them in the active voice rather than using the passive one.


Make your essay title short and sweet because lengthy headings can confuse the reader. So make sure it is in a concise form.

Above stated are five ways by which you can pick your essay title free in an easy way. Once you are done with this step, let’s have a look at some tips that will help students to create a good essay title.

4 Tips to Create a Good Essay Titles

There are numerous ways in which a student can create an essay title. Sometimes the creation of the title is simple, whereas sometimes it takes a lot of time. So here we have listed down some tips that will help students while creating an impressive essay title.

Use Questions

The question is one of the best ways to create an essay title. For this purpose, first, analyse what your essay covers. What question does your paper answer? With the help of the question form, students can make a great title.

Make it short.

Your essay title should be in concise form and contain only a few letters that state the point that you want to convey in the essay.


For the write-up of some paper styles, it is necessary to stick to one point. Additionally, there are many styles of writing that only require a one-word title.

Twist the Title

If your title was previously rejected, then make sure to twist it in such a way that it can be approved with the new image.

Above all, some of the tips that will help students provide a clear image of how these tips can help them in writing the essay title. This is considered one of the best ways to create an effortless title for your essay help UK in writing academic work.

Creative Essay Titles Examples

Argumentative Essay Title Examples

  1. Is homeschooling a better option than the public school system?
  2. Smartphones make learning easier.
  3. Is co-education better than single-gender education?
  4. Are genetically modified organisms (GMOs) safe to eat?
  5. Is fast food nutritious or dangerous to one's health?
  6. Why do teenagers look up to celebrities?
  7. Teenagers prefer to communicate via social media rather than in person.
  8. Should it be permissible for children under the age of 18 to receive a tattoo?
  9. Are standardized assessments good for pupils in school?
  10. You believe a terrible high school experience is significant in shaping your personality.

Narrative Essay Titles Examples

  1. The Death of Our Beloved Goldfish teaches us about death. Bob-Bob Finding Beauty in the Written Word as a Child: How I Learned to Love Poetry
  2. My First Horror Film: Why Pet Semetary Will Always Be Terrifying Over-sheltering Your Children: Is It Beneficial or Harmful?
  3. Grandma's Banana Bread Story Has Been Told 9000 Times: Patience with your elders is a skill that you can learn.
  4. Uncle George Was Super Gay: Accepting and Loving Your Family for Who They Are
  5. A Moment Of Solitude: How I Discovered My Importance
  6. Why You Shouldn't Drag Your Quiet Cousin Out Of Her Shell: Time Adventures Of An Introvert
  7. It Doesn't Have To Be A Shirt: Why Should Any Sacrifice Be Earned By You?
  8. The Television Isn't Listening: An Examination of Paranoia
  9. The Power Of Music: How Rock And Roll Changed My Life
  10. Conversations With An Old Friend: Why Do Old Friendships Matter?

Descriptive Essay Examples

  1. What are your favorite vacation spots and why?
  2. What is the most important lesson you've learned?
  3. Who is your hero, and why he is the hero?
  4. What superpower would you choose if you had one?
  5. What is the name of your favorite band?
  6. What college do you wish to attend?
  7. There are several compelling reasons why children should be assigned chores.
  8. Summer school has a lot of advantages.
  9. I'm staying with a friend.
  10. What do I do with a computer?

Expository Essay Examples

  1. What is the maximum level of sadness that may be tolerated?
  2. Is it possible for dogs to detect fear?
  3. Is it necessary to read the book before seeing the film?
  4. Do extraterrestrials exist?
  5. Is it true that humans change with time?
  6. What is the size of the universe?
  7. What can we do to expand our imagination?
  8. How does one quantify happiness?
  9. Consequences of working while high school
  10. Tell us about your first day of school.

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