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Academic Writing Styles

4 Academic Writing Styles for Your University Assignment

13 Jun 2019


One of the important things that can definitely help you make a better academic career is learning the different types of academic writing styles. When you learn how to implement different writing styles according to the assignments, you will not only improve your skills but also mark a positive impression on the professor and get A+ grades.

So, before starting with the various types of writing styles, let us first understand what do academic writing styles actually mean.

The writing style is basically the reflection of your personality i.e., how you think and how you put down words on the paper. Every piece of writing has its own specific purpose therefore, different writing styles are used for different purposes. 

OK!!! So, now let’s move to the different types of academic writing styles. They are:

  • Persuasive
  • Analytical
  • Expository
  • Critical

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The 4 Main Writing Styles Used in Assignment Writing:

Whenever you are asked to write a university assignment, your professor will generally expect from you to maintain any one academic writing style. You will only be able to stick to one when you come to know the actual difference between these 4 academic writing styles.

This is the only reason why the experts have discussed the 4 academic writing styles.

Let’s have a look...


It is considered as one of the simplest forms of academic writing styles. The primary purpose of descriptive writing is to describe the thing in such a way so that a picture can be created in the reader’s mind. The main characteristics of descriptive writing are:

Good descriptive writing makes use of figurative languages, such as analogies, metaphors, and similes to paint a perfect picture in the reader’s mind.Through descriptive writing, a writer usually presents what he feels about a particular thing, person or place.

In descriptive writing, only precise language is used. There is no place for general adjectives in it. So, use specific adjectives and nouns to give life to the picture that you are trying to paint in the reader’s mind.

Descriptive Writing Is Used in:

  • Journal
  • Poetry and Prose
  • Nature writing
  • Descriptive passages in fiction
  • A summary of an article
  • Results of report writing


Analytical writing is commonly used in academic writing to show the relationship between different pieces of information. This writing style is used to compare, contrast, and evaluate the methodologies, theories, approaches, and outcomes. Analytical writing also includes descriptive writing but the main difference is that sometimes you have to re-organize the facts and information according to your content.

Let us take an example: You are comparing two different theories in your assignment, then you might break it into several different parts

The analytical assignment basically includes 5 main instructions that are:

  • Analyze
  • Compare
  • Contrast
  • Relate
  • Examine


Persuasive writing is basically a form of non-fiction writing that encourages:

  • Careful word choice
  • Development of logical arguments
  • Cohesive summary

It can be a wonderful way to express the thoughts and views about a subject. It provides students an opportunity to research on the subject of their interest. Persuasive writing contains all the features of analytical writing and the main benefit is that you can add your own thoughts too.

In persuasive writing, each and every claim you make must be supported by some piece of evidence on the same.

Persuasive Writing Can Be Used in:

  • Reviews
  • Poetry
  • Autobiographies
  • Anecdotes
  • Letter of recommendation
  • Cover letters
  • Editorial newspaper pieces
  • Letter of complaint

Whenever writing an assignment in persuasive writing style, you must have an opinion that you are trying to persuade people that too with supportive evidence. Then only you can write it using this style.

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Critical writing is mainly used by the students who are doing postgraduate and research. This writing style is almost the same as the persuasive writing style. The only difference is that you have to present one more point of view. It simply means that in this type of writing a student has to present two different point of views on the same issue. It also involves considering evidence to make reasoned conclusions.

One of the most common mistakes that most of the students commit is using several sources to string quotes together. For example, A says this, B says that, and C says completely different without even realizing the thought of the writer.

The features of critical writing can be summarized as:

  • Describe - Give the background to your research, explain the methods
  • Evaluate - What are the strengths and weakness of the evidence of other writers?
  • Analyze - Why other writers’ conclusions are accepted or not accepted?
  • Conclude - What is the conclusion based on different pieces of evidence?

These are the 4 basic academic writing styles that every student should know in order to submit a perfect university assignment. So, whenever you are assigned a task, you can easily choose the writing style according to the subject and write an assignment on it. If still, you face some issues regarding it, then you can reach to Instant Assignment Help to seek university assignment writing service from highly experienced academic experts. They will write an unmatched assignment for you in the desired style.

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