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75+ Popular Anthropology Research Topics

75+ Anthropology Research Topics to Stand Out from the Crowd

02 May 2024


Are you ready to frame an outstanding research paper that can help you shine apart from the crowd? However, you are unable to choose an anthropology research topic. Do not worry; we have got your back. If you are facing challenges in picking a remarkable idea for your document, then you must trust us and seek assignment help. Moreover, apart from this, you are just a step away from getting your problem solved. So, do you want to know how and what you need to do? Thus, by reading this blog, you will gain amazing, insightful knowledge about anthropology and a list of 75+ topics. Let's get started.

Anthropology: A Brief Overview 

Do you know what the science of the humanities is? Anthropology is the scientific and systematic study of humanity that is concerned with the origin and development of human culture, behavior, biology, and societies.

It is the study of people about how they behave, communicate, socialize, and adapt to different environments throughout the world. Now that you have understood the meaning of this term, let's have a look at its four major fields in detail.

What are the 4 major fields of Anthropology? 

Here, we will answer your query about what are the 4 major fields of anthropology. Therefore, without wasting much time, let's quickly read the detailed explanation of this field.

4 major fields of anthropology


It is the study of past cultures where archaeologists study how humans in the past lived, worked, and believed. Moreover, by doing so, it becomes easier to understand societies and their cultures. It includes prehistoric archaeology and historic archaeology. So, if you want to know what is an anthropological topic in this field, then you should go through the below list of topics.

Bio Anthropology

It is also known as physical anthropology. It is a study of the biological evolution and variation of humans. Moreover, it includes paleoanthropology, primatology, forensic anthropology, human variation, and adaptation. Moreover, if you are looking for an amazing anthropology research paper example, you can select a topic in this field.

Linguistic Anthropology

It is the study of the relationship between culture and language. It includes speech communities, language socialization, power in language, and the performance of language. Moreover, if you want to use it as your research topic, then you can seek cheap assignment help from our experts by sharing your requirements.

Social-cultural Anthropology

If you are looking for cultural anthropology research paper ideas, then you must understand what they mean.It is the study of culture that humans follow all around the world. It includes the behavior and ideas of humans in clothing, food, housing, religion, art, and more.

So, we hope you have read the above fields and got the answer towhat are the 4 topics of anthropology. Moreover, you can choose a topic in any of the fields discussed above. But if you still do not find an idea, read the next part, where you will get a list of topics from our experts.

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List of 75+ Anthropology Research Topics

If you are looking for anthropology topics for research papers, this section is all yours. Here, you will find a list of topics that can be divided into different sub-sections. So, have a glance at it and pick one for your document.

Cultural Anthropology Research Topics 

  1. Share your views on the importance of cultural diversity in the study of human evolution in anthropology
  2. Provide an in-depth evaluation of the religious beliefs of two groups that are traditional in Europe
  3. Discuss the social and cultural revolution that led to homosexuality in Africa
  4. Describe a detailed forensic overview of the importance of political organizations in countless Middle Eastern countries
  5. Discuss the ways superstitions impact the African way of life
  6. Do you think homosexuality impacts the cultural and social landscape of the world? If yes, how so?
  7. Discuss the connection between contemporary media and cultural imperialism
  8. Homelessness in the US: Discuss the causes and effects

Biological Anthropology Research Topics

  1. Explain how paleontologists use fossil records for anthropological comparisons
  2. How does biological anthropology explain human behavior and development?
  3. Review and identify the top geographical locations where anthropologists do their work, and why are these locations so important
  4. What is the connection between biological anthropology and the social sciences?
  5. Describe the evolution of the primate diet in biological anthropology
  6. Evaluate your thoughts on how traditional institutions can conserve cultures
  7. Present your views: How does maladaptation affect migrants in any country worldwide?
  8. Analyze the evolution of tapetum lucidum in biological anthropology
  9. Have a closer look at the extinction of giant lemurs in Madagascar

Forensic Anthropology Research Topics

  1. Explore the advancements in DNA analysis for human identification in forensic cases
  2. Analyze the forensic implications of skeletal trauma and violence reconstruction
  3. Describe the accuracy of age estimation methods. Subadult skeletal remains
  4. Explain the effectiveness of genetic ancestry in identifying forensic cases
  5. What is the use of facial reconstruction techniques in forensic identification?
  6. Explain the effectiveness of genetic ancestry in identifying human remains
  7. What is the role of forensic anthropology in the cases of mass disasters?
  8. Discuss the impacts of taphonomic processes on skeletal remains
  9. What is the accuracy of stature estimation methods?

