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How Does Turnitin Detect Chat GPT?

Can Turnitin Detect Chat GPT? How It Works?

23 Apr 2024


In the era of technology, many students have started relying on AI tools like ChatGpt to complete their assignments. While there is software that can produce academic submissions in seconds, there are also tools that can detect it. One of them is Turnitin, which is famous for its AI detection techniques. If you are wondering, does Turnitin detect chat gpt, and how does it work? Luckily, you are in the right place. This is because we will answer all your queries in this blog. So, let us dive ahead and get started!

What Is Turnitin and How It Works?

The rise of ethical considerations about the use of AI in academics is evident. Many university and college professors were worried that students used such tools to complete their assignments. So, if you are wondering, does Turnitin detect chat gpt? Then, the answer is 100% yes. Many institutes have started using Turnitin software for AI detection to check this and maintain academic integrity. This tool was designed to detect AI-generated content with the help of advanced mechanics. Moving further, let us learn does Turnitin detect chat gpt 4 and how?

One of the biggest questions for every student these days is How does Turnitin detect chatgpt? When students submit their assignments to their professors, they usually upload this academic work to Turnitin. Now, this software scans the text and compares it to a massive academic papers, books, and websites database. It looks for similarities between the student's assignment and the pre-published articles that are already out there. 

After this, Turnitin generates a report showing any matching text and highlights areas that might be plagiarized. This helps teachers and professors ensure that students are producing original work and not copying from others. So, if you are wondering if it can be detected if you use chat gptthen yes, it can be detected by Turnitin. Still, if the software's workings are unclear to you, move on to the next section, as our assignment help experts break it down.

How does turnitin detect chat gpt

How Does Turnitin Detect Cheating?

As you know, Turnitin scans the uploaded work against billions of existing articles and checks for similarities. Using this method, you can detect traces of plagiarism, AI, or any inauthentic methods that you have used in producing assignments. So, if you are wondering how universities can detect chatGPT, then the answer is Turnitin software. A brief overview of the tool is given in the table below to simplify it.




It is software that is widely used for checking the originality of assignments.


Runs a similarity check with all the pre-published content on the internet.


The user has to submit or upload the written work to the software


It checks plagiarism and highlights the potential content


It can detect if the assignment is produced using an AI tool

Well, we hope that you now understand how Turnitin detects chat gptTo resolve other queries, such as what the acceptable percentage of Turnitin is, you can dive ahead to the next section or directly contact our experts for assistance. Yes, our programming assignment help and other professionals can resolve all your queries related to this, too.

What Percentage Is OK for Turnitin?

How well does Turnitin detect chat gpt? In simple terms, Turnitin is a tool that helps teachers and professors check if students have copied from other sources in their assignments. It has a 100% success rate. But what is the minimum percentage of similarity that is OK in Turnitin reports? Well, this percentage depends on a wide range of parameters. It varies from university to university and is not about a specific number. But if you understand the reports of this tool, then you can determine the acceptable rate.

If you are thinking, How can universities detect ChatGPT? Let us tell you! When you submit your assignment to Turnitin, it compares your work to a massive database of sources, including articles, books, and other academic papers. If parts of your assignment closely match something in this database, Turnitin will show a percentage indicating how much of your work is similar to these other sources.

But there is a catch, and that is: Does chat gpt count as plagiarizingand does Turnitin decide if you have cheated? Well, it is just a tool, and the professor takes the result. So, your teacher will review the report to see if the similarities are OK or indicate plagiarism.

So, coming back to the main issue, what is the Turnitin (starting) percentage? Is that OK? It depends. Your professor will look at the report and consider parameters like:

1. Quotations and References 

If you've correctly cited your sources, Turnitin might flag them, but it's not plagiarism.

2. Common Knowledge 

If your assignment includes widely known information, it might show similarities, but that's usually fine.

3. Paraphrasing 

If you've rewritten information in your own words but kept the same ideas, Turnitin might still highlight it, but it's not necessarily plagiarism if you have cited the source.

So, can chat gpt be detected on Turnitin? Can it be detected if you use ChatGPT? The answer is yes! But if you have written the assignments on your own, then can Turnitin detect any traces? Well, it is possible. So, what can a student do in such situations? Is there a safest method where all academic issues can be resolved? Well, the answer is given in the next section.

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