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Draft a Compelling Introduction for Your Assignment

Sure-shot Strategies to Make Your Assignment Introduction Compelling

17 Jul 2023


If you are writing an assignment or any other academic work, you have only the first few minutes or seconds to leave an impression on your professor. This is something we all know. It is the introduction section, the beginning part of any academic writing such as essays, assignments, dissertations, etc. So, take the best advantage of those few minutes to keep your reader hooked till the end. If you do not know about it, then here are some sure-shot strategies from the experts of Instant Assignment Help, who provide the best assignment help Canada. So, let us get going...

What Is the Purpose of an Introduction Section?

The primary purpose behind writing an introduction section for your document is:

To catch reader’s attention

The introduction section of your paper should keep your reader hooked. It should be something that makes the reader curious to know what is in the body text of your document.

To set the stage for the topic

The introduction section introduces the topic to the reader. It gives a glimpse of the body text of the topic to your professor. This can help you know what to expect from the document.

To target audience

It helps readers know the target audience. In other words, it gives you an idea about whom is this document targeted to which can help the readers looking for your content.

To state a thesis statement

Stating a thesis statement can help you stay focused on the topic. This also helps the reader understand what you have explained and what are you focusing on in this work.

To outline main points

This section helps you to mention the main points of your document. This way, the reader can get a clear picture of what is inside the content and decide whether it is beneficial for him or not.

How to Make Your Introduction Interesting?

Now that we know the motive behind writing a captivating introduction, here is how to make it interesting.

Adding a thrilling first sentence

“Don’t judge a book by its cover.” Though it is a famous saying, yet it doesn’t apply here in your assignment. The first line of your content decides the way your work is judged. So, choose a thrilling first sentence that can grab your reader’s attention.

Connecting the topic to the reader

Use words like “you, we, etc.” That can keep your reader connected to your content. This helps in more engagement. The more your professor feels involvement with your work, the better grades you will score.

Answering the targeted topic question

Make sure to answer the questions; your topic arises. Do not explain them in detail since the body part will do that. But also ensure that you provide a short answer justifying the question.

Including an interesting hook 

You can use different elements such as quotes, anecdotes, questions, scene, personal story, statistical data or fact in the introduction part of your document. This can improve the experience of the reader, acting as an impressive hook for your document

Now, the four tips mentioned above can help you draft a perfect document. So, let us look into some points- the Do’s and Don’ts while writing an introduction for your work.

What Are Some Do’s and Don’ts of Writing an Introduction?



Use simple and clear language.

Do not tell about everything in the introduction.

Create a suspense factor.

Do not miss to reveal the suspense in the body.

Focus on keywords to explain well.

Avoid vague information on the topic.

Give an overview of important points.

Avoid using too many elements in it.

Add a personal touch with your writing style.

Avoid getting too technical with it.

These are some dos and don’ts of writing an impressive assignment. Pay special attention to these and make your work, an A grade piece of work.

These are some points of writing an introduction that can keep your reader hooked till the last. Follow all of these to score the perfect grades and impress your professor. If you are looking for services, that provide assignment help in Canada, US, UK, etc, then Instant Assignment Help is your saviour.

If by any chance, you get stuck, you can seek help from our assignment help experts. They will get it done in no time for you. So, what are you still waiting for? Contact us now. 

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