Linguistic Anthropology Research Topics

  1. Explain the emergence of linguistic anthropology
  2. A literature review of the linguistic anthropology theories
  3. An essential aspect that exists in the emergence of linguistics and anthropology
  4. Give your views on the impact of colonization on the language of a certain society worldwide
  5. How did Dell Hymes contribute to the field of linguistic anthropology?
  6. A comprehensive research work on language and gender
  7. Discuss the language of American and African women
  8. Describe the linguistics used by different communities in the same nation
  9. A comparison of sign and verbal communication

Medical Anthropology Research Topics

  1. Discuss the connection: Culture and health: implementing medical anthropology
  2. A note on applied medical anthropology from the perspective of holistic medicine
  3. Present your views: Ethnobotany's role in medical sciences
  4. Different ways of how nursing ethics is becoming pragmatic in the career of eminent professionals
  5. Complications that arise in the treatment of the periodontal disease
  6. The medical threats of depression in the communities of South Asia
  7. Discuss the strengths and weaknesses of Orthodox and unorthodox medicines among Native Americans
  8. Share your views on the critical concepts and tools in Public Health Anthropology

Physical Anthropology Research Topics

  1. The influence of the environment on the skin color of human beings
  2. Evaluate six literature pieces: Various stages of drowning until death
  3. The underlying Egyptian belief in the conservation of the dead
  4. Discuss the essentials of physical anthropology
  5. The remarkable contribution of Henry Walter Bates: Anthropology
  6. The evolution of the human brain in comparison to other animals
  7. The relationship between genetic engineering and anthropology

Controversial Anthropology Topics for Research

  1. Is it a reality or a myth? Infanticide as an evolutionary strategy
  2. Explain the Dart and the Seville statement on war
  3. The culture of earth and life: Ancient Egyptian civilization
  4. What are the origins and natural history of human morality?
  5. Explain the Dart and the Seville statement on war
  6. Discuss the criticism of the European monarchy over Western democracy
  7. Does the war on infanticide have a global scope and magnitude?

Ethnographic Anthropology Research Topics Ideas

  1. Discuss the boundaries of citizen involvement in intensive healthcare
  2. The Role Played by Psychologists in the Progression of Special Education Present a detailed expository study
  3. Discuss the condition of racism theories
  4. Do you think the value of education has been enhanced through ethnographic innovations? If so, how?
  5. Present your views on how stereotypical concepts related to sexual orientation affect the mental health of children worldwide

Interesting Topics for Anthropology Research Paper

  1. Impact of Globalization on Local Health Practices
  2. Societal Factors Influencing Mental Health Stigma
  3. Influence of Society on Mental Wellness
  4. The Role of Gender and Sexuality in Shaping Social Roles
  5. The Construction and Negotiation of Cultural Boundaries
  6. Societal Attitudes Toward Aging and Older People
  7. The Cultural Significance of Dialects in Shaping Group Identity

Unique Research Paper Topics in Anthropology

  1. Explain the role of food and cuisine in shaping social relationships
  2. What are the societal responses to environmental challenges and sustainability practices?
  3. Effects of globalization on traditional societal practices and heritage
  4. Cultural Aspects: Education and Knowledge Transmission Within Societies
  5. Analyze the role of music in cultural preservation
  6. Describe the globalization of diseases and their responses
  7. Societal Perceptions: Disability and the Effect on Healthcare Access

Hopefully, you have picked a unique topic for your paper. However, students still have many queries apart from selecting topics, like what is a good research question for anthropology, how to write a paper flawlessly, and more. So, by reading the next part, you will get an answer to your questions.

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