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HLTH 1037 Mental Health Bachelors of Nursing First Year

University: The London College

  • Unit No: 13
  • Level: High school
  • Pages: 4 / Words 949
  • Paper Type: Dissertation
  • Course Code: HLTH 1037
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Brief :


In this report the word limit is 2000 words.


You are appointed as registered nurse in a big city hospital on early shift in a medical ward which remains busy all the time. You are allotted Adam as personal caretaker in a single bed room. At 7 O clock you were given nigh duty RN with the brief of patient-

ADAM a 29 years' man was admitted yesterday after overdose of Diazepam, Quetiapine and Lithium Carbonate. He is diagnosed of Bipolar Affective Disorder and presently on Level 1 inpatient Treatment Order. From the last night Adam is feeling drowsy, but at other times feeling very agitated and restless. His way of communication is somewhat delusional and he appears to be confused and experiencing delirium to intentional medications overdose.

Adam has been receiving one litter of normal saline intravenously for the past four hours, beginning four hours ago. His pulse rate and blood pressure have been within normal ranges, so you should check his vital signs. Four (4) hourly observations of TPRO BP are recommended until the medical team treating reviews. Adam's behaviour has not caused any significant safety issues during his stay in the ward overnight. Adam, on the other hand, presented to the emergency room in a highly agitated state, prompting a Code Black (a security and aggressive incident) response. Adam is to be considered at risk due to his fluctuating sensorium, and measures must be taken to ensure his safety. Unless Adam is extremely agitated, no medication should be administered to him. Adam will be reviewed later this morning by the Consultation-Liaison psychiatry team, who are aware of his admission to the medical ward. They informed me that Adam is likely to become more alert over the next few hours and will likely become more distressed and agitated. I was instructed to advise you to call the liaison psychiatry team with any concerns. The Registered Nurse on night duty concludes by saying: I don't understand how we can spend so much time caring for a man who wants to kill himself when there are so many people who are ill and need hospital beds: You will have time following this handover to review Adam's admission notes, which contain the following documents that highlight both previous and current information: Assessment of Mental Health in the Emergency Department Private Letter from a Psychiatrist to the Mental Health Case Manager Letter from an Employer to the Mental Health Case Manager Letter from a Mother to the Mental Health Case Manager Recent Letter from the Identified Consumer to the Mental Health Case Manager

With the help of a case study you are required to solve the given below question in accordance with the template.

Assessment 3 - Case Study 2021

Inquiry Based Learning template



Examine each case study document in detail.

What are some of the most important issues or details in the Case Study, in your opinion?





(Do not rewrite the case history from the case study documents.) Describe why you believe these are the most important issues in the case study.


Consider the needs of a person.

What inquiries will you use in this case study to better comprehend the customer's experience?






What do these inquiries have to do with what you've learned about this Case Study?


In the Case Study, investigate and describe the mental illness of the customer.

What is the mental health problems experienced by the consumer?



 Determine the mental disorder which is given in the case study.  

What are the symptoms and clinical manifestations of this disorder?

What are the most common approaches to treating this disorder?


Explore the issues raised in this case study and how you can support this person during your early shift using a recovery and person-to-person approach.

Determine the appropriate NMBA Registered Nurse Standards for Practice that would apply to you as an RN when assisting the individual in this Case Study.




Using the standards as a guide, describe the strategies you've chosen to support a recovery approach and how you'd support this person during your shift.

Determine the individual's safety concerns and how you will support them during your shift in this case study.

STEPS 5 and 6

Think about the final comment the night duty RN made about the customer (this is in the course outline).


What are the key issues which are present in this scenario?





Give a reason as to why these issues are important to both the customer and you.


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