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Different Writing Styles

4 Different Writing Styles and How to Use Them for Engaging Content

13 Apr 2023


We have been talking about tips and steps involved in preparing different types of academic writing. Our experts lately had a few questions regarding the help with assignment about different types of creative writing where they had to prepare documents that were engaging, interesting yet informative and technical. This was quite an exciting task and so the experts decided to share a few important points and tips about framing a creative yet technical document.

Before you start working on the writing task, it is important that you are well acquainted with the tone and style of writing the document. To make a high scoring document, it is suggested to understand the tone and different writing styles that can be used.

Different Writing Styles to Complete Your Writing Task

There are four different types of writing styles that the experts suggest. Each of these writing styles can be very well explained as per their names such as:

Expository: The informative writing style that discusses facts only for the purpose of imparting information. Here, the opinions of the writer are not considered but just the topic is talked about. Articles fall under this type of writing style where one needs to strongly pass the information to the readers.

Persuasive: The convincing writing style where the writer makes it a point to persuade the reader by strongly putting up his thoughts. It is important that the argument put is well written and does not offend anyone’s opinion. Out of different types of writing, genres essays and research paper have a persuasive tone.

Descriptive: The detailed writing style that talks about a particular person, place, event or sense. This may seem similar to expository writing but is quite different in the sense when it comes to the topics it talks about. It mostly involves different types of report writing techniques where the writer only has to describe an event.

Narrative: The explanatory writing style where one talks about the situation in the most convincing way. The writer narrates a situation or the condition as seen. This writing style is majorly considered in different types of creative writing, like story telling where the writer has to give clear picture of the events and the characters to the readers.

Note:  When you decide to work on your writing tasks, it becomes important that you take care of the tone and style of your words. Also, you may need to identify the tone you should use while framing your work as it impresses your professor and ensures things don’t go wrong.

Now that you are well acquainted with different writing styles that can add a voice to your document, let us move ahead and discuss how to create an interesting document. It is easy and reflects how to write your papers to impress your readers.

5 Easy Steps to Write an Impeccable Document

WHAT: Know what your topic is and have a clear idea of what you would discuss there.

It is important that before you begin writing on a topic, you collect information and data related to it. It helps you have a brief insight of the topic. The different sources we suggest for collecting the data could be personal interactions, internet, books, interesting magazines, etc. Each of these sources play an important and interesting part while working on the document.

Personal Conversations: It is important to prepare a document that has a conversational tone to keep the reader engaged. The documents that simply state facts and information are less interesting than the documents that are prepared in a conversational tone. Our writing experts find personal conversation as an effective source of research for different types of writing genres.

Internet: Internet is full of information, and when you decide to search on the internet on any topic, it is important that you know where and what to use. The information that is on the net may or may not be correct. It is important that you look forward to only reliable websites that can help you accomplish your task by providing interesting and useful details. Internet seems to be a powerful tool for research as it helps you prepare a document uniquely by suggesting different writing styles.

Books: The man’s best friend. You can always reach to the book on a particular subject when you want things to be done according to your ease. Books have a plethora of information, all you need to do is just know what to use and how to use these information for your writing task. Also find interesting and different writing techniques that can help you prepare a document that helps you stand out of the crowd.

The expert writers associated with us suggest that a thorough research is must no matter what type of academic writing task you undertake. It is important that you are aware of different writing techniques that can help you prepare interesting documents.

REFLECT: Pen your idea in a structured manner.

Once you have all the data and information, it is important that you arrange them in an interesting way. Before starting to write directly, it is important that you are prepared with a rough structure that would help you arrange your thoughts in a comprehensive manner. This practice would help you accomplish different types of creative writing tasks that not only require good information but engaging structures too.

The experts suggest to keep the structures simple.


Make sure that the introduction of your document is short and easy. Also, make it a point that it conveys your intention of writing the document very clear. It should be short, crisp, and self explanatory.


It is important that the document that you written is well framed and does not sound or look like a myriad of words. Make sure that the documents are comprehensive and have clear subheading and short sentences. Subheadings, numbering, and bullets make the document readable and engaging at once.


When you decide to conclude your document, it should be interestingly written. The conclusion should clearly state the finding of the document. It needs to be self explanatory and impressive at once. The whole document compressed in just a few words makes a well written conclusion.

INTENTION: Once you have a rough structure prepared check if the document fulfills the intention.

Different types of writing genres have different intentions. Although it is important that the document given to you is well researched and the information mentioned is well framed, it is also important that intention of writing the document is fulfilled too. Once you start working on the document with a rough structure, it would become quite easy for you to assemble your thoughts and put them in a comprehensive manner. You can also identify where, which information is to be placed. While working on the document, you can also find a better structure than the one that you started with.

TAKE HELP: Always ask your friend or family to read your work

Once you are done with preparing the document, it is important to ensure that the document is keeping your reader engaged. To ensure this, use different writing techniques. Also, make use of different types of writing styles that breaks the monotony of the document at places. Make sure that the document you are working on is well written and has all the information put in the best possible manner. They would hep you know if the documents are intriguing enough or the reader loses track and interest in between.

EDIT: Proofread and make changes in the document as and where required.

It is important that you read your document once you have completed it. This is to ensure that there are no grammatical or technical errors left in the document. You need to make it a point that the documents that you have submitted in the university or have prepared for some different reasons serve their purpose flawlessly.

All in All...

When we talk about completing a document in a promising way, many of us just consider different types of writing fonts to make your document interesting. The experts associated with us have listed some really interesting way of preparing engaging documents in the most interesting ways.

Try these and come up with documents that are more than mere words and sentences!!!

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