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5 Brainstorming Techniques to Make Your Nursing Essay Perfect

30 Jul 2022


For most students, brainstorming is not a new term. This is something they frequently hear during their academic course. Particularly nursing students can relate a bit closer to this term than students of other courses. But, due to improper knowledge on the same, they seek nursing essay help from experts. If you are looking for a reliable source, then without a second thought, turn to Instant Assignment Help. Now, let us take an insight into the nursing essay before proceeding further.

What Is a Nursing Essay and Its Importance?

When a student is pursuing a nursing course, he is assigned with different tasks such as essay writing, assignments and more. The main purpose of this is to provide students with an opportunity to learn more about the subject. This also lets the professor know the subject knowledge of the student and how well he is performing when it comes to essay writing. So, this is what makes a nursing essay, a crucial part of a student’s academic life and make them seek help from essay writing service for better documents and grades.

Now lets see

An important factor that can help you throughout your essay writing process is brainstorming. So, now, let us read about it in more detail.

What Is Brainstorming and Its Role in Essay Writing?

Brainstorming is a practice to produce ideas to get to a solution. This activity can be performed with a group or all alone. This is used in the essay writing process to narrow down or choose an interesting topic, come up with creative ideas, and more that can help with the whole process. In the below section, we can look into the different types of these techniques.


What Are the Different Types of Brainstorming Techniques?

There are numerous types of brainstorming techniques. Here, we have divided them into five major types, as mentioned below:

1.Analytic Brainstorming

Analytic brainstorming is the type where the people are focused on analyzing the solution, understanding it before generating ideas related to it. Here, we have listed below some of the techniques that come under analytic brainstorming.

  • Mind mapping
  • Reverse brainstorming
  • Gap filling
  • Drivers analysis
  • SWOT analysis
  • The five whys
  • Star busting

2.Silent Brainstorming

This is another type of brainstorming, particularly for a group in which the participants are not able to meet up on a schedule or are not comfortable in sharing their views in public participation. Such people can join this silent brainstorming where the participation of these members is minimum. It includes:

  • Brain-netting
  • Slip writing
  • Collaborative brain-writing

3.Role Play Brainstorming

This is another technique for brainstorming, where the participants role-play in the activity to come up with better ideas. This is because it provides a different perspective for them to look at the problem. Thus, they come up with new and better solutions for various challenges. It includes the following techniques:

  • Role storming
  • Reverse thinking
  • Figure storming

4.Supportive Brainstorming

It happens to every group that there comes a time when the ideas or thoughts come to a halt. They get stuck and can’t come up with new ideas. If you are into such a situation or doubt getting into one, then choose a structured or supportive process for the same to avoid getting stuck. Here are some techniques that you can make use of:

  • Step ladder brainstorming
  • Round robin brainstorming
  • Rapid ideation
  • Trigger storming

5.Radically Creative Brainstorming

If you get stuck with conventional ideas and need some help in getting creative ideas, then this technique is for you. This is an opt method for large groups who want to come up with effective ideas in a short time. They include:

  • Charrette
  • ‘What if’ brainstorming

These are the different brainstorming techniques that you can make use of for your nursing essay writing. If you are wondering when can these techniques be put to use, then read the following section. Get instant help from cheap essay writing service UK for top notch quality essays!

When to Implement Brainstorming in Essay Writing Process?

When you are writing a nursing essay, you might come across some scenarios where you need to use brainstorming techniques to get unstuck from where you are. If you are wondering what these areas are, then we have listed them below for you:

1.Topic Selection

When you are asked to choose a topic on your own, know that it’s time to go for brainstorming. Also, make sure you follow the proper roadmap to topic selection to avoid any troubles.


The next step in this process where you need to make use of brainstorming techniques is researching. Yes! When you conduct in-depth research for your essay, use these techniques to come up with effective results for your nursing essay. But, double-check if you are using the perfect research strategy.


When you are writing the introduction part for your essay, you might be confused about how to begin the first sentence. Whether to include a fact, quote, stat or what else; at such times, you can use brainstorming techniques to come up with interesting ideas, to begin with, it. But, if this doesn’t help you much, then you can look at some sure-shot strategies to make your introduction appealing.

These are the three main areas of your nursing essay where you might need the help of brainstorming. Now, if you are stuck with your essay or can’t complete it on own, then seek help from our experts. We can help with any document irrespective of the subject or topic, such as marketing essay help, physics dissertation, English assignment and more; since our writers hold years of experience in this field. Now, for your nursing essay, turn to the next section.

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