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Different Types of Academic Writing

4 Types of Academic Writing: Understand the Professionalism of Writing

20 Oct 2020

8 minutes


Students have to write an essay, report writing, thesis statement, and many other academic projects. But, they are generally not familiar with their types, which document comes under which category. It is essential to know about academic writing types and how you can work on them effectively with a deep understanding.

These categories have different types of writing manners, distinct outlook, and angles to see a particular write-up. A write-up consists of its uniqueness and has a separate fan base. Before knowing the types of academic writing, you should gain the primary knowledge about it. 

What Is Academic Writing?

Academic writing is a non-fictional task that is given to college or university students. It requires excellent knowledge and understanding of a subject or topic. Academic writing is a formal tone to convey your opinions and thoughts on a particular subject.

Objective & Purpose of Academic Writing

The objective of academic writing is to assess a student's potential, knowledge, and intelligence. The purpose of academic writing is to establish communication between readers and the writer duly.

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What Are the Skills Required?

To write a quintessential academic document, you should have the below qualities and skills.

  1. Fluency in Reading: Writing needs good reading skills, and you should concentrate on reading more than writing.
  2. Holding the Audience’sAttention: A perfect and interesting academic write-up can be the one that has the potential to pull the reader towards it. If you lack this skill, then gain it with practice.
  3. Discipline and Sincerity in Writing: A formal tone soothes your mind and makes you feel you right. You should write in a disciplined manner and respect the audience. Avoid jargon, slang, acronyms, and dictions.
  4. Understanding of Punctuations, Citations, and Ideologies: You will only be calleda professional writer when you understand the fundamentals of academic writing. Recognition of punctuations, citations, ideologies, grammar, and academic format are the key points to write any content.

What Are the Various Types of Academic Writing?

Academic writing is a vast field and has different types of genres. It is bifurcated into several manners, such as a dissertation, essay, thesis, report, research paper, research proposal, etc. Each type has its genre and sentimental purpose of writing.

Analytical or Logical

Analytical writing is based on the analysis of facts and their organization. It shows the logical connectivity between general terms and factual data. Examining, comparing, and structuring are the actions you should take to write an analytical academic document.

Narrative Writing

Narrative writing gives a perfect picture of a particular topic or subject because it requires in-depth knowledge and comprehensive information. Book reports are the best example to deeply understand narrative writing. It's unnecessary to explain data in a particular format, but you should arrange them in intro, body, and conclusion.

Critical Writing

Critical writing gives you the freedom to write your own opinions and viewpoints about a subject. It has similar features, like persuasive writing. You can include two perspectives in this type of academic writing. You can get ideas from its name, so bring some critique, disagreed, and debatable points in it.

Persuasive or Compelling

Generally, students are asked to write persuasive writing, such as an essay, thesis, report writing, research paper, etc. Persuasive writing needs only one viewpoint, and this perspective should be compelling enough to grasp the readers' attention. If you want a successful persuasive task, you need to do in-depth research on your topic and logically organize it. 

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How Should You Choose a Topic for Academic Writing?

Before choosing any topic for an academic project, always recognize the trend. What things are new, and what older things are grasping the audience? This task does not end here; it has two more layers. First, you have to make a list of readers’ requirements or interests and then pick one topic in which you are the best.

The other things that you should know before selecting a topic are:

  1. Never take a theological topic.
  2. Go for social issues.
  3. Prefer formal topics and themes.
  4. Avoid nugatory subjects.

How Is Academic Writing Different from Other Writing?

Academic Writing

Other Writing

Formal and simple language.

Formal, informal, and colloquial language.

Do not use jargon, slang, and diction.

Can use lingo, jargon, slang, vernacular, etc.

It does not employ 'I' and/or 'We.'

Can Write in any person.

Must have a formal tone.

No need for a formal tone.

It requires a concentrated and clear mind.

Other writing can be written at any time.

Needs vast knowledge of the subject.

Need not to dive into the deep ocean of the subject.

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